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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mark Sandomirsky: People like Savchenko tend to agree, but only to require

Hope Savchenko belongs to the irrational, the spontaneous type. Its representatives are inclined to unexpected acts, can not stand stereotypes, daily routine and quite successfully can adapt to emergency situations,” – said the newspaper VIEW, psychotherapist mark Sandomirsky. In his opinion, often people like Nadezhda Savchenko suspicious – “hence the constant search for enemies.”

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko (“Fatherland”) on Tuesday morning came to the Parliament building for hours ahead of time and expect to open on the street.

“And the facial expressions, gestures, and voice, and even bodily Constitution can bear the imprint of masculinity. But we are talking first and foremost about psychology, not about the physiology”

Hope Savchenko went to work first,” wrote community “Our Kiev” on Twitter, adding the saying “the early bird catches the worm”. The message was accompanied by a photo, which bored Savchenko sitting on the bench. The “Our Kiev” does not explain why the Deputy came long before the open door of the building.

Yesterday the Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy warned that the meeting on Tuesday will begin with a presentation of Savchenko, adding that she will “from the high rostrum of a country to apply not only to parliamentarians, but to all Ukrainians.” As you know, in Ukraine in the last two years arose the cult of Hope Savchenko. The “Ukrainian Joan of Arc”, “pride of Ukraine”, “its steadfastness can be the envy of even men” – so spoke about it in the press, while the pilot was in custody.

However, many were surprised by the behavior of their idol immediately after the liberation. At the airport in Kiev Nadezhda Savchenko got off the plane barefoot, and later said that it is ready to be President, admitted that her dream – to drink vodka, “slept” meeting with his fans, bathed in the fountain on the Maidan and came to Parliament again barefoot. About fit if this behavior is normal, in an interview with the newspaper VIEW says psychotherapist mark Sandomirsky, PhD, a member of the all-Russian Council for psychotherapy.

OPINION: mark E., many bloggers discuss the topic of mental illness Savchenko. All the days after her release, she behaves very shocking…

Mark Sandomirsky: Actively discussing these assumptions bloggers are not experts in the field of mental health. Seriously those discussions should not be treated as lege artis (according to the rules of the medical art) in psychiatry is not made to diagnose in absentia. Head to the examination appointed by the court, did not reveal Ms. Savchenko painful disorders. From the point of view of psychology it is in these instances is fairly pragmatic. Maybe it’s PR, attracting attention, outrageous “mask” personality. If she wasn’t the heroine of the press, does not Shine every step TV, it’s unlikely she would have committed such acts.

Mark Sandomirsky (photo: vk.com/pempu)

The motive for such extravagant behavior may be media halo that formed around the aforementioned heroine. There are in fact different characters. Some make themselves, others “make” crowd, when people start to praise them. In our time, many heroes make media – of course, as the idols of the crowd.

OPINION: the Heroine in the Ukrainian media helped her become the fact that she is a woman. For posters in support of usually used almost the only photo of Savchenko painted eyes. But the rest of the pictures that can be found on the Network, make it clear that in fact, she almost never uses make-up. A childhood dream to be a military pilot. And her figure male and work it is to systematically kill the men. How Savchenko generally feminine?

MS:the Women of this personality type just characterized – in comparison with representatives of other psychological types – relative mujaadalah. Hence the demonstration of masculine traits behavior – sharpness, decisiveness, assertiveness. And the facial expressions, gestures, and voice, and even bodily Constitution can bear the imprint of masculinity. But we are talking first and foremost about psychology, not physiology.

LOOK: You’re talking about her personality type what? Looks like a profile?

M. S.: a psychological profile – it is very responsible, requiring observation of human behavior not only in media coverage, where there is “public”, but in the ordinary situations of everyday life, without embellishment. Public speaking give not so much for the understanding of personality as the man in front of the camera puts on the psychological “mask”.

In addition, on the judicial bench, in a situation of stress is the particular personality traits, especially those related to manifestation of psychological protection, in particular regression. Sometimes there is a deliberate underlining of certain peculiarities (aggravation). Therefore, such data correctly to speak not about a complete reconstruction of the individual, and on the detection of characteristic typological features, that is the definition of belonging to a particular personality type on the basis of certain recurring natural behaviors, expression of emotions, thinking and speech.

The following description of the logical type of decision-making. This is not a rating of the level of intelligence, and the fact that in the process of choosing people is guided by practical expediency, not taking into account other people’s feelings. As a result of his actions can sometimes be contrary to socially accepted ethical norms, but are sent to exhaust the circumstances.

Another characteristic of the personality – feeling (touch) type, or a practitioner seeking to dispose of the situation “here and now”. However, it is not always carefully evaluates the strategic vision, long-term consequences of their actions.

OPINION: who is she on a scale of “extrovert introvert”?

M. S.: in assessing this scale, there are certain complications. On the one hand, the current behavior Savchenko to the public affected by the detention. Imprisonment usually predisposes to the manifestation of introversion as a result of forced desire for isolation, solitude. It is no accident, when arrived home, demanded: “get your hands off me!”

But still features of its behavior is emotional expressiveness, the way she holds herself in front of the camera, suggests that its actual type is an extravert. Agreeableness also proved by the manner of speech – Savchenko speaks quite fast, expressive, staccato.

Accordingly, in General, from the set of hell is described quite clearly formed this personality type, as irrational sensory-logical extrovert.

OPINION: What can someone expect?

M. S.: Sudden steps that can arouse quite a wide resonance: when people of similar personality type are “in trend”, in line with popular sentiment, they are able to pay these sentiments in their favor.

You can refer to the example of the singer Madonna. Here is added and ostentation, the desire to be the center of attention. And a special kind of “energy of the crowd”, the ability to shock public opinion.

How Savchenko sees the world? Is it true that for her the world is full of threats, and all people are divided into friends and foes? Are there for her at all authority?

MS: These people have a great desire to compete with others. They do not like to obey, do not tolerate hierarchy. Strive for independence, breaking the rules. The thinking of representatives of this type are often characterized by polarity, it’s black and white: who is not with us is against us. Often these people are suspicious – hence the constant search for enemies. As a rule, such a person needs some external “enemy”, even if imaginary, world of fantasy, because the presence of detractors, competitors, helps a person to mobilize to be “in tune” and better to fight against difficulties.

They are also characteristic of an increased desire to find new experiences and the propensity to take risks in situations when people prefer to be cautious. A man much more is at risk than a more cautious representatives of the systematic psychological types. In situations where the risk is justified, he can win, but the consequences of this win are often not counted.

For representatives of this psychotype that are characterized by a strong type of nervous system. A variety of stressful situations they overcome successfully many people, even seemingly without putting in that much effort. However, with these properties is the lack of the usual internal tension, they do not know how to relax. Excessive tension affects their decisions. Here underlined the desire for competition and aggressive conflict actions, ostensibly aimed at protecting their interests.

Not to mention the propensity for protest behavior: to insist on, to act contrary to what is imposed on you, the desire of their own opinion to present as truth. People of this type – the non-conformists, they tend not to negotiate, only demand. Hence it follows, and overall conflict.

OPINION: bloggers, pointing to mujaadalah Savchenko, alluding to her homosexuality… Kiev women’s magazines enthusiastically quoted Savchenko promise never to have children because it interferes with a military career. So she chose the male path in life?

MS: not necessarily that she made their really fundamental life beliefs. It could be a momentary Declaration. Because this type of people usually lives in the short term, some actions makes the mood. Not always, I repeat, pre-assesses their consequences, and when it says about some long term plans, very often they do not practice in the future.


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