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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The fighting on “the arc svetlodarsk” began the biggest crisis in the Donbass for the year

The events of the past week not far from debaltseve by the standards 2016 are considered to be unique. The Minsk agreement is forgotten, common sense is lost. APU are in the mode of blame game and count the loss is unacceptably large, as they may look. The main question now is what it was: a particularly acute crisis, or the beginning of a new war?

By Thursday evening fighting on the so-called svetlodarsk bulge on the front lines of the DPR–LPR subsided, and the line stabilized. APU suffered huge losses, incomparable with any set before them a week ago with the task or with the current progress of the operation, and left all the position previously occupied. But you need to understand that the fighting of the already familiar local aggravation almost escalated into full-scale battles with unpredictable results. This is the most significant and serious crisis on the front line for all of 2016, show the failure of all existing agreements on ceasefire and arms control, not to mention observation missions.

“About the Gorbatyuk documentaries, he was awarded the highest medals, and now, after the defeat last week, trying to make a fool and a drunkard”

We will remind that on Sunday, December 18, the 54th separate infantry brigade (Ombre) APU under cover of fog and cold in the forehead, attacked several of the advanced positions of the BCH in “the arc svetlodarsk”. This is the legacy of the notorious “debaltsevsky pot”, when the advanced positions of the Ukrainian army was advanced deep into the territory controlled by the BCH. This configuration of the front chronically irritated Ukrainian command, because it reminded them of another possible operational environment. In fact, there was no danger, and could not be – the position of APU from the flanks covered reservoirs Svetlodarsk TPP and other obscure bodies of water.

In addition to the usual fear to get into the boiler on this front, Mat several times through the reconnaissance tried to work there for different tactics. This direction remains for the Ukrainian side the psychologically important – they’re still trying to prove that the loss of debaltseve is caused by a certain set of accidents and the city needs to be transferred to the APU without a fight in the framework of the Minsk agreements, although it is not so.

The whole year, APU strengthened its position under Svetlodarsk, turning them into a special area with a special mortar spots and other defensive systems. In the rear of these positions rely almost Bakhmut, which was originally organized by the headquarters of the 54th Ombre, which is then moved to Artemivsk. This team has been specifically established for carrying out assault operations on this front. It was formed from the remnants of the parts, retreating from debaltseve, adding to them the former terrbat “Kyivska Rus”, and then increasing mobilized and tank battalion “Hunter”.

The team came out solid in composition and quality – in its composition is dominated by the 1st battalion, which consisted almost entirely of veterans and former Arbatova. In the result he regularly broke major scandals of abuse and bullying, and to command the brigade was assigned to Colonel Vladimir Gorbatyuk is one of the most famous Ukrainian brigade commanders who served in Kosovo and taking out their broken pieces from under Debaltsevo. About him filming documentaries, he was awarded the highest medals, and now, after the defeat last week, trying to make a fool and a drunkard.

The public trying to convince that the initiative to attack the outposts of the BCH on the arc is coming from brigade commander Gorbatyuk, Kiev and nothing. This version appeared immediately after it became clear that blitzkrieg failed. The position of the BCH on the arc relied on a few reference points as to fix in the field a solid front line is meaningless. First and foremost, is the height of the 223 and three fortified points – “Kikimora”, “Star” and “Cross”. In addition, the appointed positions were in a small forest plantation, which is usually called “the magic forest”, but Ukrainian sources, it usually appeared as an obscene characteristic (also about the forest).

All this beauty was located on the bare space between the Mud pond, the river Carefully and two villages called Kalynivka (Uglegorsk and svetlodarsk, respectively). The price is a space of three square kilometers without any prospect to develop the offensive in the direction debaltseve. The special surprise is the fact that 54 brigade went on the offensive, and had no operational reserves for its development. Moreover, the 1st battalion – the pioneer of this whole thing – he came as if from the depths. They didn’t even have tactical support, which ultimately resulted in a total “zrade” because on the front was not even a sufficient number of cars to evacuate dozens of wounded.

Under cover of fog (in the Donbass is now cold, the temperature reaches-18C, and with the former arable land rise evaporation) part of the 1st battalion of the 54th Ombre moved from the depth position in front of the BMP. Prior to that, several armored personnel carriers tried to “bend” the defense of the BCH, to the assault team was leaked on the support posts. But defense is not “ducked”, and part of the assault teams were simply burned from the grenade. APU then went to the “magic forest”, where he ran into an ambush and suffered its first major losses. The reinforcements and other assault team somehow went on the attack through the minefields that added loss and confusion.

However, the APU was able to climb to an altitude of 223 and “Kikimora” and other advanced positions BCH left themselves below, on the contrary, to avoid unnecessary losses. But even in these circumstances, to gain a foothold for a while APU was only able to “Star”. Lesson “Frights” complicated the situation, since this position is on the other side of the river Carepolice and Krasevskio pond, almost within the village of Kalinovka. But any attempt of a breakthrough in the direction directly through Logvinovo debaltseve 54 brigade did not take, as it is entirely exhausted.

Somewhere in the day the situation has stabilized, and the 7th brigade BCH start moving from debaltseve closer to the front line. By this time the loss of the Ukrainian side were such that the administrative system of logistics collapsed. It turned out that there is a sufficient number of medical staff and still no cars. When the resources of the Bakhmut Artemovsk and finally, exhausted, the wounded began to export in Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Kiev and even in helicopters.

BCH repulsed “Fagot” with one counter-attack without tapping reserves, and then the position finally came the artillery. Her nearly two-day delay due to many factors, but primarily the location of the support systems and logistics. Parts of the BCH had to overcome in the cold 70 kilometers – a trifling matter for modern technology, but the fuel depots and ammunition were withdrawn deep into the rear of the results of strict implementation of the “Minsk-2”.

APU also brought up the first baseline operational reserve artillery – up to 6 howitzers MSTA-B and several ACS. The advantage was on the side of the BCH, and the Ukrainian troops left the previously occupied positions, abandoning the dead and wounded. There were first captured. And the position of the “Cross” and “Star” turned into a desert and constantly under artillery fire that does not give anyone a foothold there.

APU is eventually left tiny territory Krasevskio of the pond, which makes no sense either in strategic or in tactical terms, because the sweep and height, and “Frights”. So the attack turned into a senseless slaughter – the morgue is full of Debaltsevo the Ukrainian military personnel.

The Ukrainian suffered artillery fire into the positions of the BCH – do when you’re afraid of counterattacks and trying to prevent the supply of reinforcements to the front. But for the first time in 2015 came under fire from the city of debaltseve, which has a population as of Uglegorsk, was extremely scared. BCH had no plans of a counter-offensive in the area – they just cannot accommodate with the available resources. And the whole 7th brigade of the BCH was in the rear – so the counter-offensive was not prepared.

At first glance, it all looks like another attempt to probe the first line of defence BCH in a hazardous area. But the development was such that, taken separately, the 1st battalion of the 54th Ombre could be drawn into the fighting, almost all of the neighboring units, turning her unprepared, and a strange attempt to attack in the General chaos. Almost and left, because on the third day of fighting they were involved almost the entire front and Mat began to pull reinforcements for various sections. Again began shelling residential areas of Donetsk, which, again, was not a very long time. There is a typical example of how local clashes could escalate into a global worsening of the situation.

We emphasize again used heavy weapons of all possible calibers, which is contrary to all previous political agreements. The logic of the battle demanded the retraction of all available forces and means, and only removing the rear of the main forces allowed the BCH 54th brigade during the day to attack the position of BCH with impunity. Some places even had neighbors fighting with distance from each other not more than 70 meters.

On the other hand, the chance to develop the offensive from the 54th brigade was not. The whole fight was for advanced positions without any strategic development. However, there is evidence that operational management was carried out (at least in recent days) at the level of senior staff officers. Previously, such conflicts were usually managed by the brigade or even battalion officers, and limiting their scale.

Perhaps this is really the initiative of Colonel Gorbatyuk, who decided to fix myself for the New year the configuration of the front to rest (the Ukrainian part was complaining about “magic forest”, which does not allow them to relax). But the General context makes us think about a certain political component: lesson of the advanced positions of BCH have a positive impact on the internal atmosphere in Ukraine, where one crisis is replaced by another.

Did not work, even if you consider applying the new tactics of fire suppression. At the moment the situation in this area has returned to normal for 2015-2016 local artillery duels and skirmishes. But the General negative background remains practically along the whole front. And predict the situation in the coming days, now very few people dares.


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