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Sunday, February 18, 2018

After the incident in Kamchatka safety physicians engaged in the state Duma

The resonance from the wild case of the Kamchatka emergency room gave doctors almost a hundred percent chance to receive from the state special legislative protection. Earlier, the Ministry of health has made proposals for amendments to the criminal code, according to which the attempt on the life of the medic should be punished up to life imprisonment.

The incident, which caused heated discussion in society – from social networking and media to the lower chamber of Parliament, occurred on Tuesday evening in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. After in the same social networks of the Kamchatka region began to spread the following message:

A little later, the regional Agency “Кам24” with reference to own source in the city ambulance station told the details of the incident. According to this information, the station received the emergency signal, the caller reported that a young man of 21 years ceased to breathe. At the address the ambulance arrived three minutes after the call, but the road to the house she closed the car, at the wheel which the woman sat, and next to her man. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, “sitting at the wheel would not be difficult to drive off to the nearest “pocket”, but instead the car left the man, who began to rush into the ambulance and insult medical workers”. In the end, the doctors had to call the cops, which made sitting in the car to give way to the ambulance, but this process took 10 minutes, which proved to be critical for the patient – the doctors came to the apartment when he was already dead.

Then in social networks there was video from a dash camera that captured the incident, in particular, in the video it was evident that the woman who was driving, showed the ambulance driver, so he drove around her, and the passenger got out of the car and talked to him in a raised voice.

In an interview to the TC “Star” Deputy chief physician of the ambulance station of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Galina Kulikova explained why the doctors did not dare to leave the car and walk to the place where the patient was:

“Go to the call on foot, they were afraid, because we have a medical assistant – the woman, the driver’s age. Well, then, it is unknown what the intentions. Suddenly he had a gun. People behaved absolutely inappropriately. Unfortunately, attacks on employees of the ambulance and on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in Russia are not uncommon. It turns out, GAI responded promptly. But already before the arrival of traffic police, they still released travel. Our driver said that there was quite a normal race, there is a “pocket” there, you can drive off and not to interfere. But the behavior of these people was completely inadequate.”

In turn, RENA talked with the brother of the deceased 21-year-old Gregory Achary Denis, who saw the young man became ill and watched the altercation passenger cars with an ambulance driver:

“We were in the kitchen, I suddenly heard him gasping, nose something to sniff hard, he even sounds some published, – said Denis. – I to it did artificial breath. He seems to be – I don’t remember, was in a state of shock, but like a little more breathing when I ran. Brother remained his friend. He, too, was giving him CPR… the Doctors were alarmed due to the fact that this driver didn’t give a passage of their machine. He stood in front of the ambulance and would not let her pass. I think he was tipsy. Because of this, he behaved. And behind the wheel was a girl sober. She came out, said something to him. I don’t even know if they insisted that the rules of the road allow them to be… to drive Around the ambulance was impossible, but they could wrap up the left and leave, and then just get back on the road.”

According to the regional Department of insurance, in fact “initiated the conduct of the preliminary investigation, ( … ), at present the consequence investigated all the circumstances of the incident, with the aim of establishing the cause of death of a young man appointed is judicial-medical examination”. Tellingly, in a release the Agency focuses on what is “given a proper legal assessment of the actions of the officers of the medical staff of an ambulance team,” and not a word about the guilt of motorists.

In this case, RIA “Novosti” quoted the representatives of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs, who said that “the driver under article “Failure to provide advantage in the movement route of a vehicle or vehicle with the included special light and sound signals” faces a fine in the amount of 500 rubles.”

In conversation with the newspaper LOOK first Deputy Chairman of the Committee of State Duma on health protection Sergey Furgal has expressed disagreement in an accusatory manner towards physicians like, it should be noted, the vast majority of Russians who left their comments below the video and posted messages of news agencies on the subject:

“In this situation they were absolutely right. Even if they decided to walk to the house on foot, how would they then dragged all the equipment needed in such an emergency? To carry out the necessary measures are the same as cardiographs, a stimulant… it is impossible to drag on itself. And no, there is no sense in arrival of doctors, because the result will be the same – death.”

Furgal did not agree with the fact that the incident, which killed people, you can get away with a fine of a nominal sum. The Deputy reported that a resonance situation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was discussed in the Duma Committee, where the state office of public Prosecutor and SK were sent with the request to understand the incident:

“This we, the deputies, implied that the actions of the people, do not miss the ambulance that caused the death of a young person, you need to qualify it as an offence – failure to provide advantage in the movement of special vehicles, and the action that resulted in a threat to life and to human health and resulted in his death. Earlier it was specially created parliamentary group, and the output is already ready a bill that will toughen responsibility for chinen obstacles to health care workers when performing their professional activities, equating them, in fact, to the police. And then to insult or attack the medic will be more than dangerous. We see how the increased number of cases of attacks on representatives of the medicine, and I have to admit that it is we, the legislators, are to blame for this because soft laws are dismissed bullies. But now, the question we must decide.”


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