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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The main thing in the new year is not to forget about how important it is to be human

In 2016, forever left us many great and others were born, which we don’t know yet. The world has seen a tectonic shift on a global scale, but small and local joy for many was more important. This year was a hard leap year, but its decline is particularly valuable belief that we will be able to stay human no matter what.

Factual results of the year can offer a variety for every taste. Expiring 2016 was rich in unpredictable and interesting events. A formal referendum on EU membership turned into a loud Brexton, and convince the world of its impending victory, Hillary Clinton lost to the candidate from which the American media sculpted the image of a monster. When this loser failed – new sanctions against Russia, the expulsion of diplomats because of the “hacking scandal” and other actions of the outgoing President Barack Obama and his administration can hardly be called otherwise, except as agony. In its own way is also a surprise.

“I’d like to believe not only that civilized people will be more, but that they will be more noticeable”

By the way, before the inauguration of Donald trump three weeks, Obama may be a lot more to get a wide field of operations to the new American President is assured. The elegant answer of Vladimir Putin on a new aggravation of the situation – the rejection of the proposed Smolensk area “reflex action” and an invitation to children of American diplomats on the Christmas tree in the Kremlin – put the beautiful point in Russian-American relations in 2016. But three weeks Obama is still there.

Under artificial hysteria about the “Holocaust Aleppo,” Russia has managed to achieve a new truce in Syria, but the question is how it will be strong: many people are interested to peace in the middle East was not. USA truce generally not called and the offended is in Washington a lot, not only in the outgoing of the democratic administration.

Syria linked the most recent, the most painful tragedy of our country this year. It was heading there Tu-154 with the choir Alexandrov and Dr Lisa on Board, but crashed in the Black sea shortly after taking off from Sochi. In connection with this tragedy, have repeatedly posed the question – is it worth all these sacrifices for the revival of Russia’s status as a great power (recall that in this year the American President for the first time after the collapse of the Soviet Union marked our country this way)? Trouble in Irkutsk, where more than 70 people were poisoned by alcohol-containing stuff, also was the reason for the open questions: whether the money that Russia spends in Syria, to spend in the Irkutsk region?

In General, such mappings do not differ much from the “children” of the proposals in the style of “let’s take all the money from the budget will give to the poor, and the officials let them work for free.” But if you want to reply, have to answer – no, impossible. It is a completely different article of the budget, the money in which to paint in advance. Whether residents of Irkutsk and any other region to increase funding for various regional programs from the Federal budget? Yes, the Governor and the deputies, whose task is to lobby for the interests of his native land.

By the way, another surprise: the electoral campaign to the State Duma is often called boring. Interesting new political forces on the horizon and have not appeared, in spite of the serious liberalization (compared with 2011) conditions of participation in the campaign. The old forces have not offered a particularly striking moves. But it is possible that these should be regular elections in a country whose citizens are interested in the stable development and not shy from side to side, as exemplified, in particular, Ukraine. And this, unfortunately, is not all that needs to be said about Ukraine.

The individual events of the year, but especially tragedy, is well demonstrated that the main division in Russia today is not ideological parameters. The left and the right seems to agree that the revolutions we don’t need a “Crimean consensus” do not share only political outcasts. Section is in relation to the opponent, ready to see him as a man – or a complete failure to do so.

The undisguised glee of the citizens of our neighboring country has caused any associated with Russia is a tragedy. Cases sincere sympathy and condolences to the lost on the background of overt mockery in connection with the murder of the Russian Ambassador, the fall of the Tu-154 and even mass poisoning in Irkutsk. And – impossible, unheard – mockery was busy not just bloggers, not only officials, far ahead of the bloggers, but career diplomats (for example, the current Ambassador of Ukraine in Finland).

A month before a similar tragedy occurred in the Kharkiv region of “scorched” vodka killed more than 50 people. Of course, no malice in Russia is not caused and could not cause. But Ukrainians did not bother to bring to the Russian Embassy a few bubbles of pharmacy “Hawthorn”.

Ukraine – not Russia, so the observation of how rapidly running wild and plunged into the abyss of the primitive morality is the nearest neighbor of itself is not dangerous. But the madness, unfortunately, is contagious – and now in Russia there are people ready to rejoice in another’s death. More precisely, they have always been. Sneering now over the dead Ukrainians are almost always prepared to justify their bestiality to provide a link to some marginal with Russian citizenship, who expressed positive emotions about the tragic events in Ukraine or any other country. But the problem is that joy about other people’s tragedies ceases to be marginal – and now some Russian journalists to publicly rejoice in the deaths of other Russian journalists, deeming it their birthright.

Clearly not what people thought in the twentieth century, is that in Russian society of the XXI century will be a discussion question, is it possible to rejoice in others ‘ troubles. Even during the great Patriotic war, despite zashkalivalo cruelty of the Nazis, despite the poems and the article “Kill the German!”, the Soviet people with pity, treated prisoners, and the joy of the accidental death of German citizens (not to be confused with the death of a soldier in combat) has never been considered the norm. Not even too humane Soviet propaganda switched from hostility to the Germans and their allies in hostility to fascism in General before the end of the war, though affected by the occupation had something to show and Hungarians, and Italians, and Spaniards, and Finns.

Now there is no war (or rather, it is only in the East of Ukraine and on Ukraine’s fault), but the hatred and dehumanization of enemies is. And, alas, not only in Ukraine.

But even if the opponent loses the human form this is not a reason to become a mirror. Vladimir Putin has convincingly demonstrated the beauty and complexity of “non-mirrored” measures. The failure to create a reciprocal challenges to American diplomats, it is Christmas and Christian virtue, and it is human indulgence to the outgoing President of the United States, and the refusal to transfer the desire of conflict from a number of politicians in all of American government.

In 2017 there will be many different events – and to each of us again will face a choice, whether to remain a civilized man or a joyful hoot to jump into the inviting forest road, with its “eye for eye, nose for nose, the neighbor’s cow died, what a delight!”

I’d like to believe not only that civilized people will be more, but that they will be more noticeable.

Happy New year! May it be better than the previous one. Let the line between civilization and savagery will no longer be susceptible to assaults. Let each of us be able to remain a man always, and no matter what.


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