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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

That classified US intelligence report “Russian hackers”

The Department of state explained the lack of evidence in the report about “Russian hackers” secrecy of the methods for obtaining the information and its sources. Not the most convincing and convenient for the U.S., the explanation had already to compare with the stories about the “nuclear program of Saddam Hussein”. Is there something to hide U.S. intelligence community at this time?

The state Department called the cause of the lack of evidence in the published intelligence report on the “intervention” of Russia in the U.S. presidential election.

“However, the report was not required to give details about the secret service, just need evidence. And they, most likely, U.S. intelligence officers there”

As stated by state Department spokesman John Kirby, the absence of any evidence due to the secrecy of the information and the desire to protect its sources and methods of work of American intelligence. “They (security forces) have the responsibility not to reveal their methods and sources and we provide the intelligence community to decide when they declassify information, to determine what information to make public,” – said Kirby.

“Learned a lot from their mistakes”

Note that on a press-conferences the representative of the state Department reminded: the American invasion of Iraq began with the unsubstantiated allegations made by US intelligence – as you know, allegations about Iraq’s development of weapons of mass destruction was a lie. In response, Kirby said he did not consider this comparison valid. He hastened to assure, that since then much time has passed and US intelligence agencies “have learned a lot from their mistakes”.

Earlier, US intelligence agencies published a report about the alleged “interference” of Russia in the presidential election. The document was prepared by the CIA, FBI and national security Agency (NSA). The report appeared on the Internet after the meeting of heads of intelligence services with the President-elect Donald trump.

However, as mentioned above, the submissions are not supported by any evidence. It has been noticed by many media, politicians and experts. In particular, the head of WikiLeaks Julian Assange has called evidence in that report “zero” and noted that the document he was more like a press release.

“Hacked into the brain of Obama”

The Kremlin said the report’s findings only cause frustration and confusion. The current situation is “like a really full-length the hunt for witches”, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“Absolutely not backed by anything, the allegations sound fairly Amateur, an emotional level, which is unlikely, probably, be applicable to the highly professional work of high quality security services,” he concluded.

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his page in Facebook said: “it seems to Me that “Russian hackers” if something is hacked in America, it is two things: a brain and Obama, of course, the report about “Russian hackers”.

Earlier Monday, newspaper OPINION analyzed mocking the reaction of the American press to the report of U.S. intelligence on the “Russian hackers”. So, for example, a columnist for the New Fox Steve Hayes said: “the Report on Russia is a collection of assumptions. Despite the need to protect sources, he’s just weak.”

“Intelligence report on Russian hackers is full of incredible discoveries like “the Kremlin controls the TV channel RT,” ironically columnist for the Financial Times poppy Seddon. “Unclassified part of the report is not able to convince any skeptic. None of the published letters or transcripts of telephone calls does not show the relationship between the Russian leadership and interference in the internal Affairs of States”, – stated portal the Daily Beast.

Amazing for special services incompetence

A former KGB officer Arsen Martirosyan, commenting on the OPINION statement of the state Department’s desire to protect sources and methods of intelligence, noted: as a General rule, intelligence officers conceal information about the Agency and about the methods of installation of various tracking devices and control.

As the United States controls the planet”With agents, of course, a serious question – any intelligence of their agents is hiding with great care. Many do not disclose the names of the agents for decades. Agents is still the main source of information for any intelligence. As for the technical wiretapping, this concealment is purely formal, because of the installation of tracking devices all security services are on the same circuit, all well known”, – explained the expert.

However, according to Martirosyan, in matters relating to cybersecurity, the secret service opposite it is very difficult to establish the specific source of information because of hackers and people opposing them, working through dozens of shell servers, to find someone exactly who “leaked” information, it is very difficult, almost impossible.

“However, the report is not required to provide data about the agents, just need evidence. Therefore, most likely, evidence of American intelligence simply does not” – he said.

At the same time, the expert pointed out to us intelligence, such a lack of professionalism, making reports, based solely on allegations that were previously uncharacteristic.

“Even when U.S. Secretary of state Colin Powell showed to the UN vial with white powder and was shown some, albeit fake, but the arguments, now it’s just an outright bluff,” says Martirosyan.

American intelligence is seriously fucked up

Major-General KGB retired, former state Duma Deputy Alexei Kondaurov told the newspaper VIEW that us intelligence can hide as information about intelligence sources and sources of technical control.

“Penetration in the internal network of state authorities and security services, technical penetration of the permanent residences of Russian officials by U.S. intelligence can’t be solved. As well as the agents in the environment, a senior government figures,” – said the expert.

Although, according to Kondaurova, it is likely that, in making these statements, state Department spokesman Kirby really masks the absence or lack of specific information. But then, they are secret service, not to publicize their activities, the source continues. “Speaking about Russian hackers, American scouts seriously fucked up. If there is serious information, so there are serious sources that can not be named. Now they are forced to voice accusations without proof,” – says the veteran of special services.

In any case, he said, our counter now we have to think seriously and look for weaknesses in their own security system. “U.S. intelligence agencies if it is not completely falsified, and so told a lot. Now there’s a job for our counterintelligence”, – he explained.


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