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Friday, February 23, 2018

Eugene balitchi: Russian Ukrainians the feeling that we live not in your country

“That is where the lions! In my hometown Melitopol remained in the whole town just two Russian class at school. The entire city speaks in Russian. Nationalists do not realize that they have become cancer for the country,” – said the newspaper VIEW Verkhovna Rada Deputy Yevgeny Balitsky, commenting on the draft law on the protection of the Russian language in Ukraine.

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, a bill on support for Russian language, which in the beginning of the week was brought by the Deputy from the Opposition bloc Eugene balitchi. The full name of the document reads: “About the state support of measures for the development, promotion and protection of Russian, other languages of national minorities in Ukraine”.

“In my hometown Melitopol remained in the whole town just two Russian class at school. The entire city speaks in Russian”

The document Balitsky offers every year in 2017-2020. to allocate from the state budget resources for the popularization of the Russian language. As the Deputy writes in the explanatory Memorandum, for the greater part of the population, along with Ukrainian, and Russian is their native language, so you should prevent the closure of Russian schools and Russian cultural centers. The author also advocates the abolition of quotas on television and radio, limiting the use of the Russian language.

Now the deputies are on vacation and will return to work on January 17.

In early December the bill was presented and approved at the regional conference on the Russian language in the city of Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk previously). In October the petition of the inhabitants of the cities of the Dnieper and Uzhgorod on granting the Russian language a special regional status score the required number of votes, after which they are now obliged to consider local government.

In an interview with the newspaper OPINION MP from the Opposition bloc Eugene balitchi talked about who he believes nationality – Ukrainian or Russian.

Eugene Balitchi

(photo: facebook.com/balytsky.yevhen)

OPINION: Evgeny, what specific measures do you propose to spend money from the Ukrainian Treasury?

Eugene balitchi: In my law envisages budgetary support for the publication of books in the Russian language, extra-curricular lessons of Russian language and literature, and circles, as well as customs clearance of imported Russian-language literature.

The Constitution States that: all peoples have the right to study in schools and publishing books in their language, programs on TV channels and their own media. The European Charter for regional or minority languages of 1992, which enshrines such rights was ratified by Ukraine in 2003. One of the most numerous living in Ukraine peoples remain Russian. We – Russian-speaking Russian citizens of Ukraine have to understand that to remain full citizens of their country. Ukraine is a multinational state.

Unfortunately, Nice parallel considering a number of bills that infringe the rights of Russians and other national minorities. In particular, this new reduction of content in TV, movies, publishing of books. It’s all served up with the sauce of patriotism and love for their homeland.

What language prefer to use in everyday communication the inhabitants of the several countries of the former Strata for example, I am Russian by nationality, I speak Russian, at the same time, it is difficult to find more Ukrainian than I do. ‘ve never been ashamed of their nationality, their language, on the contrary, was proud of it. For me, as for millions of compatriots who built this country, defended it, is extremely unpleasant all of these things. That’s why I filed a bill that supports not only Russian, but other languages of our many peoples. People have the right to study the language in which mother sang to them lullaby.

OPINION: the constitutional court of Ukraine shall consider the complaint 57 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada the law “On principles of state language policy”, known as the law of Kivalov Kolesnichenko, adopted under Yanukovych. However, we know that last year this law and so much changed. Why was it necessary at all to cancel it?

E. B.: Changes made to this law in 2015, essentially making him inactive, still catalyzed separatist sentiment in Russian-speaking regions of the country. We already lost the Crimea and waged war in the Donbass. Why even bring the collapse of the country? Good this topic should not be raised.

Deputies are trying to challenge in the constitutional court, “the law of Kivalov – Kolesnichenko”, hiding behind Patriotic rhetoric, really trying to squeeze out Russian language from our country. It only leads to confusion and vacillation, to new strife.

The country is richer and stronger than it is home to more nationalities. Nationalists call themselves patriots only. Our speaker Parubiy said recently that in the East, it turns out, live not indigenous Ukrainians and migrants from Russian regions.

But I was born and raised in Eastern Ukraine, and I no less Ukrainian than any guy from Vinnitsa. At the same time I Russian. The nationalists want to divide our country. We, in the Opposition bloc, on the contrary, want to unite all of the many nationalities of our country in order to tackle internal issues, to raise our economy.

OPINION: do You expect that your bill will be supported by representatives of other national minorities?

E. B.: Rampant Ukrainization infringes on the rights of not only Russian. She discriminary and other minorities: Rusyns, Hungarians, poles, the Crimean Tatars. Climbed unhealthy nationalistic wave, the whole glorification of dubious historical figures like Bandera and Shukhevych, which for us will never be heroes. For me hero is a General Vatutin liberated Kiev, and not all of these people.

Ukraine more than 20 years did nothing for the Crimean Tatar people nothing, but now suddenly declared his support. Thus arranged energy blockade of the Crimea, which has a negative impact on the same Tatars living in Crimea. What do they want? To return to the Crimea and the Donbass? So with the embargo we will never achieve. On the contrary, any quest for peace begins with inter-ethnic reconciliation. Except for barricades and walls, our government does not have learned to build anything.

OPINION: what exactly does discrimination of Russian-speaking population? Authorities say that concerns about it are exaggerated.

E. B.: Reduced hours of Russian language teaching in schools, reducing the number of Russian classes. But worst of all, we instill nationalistic ideology. I’m not against the Ukrainian language – by the way, very melodious. But I want the same freedom to speak in Russian, like millions of my compatriots.

Even our MPs like to prohibit Russian movies. Banned, for example, “White guard” as to denigrate Ukrainian history film. Apparently, our MPs know better, as indeed was the case in Kiev during the Civil war than Mikhail Bulgakov, who saw with their own eyes. All these bans on Russian movies, Russian songs, Russian culture creates we, Russian Ukrainians, the sense that we do not live in their country.

In addition, actively fueled the hysteria with signs in Russian at airports and railway stations, as well as renaming of streets. Why rename, for example, street and Pioneer street Shchorsa? Than not hit the pioneers and red commander, a Ukrainian by nationality? Fuel to the fire and adds an active anti-communism, and the desire to erase all Soviet Ukrainian history. But not from Chelyabinsk came to us commissioners and soldiers. Their were Ukrainians.

Moreover, in most countries the law prohibits the glorification of Nazis and their collaborators, we have magnified collaborators and parades with swastikas. The decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, apparently, not written for us.

OPINION: this month the court in Lviv expelled on the street Russian cultural center. Although the reason for the eviction was purely economic, the Directorate of the centre said the court’s decision a political one. It is plausible version?

E. B.: Local authorities and the nationalists do what is usually involved in the cat when there is nothing to do. Streets were renamed, monuments to Lenin demolished, it’s time for a cultural center to evict. Other problems apparently, in the West of Ukraine. With the same success tomorrow, they will cancel Gogol, banned the color red. Three or four years ago, everyone in Ukraine, wore the ribbons, but now they have banned. All these bans do not lead to peace in the country.

There lions! In my hometown Melitopol remained in the whole town just two Russian class at school. The entire city speaks in Russian. Nationalists do not realize that they have become cancer for the country. Now we need to deal with the economy and not pit one part of Ukrainian citizens on the other.

OPINION: is There any chance that your bill is passed?

E. B.: of course, I hope to speak and protect him as much. But I understand that it is unlikely she was Glad to take it.

OPINION: it has Been three years since the beginning of euromaidan. As for this time, in your opinion, has changed the mood of ordinary Ukrainians?

E. B.: Light a match and start a fire easily put out – it’s hard. Now the cure can only time. It is necessary that the authorities came to other people, which would have corrected the economic situation in the country. Then nationalist fervor will pass. But today people understand that maydanovskaya foam raised up people, robbing the whole country now. The mood changed. The authorities and the nationalists – they are different people. The government in Kiev thinks that would steal and nationalists, she just takes advantage.


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