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Monday, February 19, 2018

The new US government want to appeal to Putin and Congress

Five minutes to the President of Donald trump and his candidate for the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson spoke in Washington at the same time, but piecemeal. If trump spoke about Russia’s relatively complimentary, Tillerson appeared in the role of a real “hawk”, which was somewhat surprising. How should such a dramatic range of opinions?

Speaking at his first big press conference in the status of the elected President of the United States, Donald trump agreed that the recent hacking of the servers of the Democratic party would carry the Russian hackers. But stressed that the United States was subjected to hacker attacks from other States. So, according to him, after the action of Chinese hackers lost data of 20 million people, so that the Russian hacking “nothing special is not represented”. To protect against hacking, trump says his team has gathered the best minds in the field of computer technology that will protect US from such threats.

“I don’t know if I can get along with Putin, but I hope so. There is no reset button. We either get along or not”

“A national Committee Democratic party he tripped a burglary. They are very poorly defended. They could stand protection against hacking, as we do… of Course, hacking is bad to break into servers is impossible. But look at what we have learned from these break-ins. That Clinton knew in advance the questions for the debate and not reported it. This is unacceptable. Imagine that trump would’ve received the questions for the debates in advance, and this became known to the public somehow. Would be the greatest scandal in the press! I be required to immediately withdraw his candidacy,” he said.

The credibility of the report of the intelligence services

At the same time, trump’s candidate for the post of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson spoke at the hearings in the U.S. Senate. And stated that trusts us intelligence report that accused Moscow of involvement in the cyber attacks on computer systems of America. The politician said that he had read the interagency report, issued on 6 January, and he has caused a sense of anxiety.

Answering the question of if a cyber attack personally the President Vladimir Putin, Tillerson responded that he could not confirm this, although it is noted in the report of the intelligence services. According to him, he can only let that happen.

As you know, in their joint report, the CIA, FBI and NSA has once again accused Russia of meddling in the American elections, but refused to provide it with any evidence, citing the secrecy.

As the United States control all planetologie Tillerson drew attention to the fact that sanctions against Russia harm American business, adding that the relations with Moscow, the United States should develop not only in terms of pressure, but also encouraging. At the same time, he said that Russia is a danger to US, but is not “unpredictable in defending their interests.” Accordingly, a candidate for Secretary of state urged to cooperate with Moscow where possible, despite the rivalry in other areas.

In turn, trump again, as in the eve of the elections, said that Russia can help the United States in the fight against ISIS*, expressing the hope that he will be able to get along with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “If Putin likes trump, it is called advantage”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”. The broadcast of the press conference was led by the RT.

While trump said, that too can be tough with Russia, and expressed doubt that the policy of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in it would be stronger. “I don’t know if I can get along with Putin, but I hope so,” concluded trump. He believes that the word “reset” in relation to the development of relations between the US and Russia inappropriate. “There is no reset button. We either get along or not,” said the President-elect.

The conditions for the recognition of Russian Crimea

It Tillerson, who was called the most Pro-Russian of possible candidates for the secretaries of state, sounded a much more stringent manner. He told the senators that Washington should give a forceful response to Russia’s actions in Crimea. The US administration does not intend to recognize the occurrence of Crimea in structure of Russia, if only to not agree with that the people of Ukraine, said Tillerson. “No, the only way that we will be able to recognize it, if there was broader agreement that will satisfy both the Ukrainian people, – he confirmed. – Without this we will never recognize it.”

Tillerson even supported the calls of some senators to put Ukraine lethal weapons, which did not allow himself even the Obama administration. However, he stipulated that it should be done, if the truce in the Donbass will fail.

He also promised to keep sanctions against Russia, but again with a caveat – to keep until, until it will develop its own approach towards Russia. In addition, the candidate is urged to use media and the Internet for “communication with the Russian people” to spread “alternative” information.

Particularly noteworthy is also the fact that air strikes in Syria Tillerson called unacceptable. And stated the need to respond to a geographical plan of Russia. Geographical terms of potential Secretary of state called the strategy of Moscow for the return of a meaningful place in the international arena.

“Maybe he’s more a hawk than I thought”

American political scientist, former employee of the Pentagon and the state Department, Paul Grenier was not at all surprised the answers Tillerson about Russia, although the line Tillerson in Moscow, “this was tougher than many expected.”

“Senator Marco Rubio tried very hard to get the recognition that Russia has committed war crimes in Syria. But he refused to agree, from what Rubio is very upset. Tillerson has said on many occasions that he does not want to make such serious allegations, until you get acquainted with the facts, and these facts he learns only when the position of Secretary of state,” said Grenier the newspaper VIEW, stressing that when Tillerson was asked about Russia and Putin, he walked away from these issues, trying to keep himself a free hand.

For example, the expert noted that Rubio tried to obtain from him promises of additional sanctions against any country that takes computer attacks against America. “Rubio, wanted to of these responses have been adopted automatically without debate. Tillerson said he does not agree, he wants to preserve freedom of action, depending on the specific situation from all factors from the whole picture of our relations with another state. It is also upset with Rubio,” – said the expert.

Grenier called not nervous about the harsh statements Tillerson. “Maybe he’s more a hawk than he thought. But I would not make such a conclusion only on the basis of these hearings. Obviously, a new administration trying to corner to keep the cold war what I want to do some conservatives like Marco Rubio, John McCain and others. There is a very tough fight. Taking into account the situation in America, it is hard to imagine that Tillerson could respond differently. He is a realist”, – said the analyst.

As for the press conference, trump, Grenier said, the greatest attention was paid to the latest “stupid leaks”. “It is obvious that this is complete nonsense. This is a clear operation to compromise trump. And where it comes from – is also understandable. Yesterday among some Democrats were rejoicing, they say, now we have this trump finally remove. And now we can see that the incriminating evidence totally unconvincing,” concluded the analyst.

“Now he is under pressure”

State Duma Deputy Leonid Kalashnikov (CPRF) are not caught in the duality in the answers trump and Tillerson about the report about the Russian involvement in cyber attacks. He drew attention to the fact that both policies do not say that Russia has affected U.S. presidential election. And if Tillerson said that, “relegated to win trump to the fact that Russia brought him in this chair”.

“Trump is no fool and understands that computer media exist not only in America. They exist in Russia, China. And Tillerson did not say that Russia influenced the election with the help of these attacks. Here in this match looks Tillerson and trump. Trump said that there is no evidence that Russia with the help of hacker attacks impact on the election. What the hackers revealed and involved these hackers to Russia – this is the tenth case,” said Kalashnikov newspaper VIEW.

Like Grenier, the Deputy hopes that Tillerson later to a certain extent, change the rhetoric. “He is now under pressure before approval. His patron speaks some other speech, and he had nothing to fear any disapproval, that the whole team will work in one team. Another thing is that the outgoing administration is doing all it can to harness this harness in my sled, and then not give one to pop up,” complained the Deputy.

But the obvious contrast is felt between the Kalashnikov press conference, trump and farewell speech of President Barack Obama. “Trump said that will again make America great and strong, and his predecessor said: I made it strong and not to destroy its greatness clumsy Trump. Obama realizes that all this power trump tomorrow can destroy. Trump promises in foreign policy is not to behave like a bull in a China shop, but in the inner – to repeal Obamacare. He will return manufacturing to America, and in the financial spectrum will understand its patterns. That is all that Obama called his conquests, trump called America’s weakness”, – summed up the Kalashnikov.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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