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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Erdogan has accused the United States in cooperation with the IG

Turkish President Erdogan has promised “at least in pictures, even video” proof of cooperation between the US and ISIS. However, the evidence has not been received. What accounts for such a serious attacks of the Turkish leader on its NATO ally? Not whether Erdogan is trying to oust the United States from the inter-Syrian settlement, leaving the only Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said there was evidence of support for militants of the “Islamic state” by the coalition led by the United States. According to Erdogan, the coalition operating in Syria, is not fulfilling its obligations to fight terrorists.

“Turkey has long refrained from war against ISIS”

Moreover, “they support all terrorist groups, including the YPG, the PYD (the Kurdish formation of a “people’s protection Units” and the party “Democratic Union” – approx. OPINION), and DAIS (ISIS*),” – said Erdogan, who was quoted by AFP. “It’s absolutely clear, absolutely clear,” – said the Turkish President, noting that it can provide evidence at least in pictures, at least on video. However, Erdogan is only limited to this promise, without presenting relevant evidence.

Earlier in November, during his visit to Pakistan, the Turkish leader said that “the West supports DAYS right now,” and pointed out that the weapons of the fighters of Western production, recalled the Agency.

The current Erdogan’s attack against the United States hastened to refute pretty dry in the state Department. His spokesman mark Toner said that the words about the cooperation with IG – “ridiculous statement”.

Meanwhile on 14 December, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also accused the US of involvement in the seizure by terrorists of the IG unit. He noted the presence of LIH new weapons and pointed to the inaction of the American coalition. Indeed, in recent time, Western countries, particularly Britain and France, were involved in only a range of draft resolutions of the UN security Council regarding sanctions against the government of Syria.

Is there any evidence?

Turkey has long refrained from taking action in the war against ISIS, said in comments the newspaper VIEW Director of the research center “the middle East – the Caucasus” of the International Institute of the newest States Stanislav Tarasov. “Only after was made a powerful attack in Gaziantep, Turkey was forced to admit that the attack was committed with the filing of its Western allies, primarily the United States and was committed by ISIL,” – said Tarasov.

LIH is a complex entity, the source continues, Recalling the version according to which the creation of the “Islamic state” was attended by Turkish and American intelligence services. “Turkish intelligence has evidence about the close Alliance between US intelligence agencies and IG – especially when it comes to transporting weapons, Finance, the supply of so-called human resource, says Tarasov. – Were writing a lot about the Americans, and later the Germans.”

Head of the research Department of middle East conflicts and the armed forces of the region of the Institute of innovative development Anton Mardas recalls: Erdogan is not the first one who accuses the coalition of States in support of ISIS. Did before, and Kurdish and Syrian representatives.

However, according to Murgasova, in any case of Turkey, these statements seem ridiculous. “Just remember about the proven contacts of the Turkish intelligence with ISIS, about how more recently, the Turkish border guards are talking to the Islamists just across the border. And also about the storming of Dzharablus that, unlike similar sized El-Baba, the Turks took suspiciously quickly,” said orientalist in comments the newspaper VIEW.

American leadership in the world came to an end

Note that for his allegations, Erdogan has chosen the right moment – “interregnum” in Washington. This happens in a situation when leaving the Obama administration not able to intervene, Donald trump has not yet assumed office, says Stanislav Tarasov. No one knows how soon to be formed new foreign policy agenda of the United States, including in the Middle East and Syria in particular, specifies Tarasov. “This pause in international diplomacy and trying to take advantage of Erdogan” – the expert adds.

Who is friends with whom and fighting in Syria and Iraq, the President of the Institute of Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky recalled in conversation with the newspaper VIEW that Erdogan and Barack Obama do not like each other. The outgoing President of the United States is still “crap as you can, to all: for us and for the Israelis, Erdogan the same thing.” According to him, this also caused the statement of the Turkish President about the cooperation of the coalition led by the United States, with the IG.

We will add that on the eve of the newspaper the Washington Post published an article which implies that because of the indecision and cold attitude of Barack Obama to the greatness of their power, American leadership in the world came to an end.

“Turkey, Iran and Russia met in Moscow to deal with the Affairs of the Middle East. Not even the United States called for a meeting,” wrote the author.

Of the material suggests that the main saboteurs and dissidents of the American world order were the Russian, the Persians and the Turks. At the same time Turkey between the lines and is accused of betrayal, as it is a member of the Alliance.

“Cut off the Americans from the talks in Astana”

In turn, Stanislav Tarasov believes that Erdogan is now made accusations against the United States, is a political move designed to “cut off the Americans from the talks in Astana”. The expert recalled the recent “meeting in Moscow the foreign Ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey all signs is the intermediate character is only a preparation” for possible negotiations in the capital of Kazakhstan. Yet they are not expected to participate, neither the UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura, nor – and this is important – representatives of the United States. Moreover, as suggested by Tarasov, Russia is just not beneficial to this exclusion of the Americans from the negotiation process in Astana.

Yevgeny Satanovsky doubts that Erdogan, putting forward such serious accusations against US, trying to throw the United States out of the process of the Syrian settlement. Satanovsky said: “the United States never existed in the Syrian settlement. The US is not interested in Syria, they were interested in the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad. No settlement ever from the Western bloc was not interested,” – said the expert.

Without the United States and the Kurds, but with Qatar and the Saudis

Erdogan, inter alia, stated that the inter-Syrian talks in the capital of Kazakhstan (which, as mentioned above, will involve Russia, Iran and Turkey) to connect Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These countries “showed good will and support” the Syrian settlement,” said the Turkish President. At the same time, Erdogan reminded that Turkey refuses to participate in the talks if they will invite members of “terrorist organizations” – that is Syrian Kurds.

What extremist groups are recognized as terrorist in different countries (infographic)”Erdogan discusses ISIL in the same row with the Kurdish organizations with which he is fighting in Syria – said Stanislav Tarasov. – In the West, these Kurdish organizations not recognized as a terrorist; some countries believe that the terrorist Kurdistan workers ‘party, acting on the territory of the South-Eastern vilayets of Turkey and partly in the territory of Northern Iraq”. The first action of the Turkish air force was sent against the Kurds, emphasizes Tarasov. Turkish leader tries to forestall the emergence of the Kurdish factor in the run-up to the international conference on the Syrian settlement, the expert believes. Kurdish organizations fighting with ISIL in Syria, are in a tacit Alliance with “the Assad regime” that does not suit Turkey.

In addition, Tarasov recalls: Turkey once said that in the intra-Syrian talks in Astana should not participate in fact the representatives of Damascus.

Profitable for Russia?

As for the participation of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, then, as suggested by Tarasov, Russia is not against these countries participated in the negotiations. In his opinion, the connection of Turkey and its Arabian allies in the negotiating process in Geneva and Astana will translate their actions in a peaceful way.

“The main thing is to find keys to a peaceful political process, underlines Tarasov. – The more that Russia and Turkey are now collaborating, including Eastern Aleppo”.

Yevgeny Satanovsky, in turn, casts doubt on the effectiveness of negotiations with such participation. Some of “our “genius” experts shouted that we severed Turkey from its allies, but to get it from NATO”, – said the interlocutor. Moreover, some politicians talked about the promise of Erdogan to withdraw from the Alliance.

However, “Erdogan, of course, doing the right thing. The man East. Now he’s trying their sponsors terrorists to drag into the conversation with Iran and Russia”, – said the expert. Any “bright prospects” in expanding the number of participants in the negotiations, the interlocutor sees. Russia is unlikely to be interested in connecting Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the negotiations.

Factor El-Baba

In turn, military expert Anton Mardas believes that with the help of accusations against the United States, Erdogan just explains why it delayed the operation to liberate the city of al-Bab.

“Turkey, as you know, the dosage is amassing its forces to the city, and supported by the Turks “free Syrian army” not justified”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Of Mardas believes such statements of the Turkish leadership banal game in the political field. “Erdogan wants to once again point out that Ankara now pursues an independent from Washington, the “correct” foreign policy”, he explained.

A confirmation of the thesis about the desire of Turkey to conduct an independent policy can serve as the statement of the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. On Wednesday, the state Anadolu news Agency, citing Minister said that Moscow and Ankara have produced two agreements on truce in Syria.

One of the documents pertain to a political settlement, the second ceasefire. According to Cavusoglu, the truce could begin at any time, reports TASS.

While Ankara continues to insist on the participation of Kurds in the Syrian talks. Cavusoglu noted that the party of the Syrian Kurds “Democratic Union” (PYD) will not participate in scheduled for the second half of January, negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition representatives in Astana.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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