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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Obama is leaving but not goodbye

Barack Obama made a farewell speech to his political home in Chicago. So much he never applauded, but the 44th President goes away pleased with himself and displeased with the world. The leadership which Obama still believes exclusive American right.

Obama’s speech was inspirational and quite profound – the outgoing President spoke about the importance of the Americans themselves to defend democracy and to believe in it. 90 percent of it was political speech – and its final foreign policy part was a natural transition from the above Obama in the beginning. That is, the wholeness-thinking American is configured globalist establishment was shown the country and the world to the fullest.

“Obama believes in American law “rule the Nations” just as eight years ago”

For non-Americans, it would seem, should have special significance, what Obama talked about the state of American society – if not the inextricable link between democratic freedoms within America and outside of it, which resembled the outgoing President. It is clear that Obama praised their achievements and recovery from the economic crisis and reducing unemployment, and medical reform, and recognition of the rights “of same-sex families.” And similarly, it is clear that these achievements are not part of the American society achievements – and she is blaming Obama for the attack on the rights and freedoms of Americans. Economic performance seems to be quite good – but Americans are not optimistic. The split society – both racial and social – only increases, and the gap between the ideals of the elite and the masses has itself become an important factor in the political situation in the United States. Victory trump – this isn’t just a radical protest against Obama is also a vote of no confidence in the entire ruling nomenclature.

Obama and in his speech recognized the need for change in the American political system, talks about the growing mistrust of citizens to the elite – but what’s the point if he had talked about it but did nothing? Obama after all has sold to America as President-the hope, as the “President of change” – but eight years later the state of American society is still more alarming, and the distrust of the elite is much higher. In his speech, Obama talked a lot about the importance of respecting other people’s opinions, the dialogue between different groups as an essential part of American democracy, that despite differences, Americans United and the beautiful people:

“Democracy does not imply uniformity but it involves a feeling of solidarity, knowing that, despite external differences, we share one fate; we all rise or all fall as one”.

But all recognize that the crisis of identity and unity of the nation in the United States is stronger than in 2008. the Blame for this if Obama personally? Of course not – it just continued the processes that occur in the United States over the past decades. The main of which is the degeneration of America from the nation-state (albeit with a very specific multinational structure, but with the Anglo-Saxon dominant) in multicultural global Empire.

And Obama himself is the result of this process: in their views, and origin (the son of a Kenyan, who grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia). Obama is a reflection of, and a method of reformatting American “civilization” that failed just because the globalist project itself is rejected by mankind. But the “globalist America” does not understand and does not recognize.

And conventionally of the international section of the “Testament” of Obama can be seen that the globalist minded part of the American elite, which applies to the first President-a mulatto, I’m sure in American law “rule the Nations” just as eight years ago. Obama understood nothing and learned nothing.

Why? Because Obama, like before, called the preservation of American freedoms “struggle for democracy” all over the world:

“That’s why we can’t get away from the global battles – the extension of democracy, human rights, women’s rights, the rights of sexual minorities, no matter how imperfect our attempts, no matter how convenient it seems to disregard such values.”

If freedom and respect for the law is declining around the world, Obama said, the likelihood of internal wars and wars between Nations is growing, and “our freedom will eventually be endangered”.

Who is threatening American security? Obama called the two forces that challenge the “world order based on the rule of law and respect for human rights”: it is the fanatics, acting on behalf of Islam, and avtokrator who are in power in several countries. Under avtokrator who “perceive the market economy in a democratic society and civil society as a threat to his power,” clearly implies Vladimir Putin – even though Obama is the President of Russia in his speech calls. And our country mentions only once – when he says that nobody can become a stronger America:

“Rivals such as Russia and China can not compete with our influence in the world if we do not give up what we stand for, and will not turn into another great country, which is lifted up to the neighbors that are smaller than her.”

There is also a clear allusion to Russia and Ukraine – that bully Putin sticks to the little. This is the picture of the world Obama – who after eight years of presidency is confident that the US has the sacred right and duty “to defend freedom around the world.” And it is on this postulate and based American claim to world domination.

Yes, it took different forms – in the era of the cold war with the Soviet Union in the post-Soviet period and after the 2008 crisis – but its essence remained the same. Yes, under Obama the United States began to move away from direct military intervention – but not because of reduced ambitions, and due to the catastrophic consequences of the Iraq intervention. Yes, Obama focused more on non-military “battles” for the correct values but still the protection and promotion of the globalist standard remained Central to American foreign policy doctrine. That is, the US is still aware – and aware of – itself as the guarantor of the “democratic world order”. And this is their claim and is the main reason of the chaos that has spread across the middle East and the whole system of international relations.

Only one hint of trump on what he wants to abandon the service of the idol of globalization – the main offering which is a struggle for a “democratic world order” – and start to defend the national interests of the United States, caused terrible anxiety Atlantic elite and led to an unprecedented campaign to discredit the billionaire upstart.

The extent to which Trump will be able to turn the wheel of the American ship – yet open question. But it is clear that the globalist elite will not silently watch his attempts, he will not only be hindered, but also to put up against it the standard bearers of the right course and the right world order. One of them, and perhaps the most important, will be Barack Obama – 44th President of the United States ambitious, full of energy and is not going to retire. So the Chicago speech was his only farewell as President of the United States – but not a political player on a global scale.


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