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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Philippines promise to be an ally of Russia and to host the Pacific fleet

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte shown a willingness to move from declarations of friendship with Russia to the point. Traditionally focused on the United States Manila promises at any time to take the ships to the Russian Navy and, moreover, to choose Russia as their defender. If Duterte on defensive Alliance and offer the Philippines Russia?

The leader of the Philippines Rodrigo duterte the hopes that Moscow will become an ally and defender of his country. This he said during a visit to the big antisubmarine ship “Admiral Tributs” the Russian Pacific fleet (TOF), located in the port of Manila.

“Filipinos in a sense tired of us custody”

“We welcome our Russian friends. You can moor here at any time, to exercise, to replenish stocks or to act as our allies” – quoted by TASS statement Duterte.

The Philippine President was accompanied by the Deputy commander of the Seaside flotilla of diverse forces TOF kontr-Admiral Eduard Mikhailov and Russia’s Ambassador in the Philippines Igor Hove. According to the Agency, simultaneously with BPK “Admiral Tributs” with a five-day goodwill visit at the port of Manila is also Russian large sea tanker “Boris Butoma”.

On the eve of Duterte expressed a desire to hold joint military exercises to enhance Maritime cooperation.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Philippines Perfecto Yasai said that the President will visit Moscow in the beginning of this year. Presumably, Duterte will arrive in the Russian capital in April or may. Recall that at the APEC summit in November last year, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin invited the Philippine President to Moscow. Duterte chose to travel the warm season for fear of freezing in the cold.

The topic of Russian-Philippine negotiations are expected to be military-technical cooperation.

The Russian Ambassador in Manila, Mr Hove said on 4 January: Russia is ready to supply to the Philippines of the latest small arms, aircraft, submarines “and many more weapons.” The head of the diplomatic mission said that we are not talking about used weapons, and about the newest styles.

In addition, Russia may be interested in Philippines for supplying weapons to fight Islamic extremists, who have recently resurfaced with the assassination of Duterte. To approve the Associated Press, the President of the Philippines and the Russian rear-Admiral Mikhailov were talking about the theoretical possibility of such supplies.

After a visit to Moscow last month, the Minister of defense of Philippines Dolphin Lorenzana reported that the Philippine military is considering the possibility of purchasing the sniper small arms in Russia, reports Associated Press.

Friendly statements and promises of the Philippine leader and his practical contacts with our military quite fit into the context of the return of the Russian presence in Southeast Asia.

Note that the publication the Economist in November last year drew attention to the return of Russian warships in the Vietnamese port of Cam Ranh, where until 2001 there existed a base of the Russian Navy. In October last year, Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said: the defense Ministry is considering the possibility of returning the military bases to the countries where they were situated during the Soviet Union, including Vietnam. Similar proposals are heard in the state Duma.

“Bye-bye, America!”

We also recall that in December, the President Duterte said that his country can survive “without American money” and that the United States must prepare for possible cancellation of the military agreement and the withdrawal of troops from the country. He noted that Russia can be a very important ally of the Philippines.

“We’ll never be ready to fight with China. It’s you (USA) are there to provoke hostilities. We will never fight with Russia – it too far. Besides, we’re still friends,” – said Duterte.

Statement of the Philippine leader was made after the U.S. Agency for development aid the Millennium Challenge Corporation has postponed a vote to grant the Philippines. The organization said that the resumption of support will depend on the situation of “rule of law and civil rights” in the country.

“An eye for an eye. If you can do it, so can we. This is not a one-sided game… bye-Bye, America,” said this Duterte, known for his harsh statements addressed to world leaders. We will add that in October last year, the Philippine leader said in his country it’s time to say goodbye to US. This is not the first statement of Duterte of this kind – he has previously said that the country “has passed the point of no return” in relations with the United States and will now cooperate with Russia and China. Duterte also said that if Russia and China decide to create their own “new world order”, the Filipinos will support this initiative first.

Before coming to power in the Philippines, Duterte Pro-American orientation of this former US colony is not in doubt. English is one of the two official languages of the country. The country is host to five U.S. military bases, including Clark air base, which became famous during the Vietnam war. In 2012, negotiated for the return of another famous American military bases – Subic Bay.

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, in the Philippines significantly and the presence of American business. In addition, despite the declared willingness to cooperate with China, will not go away unresolved territorial dispute with China, in which the United States has always “covered” their satellites. We are talking about the Spratly archipelago in the South China sea. Though the main battle going on between China and Viet Nam, Manila in the precursors of Duterte repeatedly promised to fight for the disputed territory “to the last sailor and marine”.

It should be taken seriously

“Filipinos in a sense tired of us custody”, – said in comments the newspaper VIEW head of the Center of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania Institute of Oriental studies Dmitry Mosyakov. To the Americans, the Filipinos were forced to seek protection from possible Chinese or any other threats, said the source.

“But if you look at the purchase of the Philippine army, we can see that the Americans have supplied their ally ships, aircraft and other equipment, outdated sample – specifies Mosyakov. But given the credibility and the quality of Russian weapons, the Philippines government came to the conclusion that for the same or even less money the armed forces can get more modern weapons.”

According to experts, statements of Rodrigo Duterte, despite their, perhaps, an extravagant form, should be taken seriously – and viewed as part of the declared rate for the waste from its one sided orientation on the United States. The Philippines earlier sought to gain greater autonomy – in particular the Americans left the base Clark field and Subic Bay, but because of tensions in the South China sea, Manila has again been requested from Washington, says the source.

Now Duterte does not break with the United States, but the United States cease to be the only and main guarantor of the security of the Philippines, emphasizes Moscow. “The Philippine President is trying to define a different course in relations with China, Russia, Japan, to build with these countries mutually beneficial cooperation”, – said the source.


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