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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Russia will not be able to steal Europe trump

Waiting for the first steps of the new President of the United States Atlantic elite fanning the flames: due to trump Putin can get not just Ukraine but also Europe. It’s not nonsense tabloids – this is a quote from an article by George Soros, who is concerned about “the fate of the EU, which risks being under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Why worries about the future of the Atlantic Alliance sounds louder?

If the outgoing administration is afraid of the Americans only by Russia’s intervention in the internal Affairs of States, the global elite, the Atlantic raises the stakes – it starts with a guided wave of anxiety about possible collapse of the unified West. There American elections and help Putin Trump – now threatened as such, the Union of the United States and Europe.

“No one in Washington is not going to voluntarily abandon Europe”

Now trump will begin to get closer to Russia – and all the Old world will be under the influence of the enemy of a free society and progressive mankind Putin. This is not the ravings of fringe is almost verbatim quotes from major publications and famous authors. George Soros, Nouriel Roubini, Anne Applebaum are just some of those who have spoken on this subject in recent days.

At the end of last year, Soros in an article in Project Syndicate lamenting about the global crisis of confidence in “an open society” (Anglo-Saxon model of globalization), calls trump “an aspiring dictator”, in which other dictators will be able to reach agreement with the United States:

“I am particularly concerned about the fate of the EU, which risks being under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose understanding of power is contrary to the concept of an open society. First, Putin tried to take control of the social network. Then, guided by a brilliant solution, he used the business model of social networks for spreading misinformation and ducks.

So he helped Trump to win the election. Probably the same thing will happen in the European elections in 2017 in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. In France, two main candidates are close to Putin. If one of them wins the election, the dominant position of the Russian President will become a fait accompli.”

Well, Soros has long been fixated on Putin and Russian imperialism – but he is not the only one. Article by Anne Applebaum in The Washington Post directly called “threat to the existence of the Alliance, the EU and the USA” – and it says that the problem is not that trump will overlook the Atlantic solidarity, and that he will consciously undermine the position of the Atlanticist part of the European elite.

“In the last few weeks, some of the oldest and closest allies, the United States began to fear that the White house trump can not simply neglect them, as so often happened in the past, but to try to undermine their institutions and themselves. They’re particularly concerned about the relationship between the tramp, his senior adviser and chief strategist Stephen Bannon and Breitbart News is a site, which’bannon directed, before beginning work at trump. Inspired by his success in the United States, Breitbart News is now trying to capitalize on anti-immigrant and racist sentiment in Europe, imposing, fueling and using them to achieve the election of populists who belong to NATO with the same skepticism as the trump, and who will do their best to destroy the European Union.

Of course, the destruction of the transatlantic Alliance and the European Union may cause instability and reduced quality of life of Europeans, not to mention the violence and chaos of the present. Of course, instability in Europe contrary to the interests of American business and politics. But some can benefit from it. Russia will again become an important player in Europe. Plutocrats will earn in the catastrophe big money hedge funds are very fond of periods of instability. After the revolutions can come to power, a most unexpected figure.”

And here Russia – beneficiary. Applebaum has the alarm:

“We are experiencing an existential moment for all European leaders, most of whom are just starting to realize that Russia is determined to destroy the Alliance of Europe and America. After just a few decades after Truman should they prepare for the fact that the us government will also want to do this?”

Yes, it’s bad, and Europe will lose not just America, but falls into the clutches of Russia. Here is one of the most famous economists, Nouriel Roubini in the article “America First”, then a global conflict,” (published in Project Syndicate) writes:

“And now the US turn to isolationism and defending only American national interests may eventually lead to a global conflict. Not even counting the prospects of us withdrawal from Europe, the European Union and the Eurozone already seems to be falling apart, especially after the June vote, British Brakcet and the December failure of the Italian constitutional referendum. Moreover, in 2017, anti-European, left-wing and right-wing populist parties may come to power in France and Italy, and maybe in other European countries.

Without active U.S. involvement in European Affairs aggressive revanchist Russia will come to the fore. Russia has challenged the US and the EU on Ukraine, Syria, the Baltic States and the Balkans. It can use the prospect of the collapse of the EU, to strengthen its influence in the former Soviet block countries and supporting Pro-Russian movements in European countries. If Europe will gradually lose its American security umbrella, then nobody will win more than the President of Russia Vladimir Putin”.

That is the trump deals Europe Putin? Or just, based on his understanding of the geopolitical interests of the United States, does the same thing, what they want, and Moscow – weakens the Alliance of two shores of the Atlantic? Motives trump for alarmists is not important – the important thing is that the world as they knew it coming to an end. “The West died on November 8, 2016” – this idea haunted the Anglo-Saxon geopolitics, fearing that all this may happen. Trump will not promote the globalist project, and so in crisis – that’s the main danger to the architects of the Atlantic world order.

The refusal of the US geopolitical control of Europe puts an end to the project, which they promoted last hundred years, the West becomes impossible. Control and so every year more and more problems, he needed to give a new form (which promoted the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership) and trump their careless movements can trigger the collapse of “Atlantic unity”. And then from the East, Russia will come and will take the rest of defenseless Europe…

Do you believe the Anglo-Saxons themselves in these stories? Yes and no – there goes well as a conscious propaganda to intimidate the natives, and real fears.

Indeed, there is a crisis of the global project and trump expresses the opinion that part of the American elite, which partly disappointed, partly never was a supporter of the Atlantic globalization. When the new US President can revise the format of its relations with Europe, but, of course, no one in Washington is not going to voluntarily abandon Europe. Though, because it’s the trophies at the end of two wars – world war II Germany and cold with the Soviet Union. Nationally oriented elite, whose voice was the trump, I want to break free from Europe and change the relationship within the unified West.

And it’s not so much about how to make Europeans pay more for their own security, so much about how to make American government more independent from the interests of the supranational global elite and its American wing. That is, trump claims not to Brussels or Berlin, but to the city and the fed – which he will address through changes in foreign policy.

In any case they would be needed because the parallel in Europe is gaining strength the process of national revenge on the part of States collected in the project “European Union.” Europe is torn between the policy of strengthening of centralization and the destruction of national sovereignties within the European Union and generated the growth of separatist regions (Catalonia, Scotland, Venice – then everywhere) and the desire of national governments to regain lost powers. And all this against the background not settled the question of who will control the “United Europe” – the Anglo-Saxons and the Germans (when they regain the geopolitical independence)?

That is Europe really serious processes but no question of dissolution of the Atlantic Alliance in the coming decade (and then in any case start divination) is not necessary. Russia is naturally interested in reducing Europe’s dependence on the United States – and it will happen. But not because of our subversive actions (as in the case of trump), and due to a completely objective process. A complete break with the US the EU is another and completely different story, creating a depending on your circumstances, both opportunities and risks for Russia. But to rely on the separation of Europe from USA today is ridiculous – not to mention the fact that such rebellion now those same Germans simply have no moral and volitional qualities.

But in any case it is clear that Europe can not be afraid to go under the total influence of Moscow – she is not threatened. Of course, part of the European political class and society will be more inclined not simply to restore ties with Russia, but also to transition to a more deep and close relations, but to call it “control from Russia over Europe” will be possible only in the framework of a propaganda war. Which, as you know, we in the US presidential election provided a huge impact…


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