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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trump of my enemy is my friend

While frosty Russia, there is little that is wondering was done on his next Christmas vacation, far from the ocean, its ominous shadow stood over the United States of America.

Three U.S. intelligence — the CIA, FBI and NSA tried to convince both presidents of America — incumbent and elected — that Russia, the same, according to Obama, “country gas station”, could affect elections in the United States. “The sole superpower”, according to Putin. In General, David beat Goliath, or the Dog not only barked, but to death scared of the elephant — system images choose according to the degree of their patriotism.

Of course, Obama to convince almost not necessary. He secret report of the intelligence was confident: “I think it’s true that the Russians were going to intervene (in the US presidential election), and they intervened.” Trump is more complicated. “While Russia, China, other countries and private groups and people are constantly trying to break through cyberinfrastructure our state institutions, enterprises and organizations, including the National Committee of the Democratic party, had absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election, and there was no hacking of the voting machines,” — said in his written statement after meeting with representatives of American intelligence.

Although what else could say trump? “If not Putin, I would not have been selected…” But then he would only sprinkle ashes on his head. It cannot remain the country’s President the man chosen to office by the efforts of its geopolitical enemy? The awkwardness of the situation felt and Barack Obama specifically reminded Trump that, no matter what they do to him in the same team, “and Vladimir Putin is not on our team”. Although there confused no wonder. “The friend of my enemy me who? Or the enemy of my friend… And do I need to take revenge on the Russian for what they helped me to be elected President?” It is only on such a hilarious speculative questions, and can motivate a report in which there is no evidence.

Two American agencies — the CIA and the FBI — “firmly convinced” that Putin personally ordered to start a campaign to intervene in presidential elections to undermine “public confidence in the democratic process in the United States.” Third-intelligence — NSA — expresses in this “reasonable assurance.” But the CIA and the FBI use the “agent information,” which can hardly become evidence. WikiLeaks has called the report is based on “watching TV and reading Twitter.” The only actual evidence of the Kremlin cyberactivist (intercepts emails, hacking databases) could provide the NSA, which specializes in technical analysis of the data. But it doesn’t “firmly”, but only “moderately” confident in the guilt of the Kremlin. No, the NSA can’t get through Russian agents, just provide them the evidence, unlike the other intelligence agencies engaging in babbling, easy to verify.

For example, on 30 December 2016 issued a Joint analytical report of the Ministry of internal security of the United States on the actions of the Russian hackers. It is called 876 IP addresses associated with the hacking action and a call for system administrators everywhere to include them in the list for tracking. American analysts immediately found among them ‘ the six mail servers of Yahoo and more than 400 knots-exits the Tor network, the exact users which install is basically impossible. “Effects emerged last week: the power company Burlington Electric in Vermont on the advice of the Ministry of addresses are added to the watch list for its network. An alarm is triggered, the company turned to the Federal authorities, and The Washington Post wrote: “Russian hackers have penetrated the U.S. electrical utility company in Vermont.” It soon became clear that the alarm was caused by the server address for Yahoo at the moment when the employee of the Burlington Electric was just checking email,” — says the American newspaper the Daily Beast.

And the invasion of the power supply system of the country is not tampering with the mail of the Democratic party. This can be interpreted as a pretext for war. Not propaganda, but real. So coming up with proof of the imaginary “Russian threat” to fool not only others but himself as well. Which is especially dangerous if you’re the “only superpower”.


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