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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Expert: freeze armed opposition talks on Syria in Turkey’s interests

The negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria has once again found itself in jeopardy. This time the reason was violations of the truce in Damascus area, Hama and Deraa, according to “the Free Syrian army.” The armed opposition will not sit at the negotiating table with the Syrian government as long as government forces do not cease their fire…. However, according to the expert, “MK”, this statement is Turkey, which hopes to overthrow “the tyrant Assad.”

photo: youtube.com

“Free Syrian army” and another 11 armed groups decided to freeze the preparations for the talks in Astana. The reason for this, according to opposition fighters, was a violation of the truce by government forces near Damascus and the provinces of Hama and Deraa. According to them, once the head of Syria Bashar Assad will comply with the silence regime, they will return to preparing for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

Damascus, in turn, argues that strikes on banned terrorist groups “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”, which the truce entered on October 20 last year, does not apply. While the Syrian government emphasizes that the terrorists caused a total of 34 hitting the provinces of Damascus, Lattakia, Aleppo and Hama.

Will this situation to the next breakdown in the negotiation process, “MK” has found out the senior scientific employee of the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris DOLGOV:

Not only the armed opposition, but the Syrian authorities accuse their opponents of violating the truce, but Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately said that the agreement is very fragile. Further events will show whether it is possible meeting in Astana, however, remember that this is not the first cease-fire, and previous often used Islamist groups to replenish their ranks with new fighters and weapons.

In this case speech can go that the PAS statement was made in the interests of Turkey, which openly supported the group, and does not hide his desire to overthrow Assad. In this regard, it is beneficial not diplomatic settlement of the conflict, and further strengthening itself controlled by armed groups.

– Despite this, the role of Turkey in the Syrian conflict, why Russia still attracts her to the negotiation process, in particular in Astana?

Russian – Turkish relations are very complex because of the greater number of radical turns: the downed Russian bomber, the murder of the Ambassador, Erdogan’s statement about the overthrow of “the tyrant Assad,” and so on. I believe that Turkey is trying to engage Russia to advance its interests in Syria, and the Russian side, trying to quickly finish the conflict goes on any concessions. Whether Moscow itself affect Ankara’s position and force her to act in the interests of stabilizing the situation in the region, not to achieve their goals is the big question. I think it’s possible, but you need to make great efforts.

– Possible negotiations in Astana without the participation of the CCA?

– Initially it was very hard to organize these negotiations. Still not defined who will participate from the opposition: only political forces or between the armed groups. I guess making such statements, SSA expects to participate in the negotiations, but the position of the Syrian leadership on this matter is still not clear. Earlier, Damascus has rejected such a possibility. In my opinion, participation in negotiations armed opposition impossible, as most of their fighters are foreign mercenaries that should not affect the future fate of Syria. If PAS wants to participate in the negotiations, even if its fighters lay down their arms through the Amnesty.


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