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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

“Russian blackmail” to trump was an evil joke

Donald trump called “lies” and “witch hunt” in the Wake of reports in the American media that the Russian authorities allegedly have some dirt on him. In Moscow, the publication called “the absolute duck”. Fakes for attack on the elected President made the Internet bullies, but they are used by the American media quite seriously. To blame trump?

“Absolute duck, a complete fabrication and a complete nonsense” – the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov praised the publication in the American media that Moscow allegedly has dirt on Donald trump. According to Peskov, replicated in the Western media messages about the “dirt” is nothing more than pulp fiction (base, pulp fiction).

“It is strange that the original “dirt” turned out to be John McCain”

Earlier, American intelligence services reported the outgoing President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump that of some “Russian agents” allegedly has compromising information about a billionaire, won the presidential elections. We are talking about personal and financial information about trump, according to CNN TV channel is actively supported Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. According to CNN, US intelligence at the briefing tried to convince trump that Russia has been gathering information on both candidates, but has published information only about Clinton.

“Unaudited statements (including the Russian dirt on trump) has met senior officials of the intelligence as important enough to summarize them in the Appendix and provide to Donald Trump,” in turn, declares The Wall Street Journal.

Witch hunt

A two-page application was attached to the US intelligence report, according to the Agency Reuters referring to two unnamed American officials.

However, the adviser to trump Kelleen Conway said the US President-elect was not aware of this two-page application. In addition, Conway has noticed that all in the media reports – an unnamed, and, in General, “nothing has been proved”.

By trump in his Twitter said: “About the news – especially political witch hunt”. Recall, before he was called a “witch hunt” speculation around the alleged involvement of Moscow to hacker attacks on the United States. The term is repeatedly used, including by representatives of the Russian authorities.

What is referred to as “dirt on trump”?

“Payments for hackers and contacts with prostitutes”

In the material the Wall Street Journal argues that “agents of the Russian government entered into a comprehensive plot with the advisors of the election headquarters of Donald trump and members of his campaign.”

In particular, “trump’s attorney Michael Cohen allegedly met with Kremlin officials and discussed how to arrange for cash payments to hackers who under the leadership of Moscow was undermining the campaign of Hillary Clinton,” he told the publication.

However, “the FBI found no evidence of his visit to the Czech Republic, where it is alleged in August last year had this meeting,” acknowledged U.S. officials in comments to the WSJ. Cohen this information was also denied, stating that there is “no truth”.

However, the WSJ says: “US officials confirmed that Trump was given a document summarizing the information. According to them, the transfer of such unverified information was needed, that the President-elect was informed of the accusations against him, which could publish”.

For example, “it is alleged that Russian officials have evidence that if trump had sexual contact with prostitutes, this information is hold in reserve for potential blackmail,” said the portal.

Meanwhile, the FBI and other intelligence agencies continue to investigate alleged existing application on the subject of authenticity, told Reuters one of the officials. According to them, in collecting information about the dirt of Russia was attended by former British intelligence officer, whose experience, according to most of the American colleagues is trustworthy. In fact, the FBI declined to comment.

WikiLeaks denies

The most well-known Internet portal specializing in the publication of “leaked” data – WikiLeaks, questioned and denied media reports about the “Russian blackmail” to the President-elect of the United States.

The creators of WikiLeaks noted: source stuffing was published by the American portal BuzzFeed’s 35-page file, which is issued for the information about the compromising. But this file is not a report of the intelligence services and were tampered with, came to the conclusion to WikiLeaks.

“The style, the facts and dates do not demonstrate any credibility,” reads a statement on Twitter, WikiLeaks. Points to the lack of reliable sources for the preparation of the CIA report on “compromising” on trump.

The prank was a success?

It is likely that “secret report, the former British intelligence agent” with the allegations of “deep links” trump of Russia – nothing more than a joke Prancer.

The portal Gateway Pundit posted a message that “report” was a trolling one of the culprit with the popular imageboard 4chan. The user, claiming that he was the author of a fake “report” says that in November of last year I gave the text “secret document” American political columnist Rick Wilson.

From Wilson through other journalists report and came to the CNN and BuzzFeed, according to the 4chan user. Judging by the dates, discuss the details of the prank with the “report” happened long before all publications in November 2016, says the portal MediaLeaks.

Looks like a fake

The political scientist and americanist, member of the project “Russian idea” Dmitry Drobnicki, in turn, found in the “Russian blackmail” to trump a lot of inconsistencies.

In addition, Drobnicki drew attention to the fact that the text of the incriminating evidence admitted a number of factual errors. “Barvikha called the village, home to only the members of the government with families, while we know that there can buy a house and a businessman, and star of show business. If I had money and connections”, – said the analyst.

In addition, the expert finds it strange that originally these documents were John McCain, who subsequently handed them over to the FBI Director, and for the entire period that has passed since the receipt of this information, the security services could not confirm their authenticity.

And finally, a surprise to the expert cause of information regarding the chain of command in the Russian establishment. “They say that the alleged operation to discredit Hillary Clinton held personally Sands, though why it should do it, or that Dmitry Medvedev was unhappy with the Russian intervention in the American elections,” – said the analyst.

Drobnicki believes that even at first glance it reminds of fake intelligence.

In addition, the examiner is not clear as to the basis of this information it is possible to do something. “We have to wait and see will this media noise or will be held valid investigation,” he concluded.

“This is an unprecedented semidiscrete USA”

Political scientist, Boris Mezhuev americanist reminded the newspaper VIEW that no one remains no evidence that the published information is a reality.

“Trump has called them fake, and Michael Cohen, who is accused of coordinating joint activities of the team of trump and the Russian security services, denied that he was in Prague, showing the absence in the passport record of the visit. This, of course, the strange evidence given unilateral visa-free regime between the Czech Republic and the United States, however, and Cohen’s presence in the Czech Republic is not confirmed,” – said the expert.

In addition, Mezhuev said that all these trump compromising information about his alleged misconduct did not support the intelligence cooperation with the representatives of the electoral teams trump about joint action to discredit Hillary Clinton.

Therefore, according to the americanists, while all this is more like a continuation of a campaign of personal discredit trump.

Mezhuev said that this whole campaign is starting to scare influential people in the American establishment. “Already heard cries that this information hit the reputation of not only trump but the entire us state. The US President-elect has not yet managed to take office, but about it already told me that, that is simply impossible,” – said the analyst.

According to mezhueva, from all this media campaign is blowing the reality of the works of Orwell. “The impression that literally everything is permeated through and through by the agents, spies, tracking. All intelligence agencies watching each other, compromise. No sane person can not be free, all shrouded in network security”, – he explained.

Also Mezhuev said that everything happens not in the period of the election campaign, when the political fight de facto you can do everything you want, and after the election campaign. “This is an unprecedented semidiscrete USA. Breaks down the last belief in America. We will deal with extremely weakened by internal conflict with America, which would come out of it at least a year. Moreover, the trump reacts to throw enough dirt on him, answers every stuffing. Ultimately, the conflict between the branches of government in the United States will increase. It will not be a prosperous year,” – says americanist.


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