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Monday, February 19, 2018

The expert agreed with Assange: the Democrats are trying to deprive trump of the support of the people

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that the accusations of Russia in the hacker attacks, the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama wants to deny the legitimacy of his successor, Donald trump. He stressed that the dirt on Hilary Clinton, he gave not the Kremlin, but he doesn’t know what role these materials played in its electoral defeat. As far as the rights of the WikiLeaks founder, MK has learned from a senior researcher of the sector of internal and external policy of the USA, IMEMO ran, Victoria Zhuravleva.

photo: youtube.com

– The theme of Russia’s participation in the elections of the President of the United States appeared in the final stage of the race. Moreover its active unwinding engaged in the Democratic party after it was revealed the scandal with correspondence concerning votes for Sanders. Drag here the hand of Moscow was for Democrats only chance to try to hide those unflattering things that happened in their headquarters. As they continued to ask deliberately whether the national Committee has taken action against Sanders in favor of Clinton, the subject of the Russian track continued to spin all the more. Parallel to this, he strengthened the image of trump as a Pro-Russian candidate…

The results showed that this tactic did not bring much fruit Clinton. Yes, she won among voters more votes, but the electoral College still voted against it. In addition, the Democrats lost Congress. In order to gain a majority, they needed to win only in five States, but they managed to win only one. It was a screaming proof that the Democratic party scared voters attempt to escape from scandals with anti-Russian rhetoric. In parallel, they failed to create trump an enemy of the United States.

American voters, who are quite suspicious of any power structures, including political parties, began to wonder why the Democrats are so heavily exploited the subject of participation of the Kremlin in the political life of the United States?

Answers was two: either their country is so weak that it cannot ensure its own security, or it is in the Democratic party there is something wrong.

The answer to this question, voters have not received, but a tool mastered by the Democrats during the election of the company, decided to use the outgoing administration of President Barack Obama. I don’t know how far-fetched was the part of the Kremlin, but I totally agree with the head of WikiLeaks, in this case we are dealing with an attempt to create an unfavorable image of the future President to weaken his authority, weaken his relationship with the electorate and Congress.

– Why in this case, the Obama administration decided not to maintain the image of the succession of power?

Is completely connected with the figure of the tramp, because from the beginning he built his company on inesistenti, positioned himself as someone who does not accept set before him the rules of the game. The establishment is warily takes in his rise to power, because in fact, his victory was a call for them.

Now the ruling elite is trying to do everything to ensure that trump has become unpopular President to his only presidential term he could not implement none of his election slogan. In the American political system if the President is devoid of support in the people, he can’t resist the Congress. However, if trump will be the support of the community, he will be able to break even through blocking Parliament.

I think that in the next 100 days of the presidency of the trump Democratic party will make every effort to discredit him in the eyes of voters. Parallel to this, the Democrats in Congress will try to find as much common ground with the Republicans to present a United front against the President. But there can be difficulties, as the socio-economic agenda trump is almost indistinguishable from the program of the Republican party. However, they have a radically different attitude to Russia, and the Democrats will try to capitalize on this. That is, in the near future anti-Russian hysteria will only increase. If in 100 days trump will be able to implement at least some of his basic slogans, it will receive the support of the electorate and along with that it will be difficult to do something.

Do you think the charges trump’s flirting with Russia have a real basis?

– I don’t think he has any special relationship with the Russian leadership. I tend to believe that he’s in Moscow does not know and never talked. On the other hand it is a pragmatic and successful businessman who first sees the benefits. However, he has set a goal to fight international terrorism, and to do so without Russia is impossible. The same will tell you, any sane examiner in the United States. Trump says nothing supernatural, just the last two and a half years in conditions of aggravated relations with Moscow politicians have kept such statements to himself.

US presidential election 2016. Chronicle of events

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