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Friday, March 23, 2018

Anti-Russian initiative of the U.S. Senate says about the split in Washington

John McCain, Ben Cardin and other us senators from among the “old friends of Russia” introduced a bill on new anti-Russian sanctions. Before the inauguration of the trump remains nine days, but in the USSR of the 1930s, with the progress to socialism was growing and class struggle, and in the modern United States closer than the final rise to power of the elected President, the more split in relation to Russia.

A group of U.S. senators, among them equally representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties launched the initiative on new sanctions against Russia. Among the authors is a long – standing “friends” of Russia, like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Robert Portman, Ben Cardin and Bob Menendez. All of them at different times performed with various anti-Russian statements. Sometimes one gets the impression that some American politicians formed a strong reflex: you hear “Russia”, saying “sanctions.

“Moscow appreciates the professional quality Tillerson, but this does not mean that we all wear rose-colored glasses”

“We were attacked, we were attacked by the Russian Federation. This is no longer the subject of any disputes,” – commented on the initiative of Senator Cardin.

According to him, the new restrictions “are more likely to lead to a change in the behavior of Russia”. He added that many in Congress are interested in “moving forward on the issue of sanctions”.

The bill proposes to introduce restrictive measures against investment in the Russian energy sector, against those involved in privatization of Russian assets and engage in purchasing sovereign debt of Russia. This is the difference between the citizens of the United States, Russia and third countries – that is, there is an attempt once again to extend its laws on the entire planet.

It clarifies the “Interfax”, the bill provides for sanctions against legal entities and individuals that invest in the Russian sector of extraction of hydrocarbons more than $ 20 million, including the supply of goods and services, and technology. Sanctions will apply to investors who during the year invested in the construction of Russian pipelines over $ 5 million, and investors who have invested more than $ 1 million in civil nuclear facilities.

The white house has not commented on the bill – according to the official representative Josh Ernest, the outgoing President Barack Obama has not yet seen the bill on new sanctions of the Senate against Moscow, and therefore has not yet made a decision as to whether the sign of it.

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said: “I would Not want to speculate hypothetically. While we are talking about a legislative initiative known senators”. He also noted that “this kind of restriction – they will deal additional damage, not only bilateral relations, but also, I think, even in terms of the global economy and global energy.”

Tougher was made by press Secretary of the Chairman of the government Natalia Timakova. She called McCain a “flawed political man” and expressed regret that such people “trying to impose their will on the American people”.

Recall that today closer to the night Moscow time in the U.S. Senate is scheduled speech of the candidate for the post of Secretary Rex Tillerson. The Washington Post has published the abstracts from the draft of his speech. This edition is, of course, in recent months repeatedly caught on the publication of fakes, but hardly in this case we are talking about a false thesis.

In particular, written for a speech, Tillerson States that “Russia today is dangerous” for the United States and that Moscow “won the respect and place in the global arena, ignoring American interests.” Note that there is nothing new in these statements is – Donald trump and his team never said that Moscow is white and fluffy, they argued that Obama is unable to negotiate with Russia.

In fact, this is what is said in the theses of the speech Tillerson: “is unpredictable,” the US needs to establish with her “an open and Frank dialogue” about the Russian “aspirations”, which will allow Washington “to know how to set their own course”.

In addition, the thesis says that the United States should fulfil the promises made to other countries and demand the implementation of commitments from partners, and also “to force those who are not our friends, be responsible for the agreements they have signed.”

In General, no deviations from the basic thesis that trump “let’s make America great again”.

Dmitry Peskov has commented on theses upcoming speech Tillerson. According to him, Moscow highly appreciates the professional quality and rigidity Tillerson in defending their interests, but “this does not mean that we all wear rose-colored glasses”. And (once again) voiced the main claim to the outgoing American authorities and most importantly the desire to come “to listen to the arguments of opponents”.

In fact, the initiative of senators on sanctions – this is an unwillingness to listen, unwillingness to take into account not only the interests of other countries, but neglecting the benefit of American businessmen who suffer losses from the sanctions.

The experience of more than half a century of sanctions against Cuba, which has not led to the slightest change in the policy of this country, is not considered. In the United States believe that the sanctions have led to changes in the policy of Iran but Tehran has made concessions in its nuclear program in the first place after long multilateral negotiations.

The fact that the new sanctions are intended to introduce against Russia’s energy sector, is not even a hint, but direct pressure on native Tillerson of ExxonMobil. Any statement against such kind of pressure will be interpreted as a “conflict of interest”, “work for Exxon, not America,” etc.

Before the inauguration of Donald trump remains nine days, but in the Soviet Union of the 1930-ies as you move to socialism, the class struggle was growing, and in the modern United States, the closer the final coming to power of the winning candidate, the stronger the split in government and society, and not according to traditional party lines, and in relation to Russia. And judging by the new anti-Russian initiatives arising in different branches of the government, that the theme of Russia, and not internal politics, China or Mexico, will be decisive for US in 2017.


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