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Monday, February 19, 2018

Expert on the “secret operations” of the United States: it can be very serious

Allegedly committed by a Russian cyber-attacks, the Obama administration said including covert operations, said Vice President Joe Biden: “something of what we did, you know, something – no.” At the same time, American intelligence services reported on the establishment of intermediaries, allegedly handed WikiLeaks dirt on Democrats, produced by Russian hackers. What is behind these statements and actions from the outgoing U.S. administration? On the question “MK” meets first Vice President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

– Alexey, how serious the relationship you deserve, in your opinion, the words of Biden?

– Yes, it can be very serious. Remember the days of the cold war, when intelligence operations really affect the military-political situation in the world. Another thing is that, in my opinion, no American administration was not in relations with Russia in the face of such time pressure. Still Democrats and Republicans with all the differences between them are adhered to a common approach to relations with the Soviet Union and Russia. Perhaps for the first time, a situation when the new Republican administration intends this consensus to be revised. So now the Obama administration is doing all that in a short time if not to impose their own agenda Trump is I think impossible – the maximum complicate the new head of state that revision. And those measures which are known to us and those which we do not know to be associated primarily with this task. But the time left is very little: in two weeks, trump will be President. Maybe in Russian-American relations will be some warming. How deep it will be and how long it will take – is the big question. But in any case, to start completely with a clean sheet is unlikely. The American President, of course, great authority. But trump will be constrained by Congress and the government, and the American establishment is configured in relation to Russia is very critical.

And why publicly announce covert operations?

– The motive is very simple. After was declared sanctions in response to Russian cyber attacks, certainly to the Obama administration went questions about how these sanctions are effective. For example, the leaders of the GRU and without that was not going to visit America. There are in America people who require even more tightening. There is the position of trump: it’s complicated. The position of the trump is that Obama is not effective. Including its policy of sanctions. So, I think that Biden wanted to say the critics, the skeptics and the American society that all a little differently, that Obama’s policies were not limited to solutions, which are known. What is actually more effective and more dangerous for Russia.

In General, the game to the public?

– In General, Yes. And that’s really behind these words, I think we learn many years later from some memoirs. And, perhaps, never know.

Read the story: trump questioned in the FBI investigation by the cyber attacks from Russia

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