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Monday, February 19, 2018

In Russia restored the system of missile warning

Russia’s first since Soviet times and created a continuous radar field system of the missile attack warning in all strategic directions (EWS). That our mill is once again becoming light-sensitive and able to detect any launches of ballistic missiles, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in late December, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, speaking at a meeting of the expanded Board of the Ministry of defense. In addition to the early warning system now is the development and implementation of the lighting system air, surface and underwater environment, that is, the perimeters of the Russian Federation creates a solid control environment not only in the sky, but under water.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

About the fact that Russia has successfully completed the state trials of three new radar stations of high factory readiness “Voronezh” in Orenburg, Barnaul, Yeniseisk and they have this year will be put on combat duty, the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin during the expanded Board of the Ministry of defense.

In addition, according to him, streamlining three existing radar stations in Baranovichi, Pechora, Murmansk and technology of high operational readiness.

Minister Shoigu stressed that it is possible for the first time in the history of new Russia to create the perimeter of our borders continuous radar field system of missile warning at all strategic aerospace directions and for all types of flight trajectories of ballistic missiles.

According to military expert Viktor Murakhovski, in addition to the commissioning of stations “Voronezh-DM” and “Voronezh-M” in Russia created a system of over-the-horizon radar stations of the “Sunflower” and “Container” that allows you to create a continuous radar field of early warning system, which was not even in Soviet times.

– We must understand that it is not a separate radar station, they are combined into a single system. Moreover, this system is integrated into the missile defense system. When you work all stations when the full radar field, we find a rocket launched from any direction – this allows you to accurately determine the parameters of its flight and apply appropriate tools to intercept. In addition, this system serves to alert the authorities, military structures, in areas where you calculate the probable point of impact. I think this is an important achievement of the defense industry. We launched it much broader: in Soviet times there was no early warning system that would cover the Arctic area – said the expert.

According to Murakhovsky, the tracking system, which is now developing, will not only to warn of missile attack.

– In fact, now deployed lighting system air, surface and underwater environment in all strategic directions. Now, in the first stage, a unified system of lighting conditions in the Arctic. With this system it is planned to monitor air, surface and underwater conditions, which will allow to timely detect emerging threats and to take the necessary measures. -concluded the expert.


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