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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

“The Savchenko list” discreditied of Hero of Ukraine

A cursory analysis of the “list of prisoners” Hope Savchenko shows that the Hero of Ukraine didn’t think to check it at least in “Yandex”. In particular, there appear people, which was released a year and a half ago. At the same time one of the Ukrainian prisoners, told the newspaper OPINION about the signs of liberation: SBU officers in his camp recently interviewed many political prisoners.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko on Tuesday published lists of all prisoners being held by the parties to the conflict in Ukraine. The list consists of four parts: the Ukrainians, who were arrested in DND and LNR, citizens of Ukraine – the supporters of the new Russia, which are held by the Kyiv security forces, the citizens of Russia who are sitting in Ukrainian prisons, and finally those whom she calls “Ukrainian political prisoners” in Russia. According to Savchenko, the list was drawn up for nine months, may have inaccuracies.

“The issues of ceasefire, exchange of prisoners should be addressed to the competent authorities. Savchenko’s just uncontrollable people with unpredictable ambitions”

Savchenko offers to exchange prisoners according to the principle “all for all” between the proclaimed republics of Donbass and Kiev in three stages. This “classic method of exchange” “performed well in many countries during wars.”

First and foremost, Savchenko urged to exchange all confirmed parties of prisoners: 42 Ukrainian security forces on 256 militias, then 44 of Ukrainians detained in Crimea in 102 Russian citizens detained in Ukraine. Then you can do a search of people from the list whose location has not been set (494 people). And the third step Savchenko proposes to declare dead or missing all those who could be found, and start working on the search of their graves.

Savchenko unhappy that the last exchanges took place, according to her, blindly. In particular, it mentions the “latest example of the transfer of the Ukrainian side unilaterally, with brilliant ideas and generosity of President Poroshenko”. We will remind, before New year, Kiev has donated to the DNR 15 people, including the girl with the call sign “Sugar” – scout of the “Second Slavic shock-assault brigade” NPT, which under the guise of a student collected data about the Ukrainian army in Berdyansk. According to Savchenko, the girl at the time, the militia was ready to give “three of our military guys from the 40th battalion “Kryvbas”. But then the Ukrainian authorities have refused, and now gave her “in good faith”. The Ukrainian authorities said that want thus unblock the process of exchange of prisoners.

The publication lists Savchenko announced on 6 January. A month earlier, Savchenko visited Minsk, where he met with the heads of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Carpentry, which discussed the issues of exchange of prisoners. In Kiev such a thing Savchenko caused a real scandal – it was excluded from the faction “Batkivshchyna”.

A voice from behind bars

VIEW newspaper managed to contact one of the political prisoners, however, who is serving time in one of the Ukrainian camps. In the note transmitted on condition of anonymity, he immediately noted that the lists Savchenko is clearly “more than a year” because they are the people that have traded or are already dead (Igor Astakhov died in Odessa prison). Your name in the list, the source found, but confirmed that in his camp there were signs of a possible imminent exchange – recently, the SBU went around and interviewed many political prisoners are obviously making some lists. “Many are not on the list. What about the fact that I beat all political prisoners, then in General all very strange. SBU generally understandable only for her method of choosing who to come who don’t, they could one criminal case to come one to the other – no”, – said the prisoner.

“The SBU, in my opinion, there is a huge drum, like the lottery, and they twist and choose one to change. Recently, Ukraine gave up 15 prisoners, saying that the elderly, sick and women, among these 15 people, there were many young and healthy people. Why not take and not do once properly and honestly, to give the elderly, the sick and women in age?” – rhetorically asked the prisoner.

“Many kids who are now in camps or in jail, serious doubts that he will be,” he says, admitting that in the self-liberation especially do not believe. “The mood is normal, great experience for the family. They are now the hardest. To be honest, my chances are small, I think, but I always believe the best,” wrote the prisoner.

Savchenko did not even bother to Google it.

Even the simplest sample analysis shows that Savchenko – MP of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine, people confessed to the presidential ambitions – didn’t think to check before publishing their lists at least in “Yandex”. Contrary to her assurances that the lists “were drawn up for nine months”, they are people, released in September, the month before 2015, the year for example the inhabitant of Odessa Dmitry Skull. There is a list of Elena Sliwinska, which was released during the exchange in may last year and it was widely described both Russian and Ukrainian TV channels. There are Russian Viktor Hlupin, released by the Ukrainians in March. An interview with him shortly after his release, he published the newspaper the SIGHT. As already mentioned, there is a list of who died in Odessa prison in April Igor Astakhov.

At the same time, the list was and two Russian soldiers are captured in the Crimea two months ago – ensign Maxim Odintsov and Junior Sergeant Alexander Baranov. If almost all other Russians in the list are indicated together with their date of birth, Odintsov and rams are without these dates. This suggests that these two names were added recently.

It is highly unlikely that Savchenko received such carelessly made documents from the SBU, or from the participants of the talks in Minsk, or from the hands of Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky. Most likely, someone “leaked” her old lists that any “presidential candidate”, nor its assistants did not even bother to check.

Only “all for all”, and nothing else

“I don’t know where Hope took these lists, but if she took those same representatives of the SBU, I think they are inadequate for all hundred percent, – said the newspaper VIEW, the Commissioner for human rights DND Daria Morozova, which oversees the exchange of prisoners. – I will remind that the SBU claims that we have in captivity is now 126 people, this information is not true, in fact we have in captivity now 42, and we these data have never concealed”. While Morozov rejects the formula Savchenko on the exchange of prisoners militias 256 42 Ukrainians and requires more.

“At the moment I have confirmed the order of 527 people, who are now in captivity by the Ukrainian side. 527 42 is a more adequate supply. In any case it is closer to the formula “all for all”, as it was spelled out in Minsk,” – said Morozov.

Founder of the battalion “Vostok”, the former Secretary of the security Council DND Alexander Khodakovsky also said that the lists are incorrect, indicating that Ukrainian law enforcers are often considered “prisoners separatists” people with no fighting nothing.

“Ukraine is now quite a severe situation, reminiscent of the period of repression 1937-1953 years. Any dissent is evaluated there as “household separatism”, followed by the detention of dissidents. Then the people who are fighting have nothing to do, are there prisoners of war, Hence the difference in figures,” – said Khodakovsky VIEW newspaper, Recalling the “sweeps that were carried out by Ukrainian security forces in the occupied areas of Donbass”.

At the same time, according to a former battalion commander, in DND there are people openly sympathetic to Ukraine. “They Express in social networks his opinion on current events, but we’re not arresting, they live calmly as usual,” – said Khodakovsky.

At the same time offered himself to the peacekeepers

Publishing lists, Savchenko at the same time urged to change negotiators in Minsk. “I propose to replace the tired three years of fruitless work of the Minsk negotiators on a fresh, more professional, which will give the result,” she wrote in her Facebook.

Many politicians in Kiev have considered that publication of the lists was for Savchenko’s just an excuse to offer their own services for the role of peacemaker. This possibility was rejected by the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Georgy Tuka. “Personally, I refer to the possible participation Savchenko in the negotiations on the Donbass purely negative. Issues ceasefire, exchange of prisoners should be addressed to the competent authorities. Savchenko’s just uncontrollable people with unpredictable ambitions”, – admitted the Deputy Minister of the Ukrainian newspaper LOOK.

Savchenko condemned for publishing and Kiev intelligence services. On Tuesday afternoon the chief of the SBU Basil Gritsak even held for this reason a separate meeting, following which his Advisor Yury tandit said “Ukrainian truth” that the meeting was conducted to verify these lists and compare them with official data. Tandit said that the lists are incorrect. “This list is missing guys. Some have even died. In addition, there are those who have been released,” he said.

The meeting discussed, according to Tandit, how to reduce the negative consequences of publication. He recalled that legislation generally prohibits the publication of such information, and referred to the law on personal data protection and the law on the fight against terror. Tandit admitted that he communicated with Savchenko on the eve and tried to persuade her not to publish the lists. Another participant of the meeting, the adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak – called the act of Savchenko “the Kremlin’s performance” and urged Parliament to react to it. Itself Savchenko by the evening on Tuesday said that she has another list but does not publish it because he did not know whether those mentioned.


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