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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Ukrainian girlfriend of Donald trump: what binds US President from the Square

For two weeks, during which completed the acquisition of the presidential team of Donald trump, and it will be a total of approximately four thousand people – no doubt, will be in the continuous predictions and divination. Who of selected candidates – “our”, and who is committed from the first day to put Russia spoke in the wheel?

Alexander Nikolaenko and Phil Ruffin. Photo: dpchas.com.ua.

Let’s try to tell about some of the “pillars” of the reference group elected the 46th President of the United States. In particular, his longtime close friend, the billionaire who, after each of the six experienced trump bankruptcies remained with him, over and over again helping to “swim to the surface.”

In 2008, the U.S. played the “wedding of the year”: a 72-year-old Phil G. Ruffin (whose fortune according to Forbes magazine is estimated at $2.1 billion) took to wife a 26-year-old inhabitant of Odessa Alexander Nikolaenko. Introduced “Miss Ukraine-2001” with his best friend-a widower with a trump, then the ordinary construction magnate.

After 8 years, the Ukrainian model has become an object of burning interest of many reporters. It is believed that it was she who advised Donald Trump very well to invest part of the money to Russia. And certainly in her recommendation, trump incognito flew to Kiev during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko.

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From the file “MC:

Alexandra Nikolayenko-Ruffin was born in 1981 in Budapest in the family of a soldier YUGV (southern group of troops of the Soviet Army) and the economist. For example mother has received the diploma of engineer-economist in the Odessa state Academy of food technologies. He also graduated from the Odessa national Academy of law (faculty of civil law and business), studied at the graduate school of ONLA, however, according to the honorary President of the Academy and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Sergey Kivalov, to protect themselves and could not have “gone the other way.”

In the modeling business since the age of 15, and at 16 won his first title of “Miss Odessa”. At age 18 Alexander Nikolaenko became “Miss Ukraine 2001”, “Miss Ukraine South 2001” and “Miss American dream 2001”. In the same year entered the top ten beauties “Miss universe 2001” contest, which was organized in Ecuador Donald trump; a year later became the “Miss Tourism international 2002”. After moving to Kiev to work on the largest TV channel of Ukraine “inter”, she starred in the Christmas musicals “Cinderella” and “snow Queen” and in the movie “I love you”. Was leading “the Weather” and the project “a Chance. Model.Ua” on the TV channel “inter”.

Moving and marriage in the US has given Alexandra’s very, very hard. With Phil Ruffin (Godea her grandfather) a young woman held an infinite number of conversations, with a detailed clarification of past each other. Only after learning about each other “not at all” unusual couple decided to walk down the aisle.

At the wedding of Alexandra and Philip’s witness from the groom Donald trump “posted” the main reason why I decided to re-settle after the couple received from Sasha Ruffin of first refusal. As it turned out, Philip asked for a long time friend to help him find a girl, “in which eyes would be so widely spaced, like a cartoon characters”.

The event took place at the establishment owned by Trump. He was the menu, insisting on the predominance on the tables of seafood and Russian vodka.

For two hundred guests sang Celine Dion and Justin Timberlake, with whom long had photographed the bride’s relatives. They, incidentally, brought from Kyiv a personal Boeing of Ruffin, two bedrooms, a living room with light leather furniture, a huge white carpet. Mother of the bride Olga Antonovna was particularly struck by the gold handles in the shower.

By the way, in November of 2016 Olga Antonovna with his daughter Oksana again flew to America to congratulate a trump of victory and to see Sasha with two children – 6-year-old son Richard and daughter Malene Kay. Girl January 19 – the day before the inauguration of the Donald trump – 5 years old.

The business interests of Ruffin, who was not able to complete their education in the provincial College of Kansas, oil, real estate, fast food chains, hospitality and dog races and casinos. Over time, the billionaire has transferred to the wife he owns a hotel in Las Vegas “treasure Island”, what has never regretted. Alexander was surprisingly clingy top Manager, literally fighting for every dollar.

For Ruffin, this is the second marriage; from the first he has a daughter Michelle, and sons Chris and Phil. All adults and loyal to ex-Governor. Michelle, who enjoys horseback riding and has two horses of Alexander Nikolaenko regularly engaged in horse riding.

After the sensational victory of Donald trump, the Ukrainian media covered Oksana Nikolaenko and Alexei diveeva-Church (a close friend of Alexandra, who worked with her on “inter”, in particular, in the program “Weather”) pleas for an interview.

Everyone was politely denied. For obvious reasons.

Nevertheless, several TV channels have dared to tell the countrymen sob story about how Alexander almost kicks made sitting next to her in the restaurant of Donald trump to pay attention to included fashion model named Melania, Knauss. When the future leader of the most powerful world power once again doubted the Melanya promise to marry – for advice trump allegedly turned to a long time became his “own” Alexandra Nikolaenko. The answer, of course, was predictable; it’s not like Sasha before the wedding “surrender” best friend, saying the Donald “does something, not exactly”!

Judging by the dramatic post Oksana Nikolaenko in Facebook, this and other stories of the genre of “diary of a madman”.

“Friends! American society has made a breakthrough against the filing of false, imposed to mass media. The victory of Mr. trump’s proof! Here are a few examples from our “garden”, when the author does not attempt to verify the information, and sometimes even does not understand what he writes. I have to say that neither I nor my sister nor my mother did not give any comments and such interview. In fairness it should be noted that the written truth is somewhere in the 3 %! Alas!”, wrote Oksana.

Just in case let me remind you: Donald trump and Melania, Knows first met in 1998 at a party at the Kit Kat club. Youthful Lovelace first approached the stranger and asked to give a phone number. The Melanya, had time to notice that next to the trump sits some lovely friend, found the man’s behavior arrogance and refused a simple request. Later, after learning of Donald closer, the girl changed her temper justice with mercy and without apparent hesitation, agreed to marry him. Her wedding dress from Christian Dior weighed 28 pounds and cost 100 thousand dollars.

Information about Ukraine Donald trump received not only from the mouth repeatedly arrive in the post-Soviet republics best friend and his wife Alexandra.

It turned out that the children of the 46th President of the United States more than one year have a close relationship with peers from one of the Western regions of Ukraine. According to the Kiev TV channels, it could be the Carpathians.

In fact, Eric and Ivanka trump stayed in Chernivtsi region in the family of a businessman from Vyzhnytsya district, Deputy Chairman of the aviation-technical sports club “Wings of Bukovina” Vladimir Zakharchuk.

My son met with them after his training in England, – says Mr. Zakharchuk. – So come, went hunting, relished cheese, banosh, local honey – and they know it! Know how to check honey he pulled out his spoon and looked to the stream flowed continuously. They really liked our kapusniak. But Brawn, they do not understand, we give them more it is not offered. Ate mostly fasoli (local name of the bean dishes – ed.). Somewhere in the archives even keep the picture of Ivanka trump, which is in the “Lecce” chopping wood. So, you can say, and she “worked in the Ukraine”, – said Vladimir Zakharchuk.

Regarding a recent visit to trump senior Kiev – here also there is no one version. It is believed that the famous developer, having a lot of offers from very well-known Kiev construction magnates, took the time out to think.

Whether this is so and what the decision would be still the stewards of his vast Empire, to listen to the arguments of lobbyists of Ukraine or to completely ignore them and we’ll see in the beginning of 2017, the year.


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