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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The judges saved President Maduro’s impeachment

The confrontation between the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro – the successor to Hugo Chavez, and the liberal opposition, who took control of Parliament, reached a stalemate. The Supreme court, supporting Maduro, considered illegal the decision of deputies, have declared the President “departed from the post”. Observers expect dramatic developments, given the special interest of the United States in the Venezuelan crisis.

The Supreme court of Venezuela, said the inability of the Parliament to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, successor of Hugo Chavez. The Parliament, consisting of representatives of the opposition, declared Maduro, who left his post because of non-performance of its duties.

“It is unlikely that trump will change policy towards Venezuela, which was held by Obama”

The judges also noted that parliamentarians “are recommended not to take anti-constitutional steps”. The confrontation between the leader of the Bolivarian Republic of Maduro and oriented to the US right opposition in Parliament is the next stage of deep economic and political crisis continued for two years and put the country on the brink of collapse.

As noted in August of last year, the newspaper OPINION, the opposition, which for the first time in 17 years a chance to get to power, tried to unseat Maduro through a referendum. According to observers, the situation in the country recalls the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Crisis casuistry, and “a distorted mind”

The liberal opposition constituting a majority in Parliament, managed to push the decision to dismiss Maduro – it was voted 106 deputies. However, the judges, supporting the President, reiterated that the Venezuelan Constitution (adopted in 1999, simultaneously with the arrival of Hugo Chavez to power), there is no article allowing the impeachment.

Power of the head of state relate only to the two articles, 222 and 232, which reglamentary control of Parliament over the Executive power. In addition, there is the announcement of the President “completely absent” in the event of his death and the resignation or “quitting post” on the decision of the national Assembly or according to the will of the people. Deputies tried to take advantage of article 233 of the Constitution, which allows you to appoint a new election of the President in case of his absence at his post.

However, the “right hand” Maduro – Deputy head of the ruling United socialist party of Venezuela Diosdado Cabello said that the Parliament is not able to recognize Maduro absent at his post. “This national Assembly is not intended to replace the President of the Republic because of the distorted consciousness of a group of deputies, and we have to execute the decisions of the Supreme court,” said Cabello.

Successor in case of emergency

Meanwhile, Nicolas Maduro, 5 January appointed a new Vice President that will perform the duties of the President in case of resignation of the incumbent.

The Vice-President was a 42-year-old politician Tarek El-Aissami. Maduro also appointed a new Minister of economy and Finance, which became Ramon Lobo, and the Minister of oil industry, the post was occupied by Nelson Martinez.

The new Ministers appointed to the government of Venezuela in a very difficult period for the country. The country is facing shortages amid a rebound in inflation and lower government revenues due to oil prices. The crisis has deepened, after a year ago in Venezuela started an opposition Parliament. To establish interaction between the Executive and legislative power in the country and failed. Maduro accuses the opposition of trying to “parliamentary coup” and the opposition accuses the President of violating the Constitution of the country.

The opposition did not help even “very strong outside pressure”

“By law, as previously stated, and the attorney General of Venezuela, the Parliament has no right to remove the President from office, the President comes and goes with it as a result of the elections,” – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Director of the Institute of Latin American Academy of Sciences Vladimir Travkin.

He recalled that at the last parliamentary elections won by the opposition, won the majority of votes. Now in Venezuela there is a split between different branches of government: the government and the judiciary on the side of the current President, the Parliament against. “The opposition uses to his advantage to do everything in order to topple the current socialist government,” – said the expert.

“All this happens under very strong external pressure from the United States in terms of economic and propaganda war against the current government and its policies, – said the Lieutenant. – The essence of the propaganda campaign to explain the difficulties experienced by Venezuela is not the external economic war and not the fact that it is supported by internal opposition forces, and the fact that many errors occur in the economic and economic activities of the government”.

“Another attempt of the majority in Parliament to topple President has failed,” said the source. However, the opposition will not stop and will continue to do everything to remove from power the President, and the events will develop not only in the Parliament. Will try to provoke street performances of opponents of the current government will continue the campaign in the press.

And it is unlikely the US President-elect Donald trump will change the policy pursued by Democrat Barack Obama, said the Lieutenant. “The conflict with the Venezuelan government for Americans are important regardless of their party affiliation,” – said the expert. He reminded that it is a conflict of economic interests. The Venezuelans nationalized the oil, the oil companies, infringed the economic interests of foreign, primarily American companies operating in this country.

“So we will see quite dramatic developments. But much speaks for the fact that President Maduro will remain in power for the duration of its mandate,” – said the expert.


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