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Monday, February 19, 2018

Trump is preparing an attack on American intelligence

The American special services are not glued with evidence of “Russian interference” in the elections. As a “line of defense” they have resorted to yet the current administration and Congress. Perhaps their activity is associated not only with the desire to tie the hands of elected President, but trying to save their positions. While Donald trump declares himself “a big fan” of the security services, the counselors develop a reform intelligence.

Thursday, January 5, representatives of the U.S. intelligence testified to Congress about the alleged hacker attacks from Russia, which influenced the elections in the United States. Dni’s office is putting the U.S. cyber command and the Pentagon once again declared unfounded “offensive cyberpromo” Russia is a major threat to the United States.

“This whole situation is a Testament to a dead clinch between trump and US intelligence agencies”

Story about Russian hackers than more becomes more absurd.

The respective accusations against Russia were put forward not only the media, but officials are still current administration, including President Barack Obama and U.S. intelligence agencies. At the end of 2016, the FBI and the national security Agency (NSA) published a report which, however, did not convince the experts in the Russian involvement in cyber attacks due to the complete lack of any evidence in the hold. And crack mail, Hillary Clinton, the Romanian hacker Guccifer has called accusations against Russia “hysteria” and “fake cybervalley”.

Donald trump and his team comment on this topic all the more harshly and negatively, that is understandable, since, in fact, the accusations against Russia undermine his legitimacy as President of the United States.

Until the situation plays into their hands, because with the presentation of evidence supporting the allegations, American intelligence is clearly not going well. First was deferred from 3 to 5 January, the American intelligence briefing on the subject. And then the lack of evidence was explained by the White house security data information, which became another vivid illustration of the old joke about “gentlemen believe a word.”

And now American intelligence puts another batch of “straw” in the future, in anticipating of his testimony in Congress. Given that the American Parliament have serious weight and antithrombosis anti-Russian forces, facts, proof and evidence is not as needed when working there will be enough of harsh rhetoric and loud accusations. For example, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has announced the introduction of the bill of new sanctions against Russia for cyber attacks.

Such mindsets in the legislative branch of the us government will provide us intelligence agencies additional support in the confrontation with trump and his administration.

It is curious that this whole situation is a Testament to a dead clinch between trump and US intelligence agencies. For the new President, as has been said, all these accusations against Russia are an unpleasant factor working in the erosion of its legitimacy and binding him hands at work in the White house.

However, as it turns out, for the security services, the situation is also very far from rosy.

The newspaper The Wall Street Journal became aware that a team of trump is preparing a major reform of U.S. intelligence, primarily intelligence. It is significant downsizing. It is also planned radical reform of the office of the Director of N. I. USA.

It does not hide that the reason for the proposed restructuring is “excessive politicization” of the relevant services, who instead of performing their duties for the protection of national security has adopted an open and active part in the political campaign against Donald trump.

A representative of the trump Sean Spicer said that “the history of” The Wall Street Journal on the planned trump change “100% false”. However, it added that the discussion on reform of U.S. intelligence is only of a preliminary nature. That is indirectly confirmed by the very idea of reform.

Himself Donald trump in a characteristic manner through Twitter accused the media that they are trying to make him an enemy of the intelligence services, although in reality it is their “biggest fan”.

As a result, American intelligence agencies found themselves in a very unpleasant role in line who will be the first to pay for outright unfriendly in relation to Donald trump in recent months.

It is not excluded that opponents of the elected President will seriously tie his hands in the implementation of certain domestic and foreign plans. But chances are trump in any case will be able to organize large-scale cleansing in a hostile (and brought professionalism to the victim of political bias), the special agencies of the USA.

Thus, it is possible that this antitransit the activity of the leadership of us intelligence is not only a continuation of the campaign against the elected President, but a banal attempt to save his own career, under its risk of being derailed.


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