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Monday, February 19, 2018

The appearance of the moon explained by a series of cosmic catastrophes

A widely accepted hypothesis of impact origin of the moon indicates that Earth’s collision with a large object, which happened in the era of the youth of the planet, about 4.5 billion years ago. It is implied that the cloud of debris from both bodies, mixed and released into the atmosphere, eventually formed our natural satellite. However, according to astronomers of the Israeli Weizmann Institute, collisions could be several.

The article, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, Rufus Raluca (Raluca Rufu) and her colleagues try to explain why composition of the moon is almost identical to earth, but not is a more or less equal mixture of the species of the Earth and the heavenly bodies, which had once crashed into it. The researchers conducted a series of computer simulations by modeling the series of collisions young planet with different bodies. They were able to show that if the same amount of the substance was not raised with a single mighty blow of a large (almost Mars) body, and several (up to 20) bodies is less, put to orbit, the debris will be mainly of terrestrial origin.

In addition, the authors consider the process of formation of the satellite is more “natural”: in the early stages of our Solar system it was littered freely and randomly flying bodies of different sizes, and such a collision could be quite commonplace. On the other hand, meetings of bodies the size of a planet was a rarity then.

Confirm or refute the new hypothesis can only study the internal composition and structure of the modern moon. If it was formed into several large phases, for (probably) millions of years, then it must necessarily affect its structure. In the depths of her, like the layers of geological strata on Earth, may remain traces of the bodies that his death contributed to the emergence of the satellite.

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