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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The expert contributions to the major repairs have political implications

The bulk of houses in the country were built in the Soviet era. The repair them not just a necessary, and extremely necessary. New 2017 began with the fact that the solution to this troubling for many Russians question joined Vladmir Putin, who approved the list of instructions on carrying out capital repairs in apartment buildings. They were formed on the audit legislation and relate primarily to the Cabinet, however, the part addressed to the Prosecutor’s office. Special attention the President urged to draw on the justification established in the regions of the contributions for the repair.

photo: Andrey Malenkov

By the way, the previous year also began with a theme overhaul. Then, the Deputy Chairman of the RF government Dmitry Kozak reported that the total amount of fees for capital repairs by the end of 2015 amounted to 97 billion roubles, but they were sold for repairs only 25 billion rubles. Analysis of the implementation of the work under the programs of major overhaul for 2016 showed that 18 regions performed less than half a percent of what is needed. For example, in the Komi Republic of the 56 thousand jobs, renovated only 56. At the same time, according to statistics of the Ministry of construction, more than 80 % of Russians for overhaul very regularly paid. In some regions, including Moscow, figures of collection of contributions and does reach 90%.

The reasons for this discrepancy of the work performed and collection of contributions from residents can be different from the sluggishness of the officials who failed to timely arrange for the necessary tender procedures and ending with the slowness of the contractors involved in the overhaul. However, because of this often find themselves hostage to the whole house. Here’s how visitors to one of the social networks from different regions to discuss outbreak of they overhaul: “the Work is done in such weather conditions, what’s the point of the repair will be. In the spring everything will fall off, and the money will be wasted” or “Fled the contractor of the regional operator, which is “capitalis” roof. The result is that the house has a roof, it may leak, found out the people of not only upper but also lower floors. Men threw their own money”.

“Unfortunately, such a large-scale program like the repair may not go completely smoothly. Last year, for example, you suddenly got a problem of planning of repair work. It turned out that many regions put yourself superdaddy plan: three houses for the year. The money that tenants of other houses regularly contributed, in fact, impaired,” says Executive Director of “housing Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva. According to her, during the past year, the government has made tremendous efforts to officials updated their programs. In particular, changes were made to the legislation which require that all funds were used penny to penny that year when they were collected.

“We have three years to talk about what we need to revive the system of technical inventory of apartment houses. In 2013 she was murdered, by adopting the law on state cadastre. Now any high-rise buildings there is only a cadastral passport for it, but it is different from the technical as well as the passport of the citizen from his medical records. That is, there is evidence that the home is worth, and how many total squares in which they state the information is not available. In the end, the planned overhaul of some of the data, and then it turns out that the area of the roof twice. It also greatly slows down the process,” explains the expert.

In many respects the claim to the program of capital repairs from the population caused and pay for the repair. In the period until 1 September 2017, the President instructed the government to check the validity established in the regions of the contributions. Recall that their size in different regions is different. For example, we already know that from July this year in Moscow contributions for major repairs will be increased from 15 to 17 rubles for one square meter of housing. In some regions the growth will be or less, or the payment will remain the same. From the collection released only tenants in houses that will be demolished and the owners of houses in which three or more apartments.

“The problem is not that the contributions for the repair is too high. I would say that there is not enough money to carry out the work qualitatively and in full. From an economic point of view it would be better to increase the size of the fees. In some regions, they are clearly underestimated. And most likely, at that level, they are established on the basis of political considerations,” continues Svetalana Razvorotneva. If, in the opinion of the interlocutor of “MK” in the regional administration and want to continue to remain “pious” subjects of the Federation should take a part payment at the expense of local budgets. But it is unlikely that in a crisis this one of them will agree.


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