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Friday, February 16, 2018

Philosopher Chubais: how to return to the Russian route

Let’s start with two quotations. “For the entire H1H century in Russia for political reasons were executed 41 people”. (C. Oldenburg. “The reign of Emperor Nicholas II). “For the first 35 years of building the “bright future” the Soviet Union lost 65 million lives.” (A. Solzhenitsyn, “the GULAG Archipelago”).

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Igor Chubais.

In the title the call ends many of my articles in recent years. And the more he sounds, the more I hear – and how to do it, what exactly do you mean? In such matters I see an important signal that more and more readers agree with the premise of these articles – our crisis did not begin with the presidency of Putin or Yeltsin, not Gorbachev genssextap. A fatal problem or rather, – a grave crime – was laid down in the basic Foundation built by the Bolsheviks of the building. Having seized power on 25 October 1917 and dispersed on 18 January 1918 the Constituent Assembly, the Bolsheviks pushed Russia to the path of terror, violence and censorship. Therefore, the output of the most protracted in the twentieth century Russian civilizational crisis is possible only through a complete rejection and condemnation of Soviet times, through a return to the Russian route…

What we need to do to get their own way – this story I want to discuss in the article…

After a century of continuous lies, demagoguery, violence, intellectual degradation and amorality, our return may not be easy, and, after all, it is possible, indeed, necessary. Because the alternative is the ultimate extinction and the disappearance of Russia.

…Healing from a serious illness should be preceded by several important preceding action. The first of them return to normal. What are you talking about?

PROBLEM # 1. To get up from head to foot.

The people for the leaders or the state for man

Let me explain why Soviet and post-Soviet system is arranged, in principle, wrong, will do some historical comparisons, as they say humanitarians make comparative studies.

Let’s see, how did the adoption of Christianity. The adoption of a new religion that formed our identity, was carried out in several stages. First, Prince Vladimir was secretly baptized in Kiev, and then baptized his family. Then in the Chersonese adopted the new faith his squad. In 988 the baptism ceremony was held in Kyiv. (Only then, three years after his baptism, Vladimir overthrew the pagan idols). After another two years the Christian message has taken, and there was already a conflict, Novgorod the Great. A new system of values the Rus assimilated gradually, organically, consciously, and no one pagan and “disagree” were not subjected to reprisals.

And the Bolsheviks imposed their “faith”? Their main tool is violence. Capturing Winter, Leninists immediately began to destroy “counterrevolutionaries”. Almost all classes of Russian society have been outlawed. Unleashed in the country’s Civil war, the old Leninist dream, complemented by the red terror, turned a huge state with up, forcing everyone to March at the command of a tiny minority… Uprooted everything from household traditions is the cultivation of geranium and Christmas tree were declared to be petty – bourgeois philistinism- to the smallest gap between the “party line” and their own views of human. The result of the Bolshevik turning accurately described by A. Solzhenitsyn – the enemy of the people was the people!

In the last decades of the Soviet quasi-States, the picture looked quite complete. Anyone born in the Soviet Union was called “Soviet man” and no alternative was included in the vast community called the “Soviet people”. The Soviet people had to follow their vanguard, the Communist party. The Communist party had “combat headquarters” – the Central Committee, and he has Lenin’s Politburo, the head of which stood “the outstanding Marxist-Leninist.” Thus the whole vast country hundreds of millions of people – had to run the commands of a single chief and his entourage.

The political mechanism of domination over Russia, renamed the Bolshevik lieblich – “USSR”, was played and at the economic level. In the hands of the nomenklatura was the main lever of economic management, the state planning Commission, the single economic serhant, which was determined ahead of time a list of all the goods produced in each month of the upcoming year in each of the “territorial unit”. How many tons of candy are expected to release in the third quarter of the fourth year of the next five years the confectionery factory of the city N-ska – before the end of the previous five-year plan knew not citizens and not confectioners, and officials of the relevant Department of the state planning Commission.

After the revolution of 1991, the Central planning was abolished. It was replaced by “post-Soviet market”, but the original ideological principle not politics (as everywhere in the world) is the concentrated expression of Economics, and the economy is a concentrated expression of the policy was saved. The structure of political power, in a milder form than before, played called “vertical”.

“Vertical” means that the federalism and separation of powers we have only on paper. Three branches of government are inextricably linked and secondary, performers, lawmakers and judges are subordinate to a single head (hence born people terms – “the telephone right”, “baseprice printer”, etc.). In addition, the vertical excludes local government and destroys the system of “checks and balances”. Local, regional, and subject-to-Federal government work for the signals coming from the United center. Officials characterized this practice by saying – “are you the chief – I the fool, I the chief – you the fool”. In such a system of rules it is significant that the question of building a village well or opening in a distant Siberian school circle “skillful hands” decides the President in the course of “direct phone lines” with the people.

“Vertical” not only makes senseless activity at all levels, except the Supreme, who is beyond overloaded, but it is for the center of independent civic initiative. As in the former USSR, not the government implements the will of the people, and the people forced to carry the team boss. Not surprisingly, civil unions, patriots, activists declared “foreign agents”. As the poet said, “the more the Homeland we love, the less we like her.” “Enemy of the people” remains the people.

To return to normal, Russia needs decentralization of management, when each level and each territory have autonomy and are able to solve his own well-defined range of tasks. Of course, not the village Council to declare war and they make peace, the Russian government will continue to address issues commensurate with its level and status. Equally urgently needed reform – the transition to an existing in democracies the separation of powers, establishment of the balance of political checks and balances to the power of one institution of power is checked and balanced by other institutions. Says it all plus free, democratic elections is the democratisation of the country.

Within the framework adopted here, the logic of the narrative, answer a few questions often raised by readers on this, the first stage of reasoning; make clarification necessary for a proper understanding of the author’s position. The achievement of goals will definitely cause the counter items and require the full efforts of the entire Russian society. The solution to the presented problems is only possible with advanced Russian moral and intellectual revolution. Terms and belts of such a revolution – civil activity, publicity and transparency of information, prohibition of censorship. The beginning of a system of civil debate on key issues in our history, and start on the road to recovery! I repeat, transparency, openness, free discussion – a mandatory condition of Russia’s return to normal. Without purification of distorting the reality of the Soviet myth, an adequate public understanding is impossible. Stop in this regard on two myths.

In Soviet times the propaganda pushed by the thought that the Tsar, the Imperial power, autocracy is, in a sense, the prototype of the power of the General Secretary. And operating since 1917 geneczko-presidential form of government – a new recension of the old Russian tradition. Therefore, “USSR – postsssr” is a continuation of historical Russia. In fact, this approach is deeply flawed. …In the Orthodox Empire, the highest authority was not a king, and God. The country’s motto was “God is With us!”, instead of “Proletarians of all countries…”. Sacral procedure “Bogomazova and the coronation” – the Emperor gave special power and responsibility, turning it into an earthly messenger of the Creator. The Emperor was obliged to support the Bible and the commandments – thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal!… Like his father, he could be punished, but, in practice, could not deprive of life. Russia implemented the principle of Catherine the great – “if citizens are unhappy – it’s always a sovereign.”

In the Soviet Union the first person replaced the Bible “alive forever, a revolutionary doctrine” – Marxism, poisoning him with poison Leninism, and the interpreter of the “immortal” was, of course, the Secretary General himself. As modestly remarked Stalin, (prepared according to his command – I. H) the decisions of plenums and congresses of the party is Marxism-Leninism today. Legacy of Russia-s political system is arranged so that the head can not in principle make a mistake, problems always answer either internal or external enemies.

And one more preliminary explanation. The events of October 17, many traditionally called “revolution”. But a revolution is commonly understood as a deep transformation, removing the obstacles in the way of progress. With the Soviet Union, the opposite occurred. State which was part of the XX-th century with a claim to global leadership, graduated from the age of degradation and decay. It took almost a hundred years, and we today, October 17th, the actions of a handful of traitors and conspirators, called “revolution”; it is correct to speak of “revolution” and the Bolshevik coup, i.e. on the outside – and anti-historical.

… The most versatile way of legitimizing certain innovations – a historic addictive, taking companies to new, sometimes, at first, seemingly strange rules. (People used to fasten the seat-belts, going on a trip.) However, Soviet rule rejected throughout the centuries, they fly off once weaken the grip of Cassapoglou. These vise – fatal part of the system of the Cheka hundred years renamed, but not disbanded. Everything is normal state that is either cautious or negative, and the state system is maintained by negative selection. However, some companies were forced to adapt to social pathology and it suffers. Artistically, this absurdity is shown, in particular, in the movie E. Ryazanov “Station for two”… In normal countries people are fleeing from prison, and the hero of “the Station…” at the end of the film runs with will in prison…

OBJECTIVE No. 2:to Consider the experience of their neighbors

See how back to normal life, the former “socialist countries”? Consider the experience of States, get rid of “developed socialism.” Information about what is happening there is the transformation of the Russian mass media censored by the principle: about the former fellow or bad, or nothing. Speaking about the ongoing reforms there, as a General matter, we note that 40 – 50 years of “Communist legacy” to overcome, though with difficulty, but the gap between old and new European democracies is declining.

What steps are General and obligatory? In any case, recall opponents: none of the neighbors had not chosen the path of modernization of the Communist past and the very past in one form or another has been convicted. Neighboring countries chose the option of the Continuity with its pre-Communist statehood. It was carried out in different ways, but always include three core programmes – restitution, lustration and succession.

Does Russia need restitution? And how without it to restore the principle of “private property is inviolable”. As long as the rule is not valid or deliberately breached, normal business and the economy can not exist. Moreover, paying the price for violating society itself.

But in practice spend restitution, if we are talking not only about the Russian Church, but on the property “nationalized” (or rather, nomenclatoriali, has the ruling class) in the 20-ies and 30-ies of the last century? Restitution are possible here as symbolic, a point action. -More specific? Alive and know about the pre-war past, the children of those who were seized. Some emigrated, but would like to return, there are those who never left. Did not stop their activities, “the Russian Imperial house” actively work “the Society of descendants of the Russian nobility”, the Association of descendants of Russian merchants, survived children and grandchildren of sturdy peasants – the “kulaks”. Remained nationalized by the Bolsheviks of the library of the estate of Russian writers, artists, composers. Sometimes they are managed by descendants of the famous grandfathers and great grandfathers… All of this can be the basis for the point of restitution.

And what about those who became “owner” following “grabbing” of the ‘ 90s? Here can be a principle: to become the legitimate owner, the new owner must make a compensatory payment to the state budget. But this step is only applicable to those who became an effective Manager and pay taxes. Otherwise prihvatizirovat should return to the state.


Another important, vital for Russia, the process of lustration. The most important spheres of life will have to be cleaned from the Soviet and post-Soviet bureaucracy, and kept plunged the country into crisis. Such purification was not carried out after the democratic revolution of 1991, as a result, almost all the gains of the time lost. Lustration must touch the sphere of the state, in particular, power control, media, education and culture. (However, the power structure with a political component, in the first place – the political police, should be disbanded. To continue the work individually, only those who secretly supported civil society activists).

One of the results of lustration will access their “personal Affairs” in the archives of the KGB. Whistleblowing is perhaps the most disgusting Vice, previewsize the Soviet system. To make a squealing impossible in the future, to learn from people who managed to “not get sick” this disease – a matter of tomorrow, but important step towards healing is to open each individual citizen a secret file on him. Want people to exercise this right and to know who he was told – everyone decides for himself. The applicability of other forms of lustration and its implementation has caused considerable controversy in each of the countries where it took place – the question of the future of civil discussion.

And finally, the third step is succession. Out of nelegitimnoe Soviet-post-Soviet statehood is possible only two ways – either by starting his story again, or condemning sovetchinu and implementing a programme of Succession to the Russian law. Since our successful historical experience of more than a thousand years, to forget and to ignore it is unacceptable.

…The way of the succession successively passed the Baltic States. After the fall of the Soviet regime, they announced the return to the Constitution of the interwar time. In other words, these countries have renounced the succession with the so-called Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian SSR. All three of the Republic, adapting and modernizing its pre-Soviet Basic laws, brought them into action. A similar path was chosen and the post-Soviet Georgia, and the current Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada discusses the question – should Ukraine be the legal successor of the USSR, or more correctly – to become the successor of the Ukrainian people’s Republic that existed from 1918 to 1922 (UPR was occupied by the red army and incorporated into the USSR).

Modern Russia because of too large time gap, can not return to the Basic law of 1906, however, the adoption of it as the original principle has become more than a legal Declaration. Somewhat easier to solve the problem of succession in the private sphere, for example, family, inheritance law, banking law, etc.

For the future of Russia is also a useful experience our Eastern neighbour – China, with the growing movement against Communist tyranny. Its an important part of millions of activists of Falun Gong, another transcription – Falun-DOPA. Simplified translation for Russian interprets it as a sports Association. But, in reality, the program supporters Pulungan much more significant. Their goal – the revival of national cultural traditions, which, as in Russia, destroyed by the ruling regime. Was vulgarized even the rules of writing characters, has been the displacement of traditional genres of Chinese art and Chinese literature, traceroutes national customs and rituals. In this regard, Falungun is not just for the restoration of civil rights and liberties, but for the revival of traditional Chinese morals and culture, which has a history of 5 thousand years. Approval of political freedoms in the unity with its own spiritual values and must last through the Communist samochwal Russia.

For the irretrievability of Soviet times, Russian Nuremberg

The return home will not happen without another important civil action – a legal assessment of the Soviet state. About the Soviet period written different, and not only myths, even a limited edition, but the published documentation is truthful, bitter and terrible. However, still not made the final step – no legal assessment system, called “construction of communism” but in practice meant the GULAG, artificial famines, deportations of peoples, political psychiatry, censorship, closed borders, etc., etc. …the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 1930 blew up in 1996 was restored. But there is no legal assessments of those who destroyed built on people’s money a monument to the victory of 1812 and so, the crime may be repeated. The tragedy in Katyn, after 60 years, recognized as the Soviet crime but not a legal assessment… After the First World war the judgment of those who started it were not, and 20 years later began the Second World war. It completed the trial in Nuremberg, the result was a Europe of 70 years of living without war… In the Soviet Union and the NEP and Khrushchev’s thaw and Gorbachev, Yeltsin’s democratization ended with the return to sovetchine because they did not provide a legal evaluation of the system and the trial of the USSR. Absolute guarantees does not exist in history, but the Nurnberg can be a powerful factor that prevents a Lenino-Stalinist shadow to keep the country by the throat…

The most important TASK is to continue the Russian route

After sovetkina, we finally returned to the threshold of the paternal home. Russian Disaster began with the Bolsheviks popularly elected Constituent Assembly. Elections for a new Constituent Assembly will outline milestones in the Revival of the country, will start a Continuity with our ancient tradition, stop the destruction and continue the creation.

Having done a lot of preparatory work, removing the mountains of ideological garbage and lies, is not allowed the revival of Russia, let us ask ourselves – what in our history remains relevant, valid, what hasn’t changed, you need to enter into the present and how to do it?

…Recall the story from the film of V. Shukshin “Kalina Krasnaya”. His main character is Egor (Russian farmer) after retiring from the countryside to the city, becomes a criminal and gets the nickname of the Mountain. …Serving his sentence, Hayley decides to return home to the roots. But when together with his new wife – Any – he comes to his mother, his mother does not know, does not see him as his son… will we be Able to return to his home in Russia, did she recognize us?

… Russian idea called the major selected by the history and the past through centuries of norms and values. After the 1917 Russian idea was forcibly interrupted and replaced conidiobolomycosis a lie. How do we return to the rules? I will not describe in detail how the Russian idea to convert to reformed and updated Russian idea (more about that in other works). I can only say that now our core values – historicism, improvement, spirituality, and democracy.

What is history and why is it needed?

Human behavior is determined by his view of himself, in another it is called identity. Correct identity is a system of coordinates by which a person determines their place and way in society. Overstatement and understatement of self-esteem leads to wrong actions, the behavior is different from the optimal. The same logic applies to people and to the state.

Identity, system of coordinates derived from our history, but history in the twentieth century is missing, it is constantly overwritten. 70 years, we built the light future – communism, as a result, not built anything, not explaining anything and anyone without attracting liability for 25 years, we “rise from knees” and build capitalism!? That Nicholas II was executed as a criminal, then Nicholas II is innocent and canonized… The secret Protocol to the Hitler–Stalin Pact was not, it was and is immoral, but now it turned out that the Protocol was and that’s fine, etc, etc, etc.

So what is the real Russian way, what is the historiosophy of Russia? Based on the position of the continuity of our story consists of two unequal parts – the pre-Soviet Millennium – era great creation, and post-revolutionary Russia – decades of imperious terror and popular Resistance. The greatest achievements, the real Russian values, samples of military victories and peace creation in the millennial past. They need to bring back from unconsciousness, making close and clear, they basis of national optimism, pride and patriotism. Knowledge of the Soviet quasigovernment necessary for reflection and repentance. White spots, concealment should not be here. Only those who are able to realize their mistakes, and are able to be proud of and to properly evaluate their achievements.

Another key component of the revived Russian ideas – arrangement. From the FOURTEENTH century, Russia successfully expanded, harvested land and has evolved from a small Moscow Principality into the largest country on the planet. Since the late NINETEENTH century, quantitative growth is over, Russia has moved to philosophy of development, to increase quality. The Bolsheviks broke this logic and re-imposed quantitative expansion, calling it “the world revolution”. The result of their lipolitice – depletion potential and the disintegration of the state. And now our strategic goal is a return to the philosophy of the arrangement. Russia should not live at the expense of export of raw hydrocarbons. The main article of the budget – not the security forces and officials. We need new technologies, new production, new communication. Need to expand and develop the land… the Priority is saving people, education, science, implementation of new ideas. We need a cultural revival, a continuation of the great traditions of Russian literature and art… the task of the army is to guarantee and not to expand the existing boundaries. It is necessary to restore health, to reduce exorbitant levels of mortality. It is necessary to reduce the flow leaving the country and to create conditions for the return of millions of Russians who were forced to leave their Homeland.

Another necessary step is the return to the Russian cultural space and time. We need your Leninabad, streets and squares should be clear from the monuments to the executioners. Rename – path to oblivion, it is necessary to stop the renaming, it is necessary to return the original historic names. 9 times out of 10 make it easy. And then our land will again be ours. After all, “Sivtsev Vrazhek”, “Okhotny Ryad”, Sergiev Posad – the same decoration of Russia, paintings of the Tretyakov gallery and the architectural ensemble of Peterhof… Need to clear our calendar. Worship 23-he Feb – on this day, no victories of the red army is a modern paganism. February 23 – beginning of the February revolution in the old style, the new – March 8! The Bolsheviks February was not satisfied and they washed it from people’s memory. May 19 – “birthday of pioneers”, by the old calendar is may 6 – birthday of Emperor Nicholas II (from children raised Ivanov, not remembering kinship…)

Throughout its history Russia, like other European countries, remained a monarchy. Leaders of February, without a referendum, announced the introduction of Republican government. Today is preserved and operates the Russian Imperial House. The Romanovs, taking the country in the years of the troubles, revived the state and 300 years led him through victories and achievements. The Emperor was a symbol of historical continuity and unity of Russia. Will be able to restore and modernize the monarchy – the British and other European Nations succeeded – to instill in her parliamentary system, reinforced by a popularly elected President and a replaceable (already in Veliky Novgorod acted the Prince, and an elected Chamber) – will be able to gain a living symbol of the Continuity with historical Russia…

P. S. This article the author proposes to start a discussion about our past and our future. Waiting for objections, suggestions, comments, additions… Discuss the concept, we can move on to the presentation and discussion of the next is not theoretical but quite practical problems – the way in which these problems can be solved…


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