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Monday, February 19, 2018

Scientists commented on the explosion of the meteorite over the Archangel

The meteorite that exploded over the weekend in the Onega district of the Arkhangelsk region, attracted the attention of scientists. In particular, experts do not exclude that the cosmic body might be related to meteor shower Quadrantids, the maximum of which this year fell exactly on the beginning of January.

photo: pixabay.com

The news about the meteorite was actively spread by the media after a video recorder, documenting his flight was posted online. In the shot of the object, flashing bright in the sky and soon fading, before they reach the ground. Soon, the experts said that the car, in all probability, burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere at an altitude of about 50 kilometers, and in emergency situations in Arkhangelsk region assured that the result of an event nobody has suffered.

The Director of the Polar geophysical Institute Boris Swine said that cameras auroras with a wide viewing angle Arkhangelsk meteor is not fixed. At this point examines the data from microbarograph — instrument for recording variations in atmospheric pressure, is also able to fix a large car. Although the place of the meteorite fall is one of the three where installed capacity to fix its equipment, yet professionals have to settle for these DVRs, said Swine. However, according to him, it can also be considered a success — in areas where there is no developed road network, the probability of detection and the establishment of the trajectory of such objects is reduced to almost zero, reports TASS.

Senior researcher of the State astronomical Institute named after Sternberg, Moscow state University Vladimir Surdin told RIA Novosti that even today, despite the ubiquity of DVRs, captured on video the drop of bright bolide in the Arkhangelsk region can be considered a rare phenomenon.

Also, the fall of a space object, commented the press Secretary of the Institute of applied astronomy Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Zheleznov. He said to news Agency “National news” that the meteorite flying over the Archangel, probably due to the meteor shower Quadrantids, and may even be a fragment of a comet is the progenitor of this thread. Based on the received frames, the approximate diameter of the celestial body scientists estimated a few meters.


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