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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

In Georgia, a scandal is born “Pro TV”

Soon Georgia will Pro-Russian TV channel, who will become the man known as “the gravedigger of the regime of Saakashvili”. It is crucial that it is not just about journalists and politicians who count with the help of such a channel is vacant while the Pro-Russian niche. But this would be very difficult.

On the Georgian television market major changes are coming. While on an endless trial around of a broadcasting company “Rustavi 2”, which is to determine its owner (in this case, no one doubts that the canal are the former President Mikhail Saakashvili and his entourage), just two pieces of news on Tuesday sparked fierce debate in the media sphere and can claim the status of a local sensation.

“In the video I used photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian armored vehicles”

First, one media holding uniting Imedi TV, Maestro and GDS. His sympathy for Saakashvili and his “United national movement” they suspect, no way. Thus, the “Rustavi 2” next year will be a serious competitor.

Secondly, 31 December will be broadcast by the TV company “Tbilisi-24”, one of the leading which is the author of the famous video of torture in Georgian prisons Vladimir bedukadze. This year, he suddenly announced the beginning of his political career, the core of which was the motive of the need to restore close ties with Russia.

It should be noted that, according to all polls, West (NATO, EU) tends at least one third of the residents of Georgia. However, the question about the necessity of normalization of relations with Russia, undermined by the war of 2008, will positively answer no less citizens of the country. Many people understand that dialogue with Moscow is simply no alternative.

That is Bedukadze, together with the party “Centrists”, entered the political arena of Georgia just a few months ago, it is hoped this segment of voters. They began to actively campaign, but overzealous promises “Russian pensions, the abolition of the visa regime with Russia restoration of territorial integrity before the end of 2017 and the entry into the Eurasian Union.”

Even in relatively liberal, Georgia is considered prohibitive, and that made the news about a new channel scandalous. In the end, for Georgia, Russia is a country “occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetia”. With it there is not expected diplomatic relations, although trade-economic and humanitarian in some degree restored.

The CEC eventually removed the “Centrists” from registration. Explained by the fact that they had violated certain provisions of the election law. But most of the public were outraged commercials “Centrists” – it used pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian armored vehicles.

Bedukadze protested, but to no avail. And now he is back in the spotlight. The politician told the news Agency “Pirveli”, he intends to work on new TV’s political talk show “by analogy with one of these Russian projects”, without specifying, however, which. The right to broadcast channel already received – it provides a special Commission governing such matters. However, at first, the “Tbilisi-24” will broadcast for just six hours a day and only in Georgian language.

As noted by other Georgian media, this TV is formed on the basis of the news Agency. It is also referred to as “Pro”, but the comments on this matter from leaders of the Agency no. Probably, the reason for such suspicions is the fact that the Director of the Agency is colleague Bedukadze NGO “Center of public monitoring” Gocha Nachkebia.

Republican Levan Berdzenishvili, who headed the Parliament 2012-2016, the Committee for European integration, believes that it is necessary to quickly find out who it is funded by “Tbilisi-24”. In the first place, not whether the Russian’s party, and if so, a special law is expressly prohibited. “In General, we can say that the opening of such an openly Pro-Russian TV – is a serious challenge to the authorities of Georgia from the Russian “soft power”, – he said the newspaper VIEW.

The former Deputy does not exclude that the appearance on the Georgian television market of such TV “in General may reflect the strengthening of Pro-Russian ideological segment in Georgia, and this is unacceptable”. Levan Berdzenishvili did not exclude that the European institutions such as the Council of Europe, would react to the appearance of such a channel very negative. He also believes that Georgia should do more to promote Pro-European aims and objectives.

“Airing of such a TV will cause big excitement,” he concluded.

Note that Bedukadze in Georgia is often called the “gravedigger of the regime of Saakashvili” for common them the footage. He was a member of the system the IUT and before the parliamentary elections four years ago gave reporters secretly filmed footage of torture of prisoners. This caused a huge wave of protests that affected the victory of the oppositional “Georgian dream”.


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