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Friday, April 20, 2018

Trump at the inauguration read the appeal written by another person

The other day, January 6, the U.S. Congress finally approved the election of Donald trump 45th President of the United States. Now full of “residence” in the White house it is separated by only the ceremony of the inauguration on January 20. It was then formally begin a four-year term trump as President, and his partner Mike Pence — as a Vice-President of the United States. But before the ceremony there is very little time, about it the American public — and even the ubiquitous reporters — not much is known.

photo: pixabay.com

The oath of the 45th

The inaugural celebration will start the day before joining trump in the presidential position: on 19 January, the ceremony of laying wreaths at Arlington national cemetery with the participation of the elected President and Vice President. Then at the Lincoln Memorial will take place the concert “let’s Make America great!”. Recall that it was one of the main election slogans trompowsky campaign. And these same words again reminded by trump in one of his recent tweets: “I Hope all supporters and those who want to RE-MAKE AMERICA GREAT, coming to DC on January 20. It will be a GREAT SHOW.”

The next day, January 20, will be the actual inauguration. Oath of Donald trump as the new President of the country will take the head of the Supreme court John Roberts.

The new occupant of the White house should read the text of the solemn promises made in the English original of the 35 words: “I solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The oath, generally preceded by the reading of prayers with a request to help the new President and Vice-President in their hard work. Then the hymn. First sworn in to lead the Vice-President and then the President himself.

Almost all US presidents, on taking office, swore on the Bible and finished the oath an appeal to God. For example, George Washington for the inauguration chose the Masonic Bible printed in 1767 and stored to this day in the oldest Masonic Lodge of St. John number 1 new York. The exception was President John Quincy Adams, who in 1825 brought his oath on the book with the text of the American Constitution.

Several presidents (the last one was Reagan) for one reason or another had to repeat the oath. Failed to avoid overlap and during the presidential oath to Obama in 2009: first took the oath of chief justice John Roberts said, “I solemnly swear” before Obama finished the initial words of the oath. Further — more: Roberts misspoke the oath, then corrected himself, but Obama repeated the wrong option. Something as solemn promise was read up to the end. But the next day, “just in case”, in the Maple room of the White house, the President and the chief justice repeated the oath ceremony.

The appeal of trump on the occasion of inauguration will be written by his speechwriter Stephen Miller.

After the main ceremony will be followed by a parade on Pennsylvania Avenue and ends on the day of the inaugural balls.

This year the parade from the Capitol to the White house, will not be as lush and long as it was before: trump is going to work before heading to the ball. It is expected that it will take 8 thousand people, representing various organizations from the police and boy scouts to orchestras colleges. As for balls, there will be three (we are talking about the official balls). Two of them are for guests from all over the USA, and another one for military and emergency response services. Plus, it will take several informal or semi-formal balls. For example, your balls will suit the States of Texas, Indiana and Michigan.

Celebrations on the occasion of the 45th President of the United States in the post that will not end: January 21, will host a national prayer service in Washington national Cathedral.

It is customary that at the inauguration was attended by former presidents of the United States — have already confirmed their participation Jim Carter, bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Promised to attend the celebrations and Hillary Clinton (not only as the losing rival trump’s, but as a former first lady) Laura Bush. But the 41st President, Bush the father, the ceremony will not, and the reason is his health condition — after all 92 years old.

And, of course, custom requires the presence of outgoing President Barack Obama. After all, in the end, the whole event is a symbol of the peaceful transfer of power from one hand to the other. By tradition, the new head of state spends the night before the inauguration in Blair house, the guest house of the President. On the morning of the celebration day tramp drink coffee with your predecessor and will be attending the service at the Church of St. John.

Traditionally, American presidents take office on January 20 (or if this date falls on Sunday 21 August, as, for example, Obama in 2013).

However, it was not always so: in the past the presidential oath was offered on March 4. And if this date fell on a Sunday, the inauguration was postponed to the next day. (This was the case of the inauguration of President James Monroe on March 5, 1821.) But that’s not all: John Tyler held his inauguration at all on 6 April — and not just anywhere, but in Washington’s hotel Brown’s Hotel. It was the fact that just joined (as was supposed then, in March) President William Harrison died. March’s cold wind ruined the newly minted President Harrison dressed too lightly for this time of year and too long to say his speech, held all the way from 8459 words!

The last President who carried out the inauguration in March, became Franklin D. Roosevelt, embarking on his first term in 1933. After ratification of the 20th amendment to the U.S. Constitution by the time of the termination of powers of outgoing President (and hence the beginning of the reign of the new head of the state) is noon on January 20.

The inauguration of the trump will be held in the West wing of the Capitol (where he took office and Barack Obama, and his predecessors) — but this is not always the inauguration was held there. This place was first used in 1981, under Ronald Reagan. Earlier for the inauguration of presidents in office often used the Eastern portico of the Capitol.

But the Washington (DC) hasn’t always been the venue of the inauguration — the first capital of the United States office in 1801, he joined Thomas Jefferson. In the past, the inauguration was held in new York and Philadelphia.

“This isn’t Woodstock”

The inauguration of the American President in office is before the show (and trump promised his supporters). And how can there be a show without stars?

When Barack Obama entered his first presidential term in 2009, his inauguration were Beyonce and Aretha Franklin, Jon Bon Jovi, and Shakira, Bruce Springsteen and U2. Then — after the official part — to the 44th President came Rihanna, James Taylor and Kendrick Lamar.

Trump — the way, the man of direct relevance to the world of show business- with the stars is clearly a serious problem, and it was obvious at the stage of the election campaign, when many leaders of American mass culture began to openly oppose the arrival of the White house policy with politically incorrect views.

So, they say, Tarnowskie representatives can’t find artists who would come to his inauguration. In November it was reported that to honor the winner of the January 20, will come himself, sir Elton John, however, the representatives of the singer, this categorically denied the rumor.

Opponents of trump’s gloating: stars of the first magnitude (and even second) in his celebrations, almost can not see. And there is reason to believe that trump can not see the star Shine on the inauguration.

Although it has been suggested that this is a good idea. Famous Hollywood author, Oscar winner Roger L. Simon, for example, believes that this is the highlight: “I would like to see this inauguration is totally free from celebrities. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Enough of the endless parade Kardashians or Housewives, real or imagined. Enough of these funny parody from Alec Baldwin. Enough endless blah-blah-blah from Stephen Colbert (the famous American satirist and showman. — “MK”). Enough wise words of Barbra Streisand. Just a little Patriotic melodies of the orchestra of the marine Corps and the man who swears, Yes, in the Bible.”

— This is not Woodstock. Not a summer party. It’s not a concert, spoke about the lack of stars at the ceremony, the Director of communications for the Inaugural Committee Boris Epstein.

And the Donald trump in the last month responded to the lack of superstars on Twitter is not without resentment: “So-called celebrity from the list And they all want tickets to the inauguration, but look what they did to Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE.”

Anyway, there is talk that the celebrations will make the Mormon temple choir from salt lake city. This choir has to its credit award, a Grammy and an Emmy, includes 360 people singing accompanied by the orchestra of 110 musicians. However, not all singers agree to sing in honor of Donald trump: one of the band members decided to go in a sign of disagreement.

It is also expected the performance of the women’s dance group The Rockettes, according to reports.

It is known that the American national anthem at the ceremony sing 16-year-old soprano, who became famous after appearances on the television show America’s Got Talent, Jackie Ivanko (if not symbolic that the inauguration of the President, who has one wife is Slovenian, the other in the Czech Republic, will sing a descendant of immigrants from Transcarpathia?).

For whose account this Banquet?

An important part of inaugural tradition — formal dinner. For example, on the occasion of the inauguration of bill Clinton in 1993, was served salmon grilled or with sauce, chicken with rosemary and rice with pecans, baby carrots with ginger and broccoli inflorescences. The third was an Apple-cranberry pie with English sauce. And on Reagan’s inauguration in 1981, the afternoon began with a California garden salad, followed by medallions of spicy chicken with risotto and fresh asparagus with a lemon dressing. The meal ended with a strawberry dessert.

During lunch on the occasion of his second inauguration 2013 Obama ate steamed lobster and bison on the grill. And during his first inauguration in 2009, Obama dedicated a menu to the memory of President Abraham Lincoln, who loved wild game, seafood and Apple pie. So it was served a dish of braised seafood — lobster, scallops and shrimp; the wine Pinot Noir 2005 was served duck breast with cherry chutney and roast pheasant stuffed with wild rice and served with sweet potatoes and winter vegetables. For dessert was Apple pie with cinnamon and creamy ice cream, accompanied by champagne of California.

At dinners in honor of the inauguration of the pour — and therefore the participants of the meal should try not to have too much drink. And it may turn out, as with Andrew Johnson, March 4, 1865, was appointed Vice-President of the country and “enough”. “The inauguration went very well — except that the elected Vice-President was too drunk to perform his duties and disgraced himself and the Senate, making a drunken foolish speech,” said about the event Senator Zakaria Chandler. Drunken Vice President Johnson said, awkward speech, cursed autocratic Russia and emphasizing his “plebeian” origins. Apology to Johnson (he was after Lincoln’s death became the President) can serve only that to Washington for the inauguration, he arrived much ill and drank three glasses of neat whiskey to recover. In any case, evil tongues claim that Johnson was drunk and when he assumed the position of President of the United States after the assassination of Lincoln.

As usual, the inaugural celebrations involve the most serious security measures. In the case of the inauguration of the trump that is particularly relevant: about three dozen protest groups trying to get (or already got) permission for holding a protest against the new President on the heels of his inauguration. Has not been canceled and “ordinary” terrorist threat.

So allocated to help police additional 5 thousand employees of the National guard does not look superfluous. Traffic will be closed in the capital a few areas.

Ticket holders (of whom there are 250 thousand people — not counting the expected 500 thousand “ticketless” viewers), giving right of way to the inauguration, warned in advance that they are forbidden to bring aerosols, firearms, ammunition and any other items that threaten the security of the event, deemed as such when passing frames.

Of course, celebrations are costly. The cost of President Obama’s inauguration in 2009 exceeded $150 million (for comparison: two of the inauguration of Bush in 2001 and 2005 in the amount of a cost of $70 million), and in 2013-m — $170 million for the Inauguration of President George H. W. Bush in 1989 at a cost of $30 million was a record for the twentieth century.

The Washington Examiner reports that the inauguration of the trump cost the city $30 million, from which Congress appropriates $19 million But that we are talking only about Washington. All in all, according to the Washington Post, the cost of the inauguration trump is estimated to be worth between $175 million and $200 million. this includes expenditure on official receptions and dinners, a concert, a ceremony in the Capitol, the parade, balls, security, etc. With only $70 million paid by private donors, while other costs are borne by the Treasury.

Foreign delegations usually not officially invited to the inauguration ceremony of the President of the United States. Foreign countries are usually represented at the ceremony by the heads of diplomatic missions. But the celebration can get foreign guests invited in a private order.


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