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Monday, February 19, 2018

In the United States made a report about cyber attacks on the basis of TV and Twitter

Donald trump admitted that he “learned a lot” after examining the report of U.S. intelligence on the “intervention” of Russia in the elections. He stated that the reason for the attacks was the negligence of the democratic party. On the eve of the CIA published a report, from which it follows that Russia is allegedly behind the hacking of the servers of the party Democratic party to help Trump to win the election, but any evidence was not presented.

The publication of a US intelligence report about the alleged “interference” of Russia in elections in the United States did not convince the American politicians that Moscow was trying to influence the outcome of the vote. As stated by the speaker of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress Paul Ryan, the country has no such evidence. And the victory of Donald trump is not due to the help of hackers, and his position: he heard the voices of Americans, “who felt that they were forgotten”.

“Blatant negligence on the part of the National Committee of the Democratic party allowed a hacker attack”

After the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party, which in recent years has controlled the White house, began to attempt to convince Americans that the Republican trump won by “Russian hackers”. A report on “Russian hackers” office of the head of the American N. I. published the day before. The document was prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA.

The report appeared on the Internet after the meeting of heads of intelligence services with trump. However, the submissions are not supported by any evidence. It follows that Russian intelligence allegedly “received and supported access numerous elements of the electoral commissions at the state level and local level.” But this access is not dependent on the counting of votes in the presidential election and the main goal, according to intelligence, was the desire to prevent Clinton to win, “belittled” her, and in General to undermine the faith of Americans in “the democratic process in the United States.”

The report States that the decree to hold a “campaign of influence” gave the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who “developed a clear preference” to Trump

The essence of “campaign influence” was “the blending of intelligence operations such as cyber-attacks, exposed the efforts of the Russian government institutions, state-funded media, the third party and paid users, known as trolls”.

“The Russian propaganda machine is composed of machine local media, focusing on a global audience of media, such as RT and Sputnik, and a network of quasi-governmental trolls contributed to a campaign to influence”, – the document says.

In the report put even the old cartoon from 2011, where the editor-in-chief of RT Margarita Simonyan steps over the White house. This drawing was the Intro to the show that Simonyan was leading at the time on Russian television. The reasoning intelligence about Sputnik and RT take almost half of the 14-page text – six pages assigned to the application “the Kremlin’s TV seeks to influence politics and to fan the discontent in the United States.”

If you believe the report, “RT provides strategic communications for the Russian government.” US intelligence didn’t like that “RT and Sputnik” criticized “traditional US media” because they are fed information at best for Clinton way.

American intelligence services accused RT and the fact that the materials of the TV channel appear in the American media are “in the service of a corrupt political establishment”. “Anti-American campaign” in which, according to US intelligence, is involved RT, the security services called the “wide and long”. On Thursday, the head of US national intelligence James Clapper expressed “deep concern” about the activities of RT. But Simonyan said in response that RT “just talks about what is happening” in the United States.

In a computer network of the National Committee of the Democratic party of the United States Moscow allegedly penetrated in the summer of 2015, while maintaining access for about a year. And directly work on “interference” with the elections, US intelligence refers to March 2016. The paper argues that the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Russian armed forces is associated with Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks.com (WikiLeaks), which it allegedly used to broadcast stolen data. However, Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks denied its cooperation with Russia. WikiLeaks said that it has received the data through an insider leak in the democratic party of the United States.

Among the goals of the “Russian hackers” was not only the political system of the United States, say security forces, but the World anti-doping Agency. US intelligence claims that leaks of confidential data, WADA also “was organized by the GRU.”

The report in full was submitted to Trump on Friday at meeting with heads of U.S. intelligence. A few hours before this conversation, he called attributed to Russian cyber attacks a political witch-hunt his opponents from the camp of the Democrats, and after the meeting said that “learned a lot”. He resented the fact that information from the report was the media before him. He asked the chairmen of the committees in both houses of Congress to conduct an investigation in connection with the leaks.

Commented on the incident, White house spokesman Josh Ernest, who said that the current American administration is not organized this leak.

And Obama himself, as reported by incoming correspondent for Yahoo News Olivier Knox, did not answer the question about the report.

On Friday trump in his Twitter wrote that the hackers were able to steal information from the National Committee of the Democratic party due to neglect of employees to safety. “Blatant negligence on the part of the National Committee of the Democratic party allowed a hacker attack. The National Committee of the Republican party has been a reliable protection,” wrote trump.

And WikiLeaks via Twitter drew attention to an “interesting” clause in the report that the report is based on “watching TV and reading Twitter.” According to TASS, this refers to the following paragraph from the report: “Some of our findings regarding the preferences and intentions of the Kremlin made on the basis of (analysis) behavior loyal to the Kremlin political figures, state media and Pro-Kremlin-minded actors in social networks”.

Also, WikiLeaks has highlighted that in the report there is no evidence indicating the relationship of the organization with any government.


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