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Friday, April 20, 2018

Solid American scientific journal issued anti-Russian “fake”

MSU has denied approval of the journal Nature that the staff of the University since October was ordered to coordinate its publication with the censors from the FSB. Thus, according to the magazine, under the supervision of the got everything a scientific article, not even associated with the defense. The Academy of Sciences the OPINION was expressed by the assumption that the publication is “a misunderstanding”.

Rector of Moscow state University, head of scientific policy and organization of scientific researches of the University Andrey Fedyanin said Wednesday that the scientists of Moscow state University. The University does not coordinate a scientific publication with the Federal security service.

The theory of a small explosion

However, at MSU such data is denied. “The meeting in question was conducted on a number of issues raising the level of the published articles and their quality, citation” – quoted fedyanina newspaper VIEW. “In particular it was recalled right, which exists for decades at the University of Moscow: the expert Commission from among our employees conduct an examination of the scientific novelty of the work and the possibilities of its publication,” – said the rector of Moscow state University. According to Provost, “any new rules do not enter”, “publication of articles is carried out within established standards”.

Nature (“Nature”) is one of the main scientific journals in the world. It was founded in the XIX century and still publishes original research and is considered one of the most cited scientific journals.

News from Nature had to reprint several opposition-minded Russian Internet resources. Academician Semyon Gershtein recalled in an interview with “Kommersant” on this occasion that the Soviet Union scientists were also closely monitored.

“Work before going to print, had to go through an expert Commission, which was to conclude that it does not contain any secret information, said Gerstein. – This led to the loss of priority on many issues, when all joked that “the author must sign a certificate that there is no scientific or practical interest”.

And NEWSru.com quoted a researcher at the Institute of geography of RAS, Professor of the geographical faculty of Moscow state University Vyacheslav Super. According to him, permission to publish must now obtain and geographers at MSU, similar rules introduced in other institutions in Russia. “At the meeting of the Department at MSU, where I have the honour to work part time, it was announced the restoration of the old Soviet practice of issuing examination certificate on all published articles and demonstrated its new form,” claimed Soper.

Between Lubyanka and “Golden brains”

However, the same resource he indirectly denied the version of Nature, relying on their sources in SINP MSU. According to them, any new rules were not introduced, and today all content submitted for publication (even the first version, and intermediate changes), it is necessary first to show the employees of the Group information protection, Moscow state University.

Most academic institutions now controlled by the FSB, and reminded the Professor of the faculty of bioengineering of Moscow state University Mikhail Gelfand, stressing that this does not prevent scientists still published abroad.

Director of the research Institute of physico-chemical biology, Moscow state University, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and academician of RAS, doctor of biological Sciences Vladimir Skulachev, who on Wednesday was on a business trip in China, expressed surprise about such messages. “I today, the journal Nature did not read. I do not know. You are the first one I reported – said the academician-correspondent of the newspaper VIEW. – Maybe we are talking about any military applications?”

Head of laboratory of the Institute, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Victor Gryaznov even laughed when he learned from the correspondent of the newspaper OPINION on the content of the publication in Nature: “Nothing about it heard. Don’t even know what it was about. Long ago there is a certain procedure of preparation to publication of articles, the article is examined. And what about closed work associated with the defense? I myself have now a job like this. Don’t know who is there and what you need to show. Surely it passes through special channels. Who should see the look”.

RAS President, academician Vladimir Fortov, too, described the news as “a misunderstanding”. “In fact, in all countries, including the United States of America, before some scientific work is published, it must undergo expert Committee. Every scientific organization is the Advisory Council. Usually small – 5-6 people. They look and say, Yes, it is possible to publish, it does not contain any private information. But it is standard practice that all the time was,” – said the head of the Academy of Sciences of the newspaper VIEW.

“We entered this business a very long time. Apparently, the publication refers to it. But this is a routine procedure that is performed for decades. There is nothing new”, – said the academician.

However, even such an opposition publication, as Meduza, reprinting sensational news itself noticed blunders. So, Nature says that the new rules were introduced after in may, President Vladimir Putin changed the list of information that related to state secrets. “Putin has expanded the application of the act to any scientific studies that can be used for, as vaguely stated in the document, “new products”, – reported in the publication Nature.

In fact, as noted by Meduza, signed by Putin in may, the decree is nothing like that. In 2006, the President in his decree declared a state secret “data on science and technology, the technologies that can be used in the creation of innovative products, technological processes in various sectors of the economy.” But similar wording was in the original version of the law on state secrets, adopted during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin.


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