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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Speaking about the crisis in the Donbass, Turchinov jumped to conclusions

Chapter LNR Igor Carpenter called false statement by the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov about the fact that APU has improved its position in the Donbass, and began to “liberate occupied territories”. On the contrary, according to Carpenter, the Ukrainian security forces suffered a heavy defeat and suffered huge losses. Whose version of events is closer to the truth?

“There was no improvement of position. It can’t be. All their attempts ended in failure: the massive loss of soldiers APU and loss of equipment. The war party, to which the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, wishful thinking. In addition to outright lies and psevdofaktov, this rhetoric is nothing, – said the head LNR. – The legend of securing APU on the line of differentiation clearly confirmed the new hospital beds in Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnitsa. We regret that for false promises of Turchynov and “Kiev junta” pay with the tears of the mothers of soldiers APU.”

“On a huge pig farm, built under Shcherbytsky, the buses still bring workers living permanently in Gorlovka”

Previously Turchynov expressed the opinion that 2017 will be a turning point in restoring control over the Donbass, as in 2016 the Ukrainian security forces have improved their position in the Donbass. It is generally a lot of brilliant things said in a new year interview to TV channel “1+1”. For example, the thesis “turning point 2017” literally looks like this:

“This is the first year that Ukraine has not lost a single meter of its territory. All attempts to move forward, all attempts to break through our defenses in 2016 was doomed. Moreover, the enemy suffered serious losses, and the armed forces of Ukraine improved their positions. That is, meter by meter we begin to liberate the occupied territories. I am convinced that 2017 will be a turning point in this matter.”

But back to the question about “improving the position of APU” during the recent fighting on the arc svetlodarsk, which started as a local offensive, and ended in heavy defeat critical operations, such losses. Only the terrain and the political will was not given VSN to improve its position in this sector. Again: VSN (Armed forces of new Russia), not APU.

However, the arguments in favor of “improve position” Turchinov was taken not directly from the ceiling. Retreating from previously captured areas, several groups APU is caught on “the new strategic height” on the banks of the river Kunapuli about six hundred meters from the previous one. Subsequently, they returned to their trenches to celebrate the success and even maps around the “new position”. However, this position had no military sense, because it was exposed to the “Frights” and thus were not equipped.

But this event is not important, although characteristic. On the Northern shore of the reservoir Uglegorsk thermal power plant that is already in Svetlodarsk with its minefields and mortar fortified, is a small village of Novoluganskoe. In 2014 it is located in the orbit of the Ukrainian administration and the delimitation line of the Minsk agreements fixed in Ukraine.

Local authorities obey the military and civil administration of the remnants of Donetsk region, headed by Paul Zebrowski. In a rural Council you can get help migrant or refugee, there are Ukrainian laws, you can even open up a firm to buy Ukrainian products – new Lugansk Kiev blockade does not apply.

This village was considered neutral from a military point of view, since there was no garrison of any of the parties. It is located so that no military value is not, and to reach it is not so simple. Do not force the same reservoir for 500 rickety huts and the kindergarten “Ivushka” – the main pride Novoluganskogo, the former farm on the First of may. However, on the outskirts of sluggish and sleepy checkpoint APU – that’s the whole garrison, except the district, which, however, did not appear in the workplace since the beginning of the war.

But on the evening of 23 December, which is the curtain of a failed attack on svetlodarsk arc, when it was time to tick, in the village of Novoluganskoe came a battalion “Donbass” – the personal possession of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada semen Semenchenko, a more formally – 46th Obspm “Donbass-Ukraine”. How it got there and what he was doing – on the other side of the reservoir and about 15 miles from the combat zone – a big tactical puzzle. However, the battalion commander Vyacheslav Vlasenko (call sign “owl”) wrote on his page on “Facebook”: “Hello, svetlodarsk arc. Today battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” successfully performed the daring operation to liberate the city novoluhans’ke. Immediately. Losslessly. Hi, separable”.

Separable, the greeting is not answered because there was not and could not be. For this reason, many have questioned the appropriateness of the descriptive term “cocky” and started to get out of combat Vlasenko, where he is a vodka took on Friday evening. Vlasenko some time insisted that Novoluganskoe controlled by a “separable” from issues about the vodka tactfully dodged. And eventually “disappeared from radar”.

A few days later the PR of the battalion “Donbass” has changed tactics. In hindsight, they recognized that no “separable” in novoluhans’ke was not. But in General they are still heroes, because the fact of finding the village in the neutral (grey) area is not good and they raised the Ukrainian flag over the crumbling building rural houses of culture and daubed on the door “laskavo if asked!”.

At the same time on live out loud terbatovtsev surprised that on a huge pig farm, built during the Brezhnev first Secretary of the Communist party of the Shcherbytsky, buses still bring the workers constantly living in Gorlovka and Dolomite, that is, on the other side of the front line. It is already a disorder, and the battalion “Donbass” is ready to take on the responsibility that this disorder be eradicated.

On Monday in new Lugansk representatives of the APU. Looked at it at all – and left. Battalion “Filin” (middle-aged, by the way, people) gave an interview in which he continued to assert that the seizure Novoluganskogo was a brilliant operation with the “stealth nomination” and the battalion “Donbass” is on the front lines. But he is particularly concerned that a significant number of the male population Novoluganskogo fighting on the side of the DNI, LC and sometimes returned to the village to their families.

That’s the story, probably much exaggerated by the time when reports reached Kiev and got to Turchynov. Which, in turn, being a native of Dnepropetrovsk, in principle, not obliged to know, where is novoluhans’ke. Write in reports that the position has improved and that there was a first victory in over a year, well and good.

In reality Novoluganskoe sweep through all the known positions of the BCH, is located in the hills to the South and West. At some desire it is possible to bomb the battalion “Donbass” and throw it in the reservoir, but no one needs. BCH limited-time detection of enemy firing points, short mortar strike and things got back on track. Improvement if it the positions of the APU? No, of course not, rather the contrary. But on the already familiar laws of “self-promotion” of this kind of news Turchinov natural for him included this episode in his interview as an example almost of a fracture at the front. A Carpenter reacted, because in Donbass also look at “1+1” and it may be an old Ukrainian habit to count that the government “do something back”.


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