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Monday, February 12, 2018

Trump has chosen the head of the N. I. United States from the black list Russia

The former Senator from Indiana Dan coats, who is Donald trump sees the post of Director of national intelligence, included Russia in the list of banned. This proponent of the sanctions played not the last role in determining American policy in Europe and can “knock heads together” with Washington and Moscow. However, first the new head of intelligence will have to repay the hacking scandal.

The US President-elect Donald trump has nominated former Senator from Indiana, Dan Coates for the post of Director of national intelligence – Department, supervising all 16 intelligence agencies of the United States. The decision of the tramp became known yesterday from the message of the NBC.

“Coates is in the list of persons banned entry to Russia. He was a supporter of sanctions”

Yet the head of the N. I. remains James Clapper – one of those who spins the scandal with the “attacks of Russian hackers” allegedly tried to interfere in the US presidential election. Another statement with accusations against the Russian authorities Clapper did just yesterday, with the participation of the heads of army intelligence, the CIA and the NSA. “We believe that only the most senior officials in Russia could sanction the recent theft and publication of the data associated with the elections,” – said Clapper. However, he, as before, failed to provide evidence of its approval.

What Dan Coates of the Senate intelligence Committee is the preferred candidate to replace Clapper, became known in early December last year. As noted then, the publication Politico, Coates had a meeting with the President-elect in new York “trump tower” and shared with trump “years of experience”.

A devout conservative from team Bush

73-year-old Coates has spent a total of 15 years on a post of the Senator (his term expires in January). Under George Bush Junior, Coates has held the post of U.S. Ambassador to Germany.

This former Senator from Indiana is considered a person from the team of Dan Quayle – Vice President under Bush Sr. It is associated with the elite of the Republican party and “Brotherhood” (The Fellowship) – the conservative Christian lobby in Congress. Explaining his decision to support trump in an election, Senator Coates said, “I do believe that the tenure of the President will change Donald trump, make him humble. And I believe that even (someone like) Donald turn to God for help.”

Reuters Coates calls the “traditional conservative”. In particular, the post of Senator he distinguished himself as a consistent opponent of gay marriage and open service of homosexuals in the army.

While Coates, unlike many of the party members, advocated restricting the sale of weapons and even supported the relevant initiatives of democratic President bill Clinton. But he also criticized the 1998 attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan as something designed to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal. We add that the private personal life of a Senator is correct including the ideological point of view – his wife Marsha Coates represents women of Indiana in the national Committee of the Republican party.

People from the sanctions list

Coates was represented in the Senate the same state – Indiana, the Governor of which, until recently, was elected Vice-President Mike Pence, pointed out in comments the newspaper VIEW political scientist-americanist Victor Olevich. Pence, the same as Coates is the representative of the conservative establishment. We add that the current elected Vice-President at the beginning of the Obama presidency criticized “reset” of relations with Russia (which was declared by the then Secretary of state Hillary Clinton).

“Dan Coates is in the list of persons banned entry to the Russian Federation, – like Victor Olevich. He was a supporter of sanctions in 2014, and he said he wasn’t a fan of Russia.”

Coates nomination for the presidency of the N. I. says that trump, like its predecessors, is going to conduct tough policy against geopolitical rivals of the United States, says the source. “If his approach to Russia will not succeed and if the United States with trump as a hard negotiator will not be able to squeeze out of Russia some serious concessions, the United States can go to drastic measures. The near future will show how the new administration will respond to Russia’s unwillingness to act against its national interests”, – believes Olevich.

The source reminded that in the early days in the White house of George W. Bush and Barack Obama there were certain hopes of warmer relations with Russia (respectively, after September 11, 2001 and after Obama’s victory over explicitly Russophobe John McCain and declared “reset”), but at the end of presidential terms between Moscow and Washington, there was a sharp cooling.

Tough negotiator

On a post of the US Ambassador in Berlin from 2001 to 2005, Dan Coates has established himself as a tough diplomat, said Olevich. “This period saw the beginning of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The aggression against Iraq, remember, was opposed by the “Troika” Moscow – Berlin – Paris (represented respectively by Vladimir Putin, Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac) – indicates the source. – Coates has made considerable effort to minimise this reaction.”

He, however, did not succeed to persuade Germany to support U.S. policy in the middle East and their operations in Iraq, but a reputation for fierce American Explorer course he deserved.

As the United States control all planetopolis coming to power of Angela Merkel Coates began to build a relationship with her continues Olevich. Given the importance of Germany playing a key role in Central and Eastern Europe and in the transatlantic partnership with the United States, the appointment of Coates in this direction speaks for itself.

“Great choice” or “clash of heads”?

A source in the Democratic party noted in comments to Reuters that the ex-Ambassador to Germany Coates knows Europe and Russia – and therefore can “Bang heads” with trump in the issue of relations with Moscow. However, the latter observation can be attributed to the attempt by the loser Democrats to create the appearance of contradictions in the current team trump.

The head of the Senate intelligence Committee, Republican Richard Burr, in contrast, emphasizes that the decision of the elected President on the appointment of Coates “it would be a great choice.”

In turn, some senior members of U.S. intelligence, welcomed the choice of Coates. According to Reuters, the representatives of the intelligence hope: this appointment is a sign that trump is seeking to establish a relationship with the intelligence community “after months of animosity.” We are talking about the attitude of the tramp to the “scandal of Russian hackers”.

“Fan intelligence” prepares cleaning

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, President-elect and his team all the more harshly and negatively comment on the scandal, initiated by the election headquarters of the loser Hillary Clinton and the outgoing administration of Barack Obama.

As you know, on the eve of the trump in its traditional manner noticed is “a big fan” of American intelligence. This statement he made after the media accused him that he opposes intelligence, rejecting their final arguments, including about “hacking”.

One should not forget the message of The Wall Street Journal, according to which team trump is preparing a major reform of U.S. intelligence, primarily intelligence. Refers to the significant reduction in the number. It is also planned radical reform of the office of the Director of N. I. USA. Newspaper OPINION previously has been analyzed in detail reform the CIA, which, very likely, will make the administration of the trump. “Cleaning” may do the Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of new York.

Team trump is not hiding: the reason for the restructuring of the security services is “excessive politicization” – instead of performing their duties for the protection of national security special Department adopted an open and active part in a political campaign against a candidate from the Republican party.

“Clapper lied under oath”

The elected President is ready to support and prominent Republicans, which cannot be attributed to trunovskoe “support group”.

Trump is right, skeptical treating the American intelligence services and their attempts to ascribe to Moscow hacker attacks before the election – such opinion was expressed yesterday in a live TV MSNBC Senator Rand Paul. This recent contender on trump’s “the race of candidates” from Republicans and a representative of the conservative “tea party Movement” (Tea Party) said: “I have a healthy skepticism on this account, as elected Vice-President Mike Pence. I am skeptical about (Director of national intelligence) James Clapper, who in the Senate while under oath, lied to us, saying if they (us intelligence agencies) do not store data on our phone conversations”.

Due to tensions in the emerging administration trump and complexity in the relations of the intelligence community and the team of the elected President, the emergence of the post of Director, N. I. such figures as Dan Coates is a very important factor, says the scientist-americanist Victor Olevich.


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