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Saturday, April 14, 2018

From Merkel failed leader of the “free world”

Angela Merkel is still considered the most powerful woman on Earth – moreover, a recently published Forbes she is ranked third among the most influential people in the world. It even tried to declare a new leader of the liberal West – from which, however, the Chancellor refused. Indeed, Merkel, even if he wanted to, could not lead a “force for good”.

After winning trump’s liberal world remained without a leader. The liberal world is the West, what he sees “progressive”, globalist-minded Anglo-Saxon and Western elite in General. By default, the leader of the “free world” is the President of the United States – but with the election trump, questioned and globalization, and the principle of Atlantic solidarity (that is, the obedience of Europe Anglo-Saxon control), the liberal ideologists were alarmed. Can not the enemy of globalization and five minutes to a friend of Putin (at least – for his unwitting puppet) to be “a man carrying a torch”.

“The leader of the “free world” vacant – and it may well be that forever”

Urgently started looking for alternatives, that is, the candidates in the lead – and a week later the choice was made. November 15, The New York Times proclaimed that “the election trump did Angela Merkel last strong defender of the liberal West and the transatlantic Alliance”. From Clinton failed to become the President and leader of the West – nothing, here’s another Frau, no worse and even better. In the end, in a globalizing world, national identity does not matter.

No, of course, the Newspapers did not write about it – and about how to safely Merkel pointed out Trump the need to respect “fundamental values of liberal democracy.” Already one that she did claim to leadership, admired commentators.

“Germany and America linked by common values: democracy, freedom, and respect for the rule of law and the dignity of every human being, regardless of its origin, skin colour, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation and political opinion”, – said Merkel, and cooperation with the United States should “be based on these values” – look, she puts the Tramp!

And when a few days later Germany came Barack Obama, it was seen as a passing of the baton – that is, one leader of the free world blesses his successor.

That is from Merkel expected her not only to remain the leader in Europe – already controversial because the refugee crisis has undermined the position of Chancellor, not only in Germany but in the EU – but will be the leader of the West. The absurdity of this assumption only confirms the confusion in which the cosmopolitan elites after 8 November.

Angela Merkel waited until the start of December, when he announced his decision to fight for a fourth term of Chancery – that is to lead his party in elections to the Bundestag in September. And stated that he does not consider himself the leader of the free world, calling the title “grotesque” and “absurd”. And now Time magazine this week writes that “Merkel need to keep the power, before she will be able to deal with trump,” that is, to remain Chancellor after the fall of 2017.

Anyway, according to Time, Merkel is, of course, feels responsible, but “even her friends doubt her ability to lead the free world”. “It’s stupid that Germany does not have the critical mass of power in order to play the role of the leader” – the words of Elmar Brok, Chairman of the international Affairs Committee of the European Parliament who is familiar with Merkel for a quarter century, Time. So after all what’s the problem in Germany or its Chancellor?

Of course, in both of them. Let’s start with the Chancellor. First, it is unclear the prospects for Merkel. Angel is still the most popular candidate for the post of Chancellor, but her career comes to a close. Her decision to accept all refugees in 2015 has led to the frustration of the Germans in it – Yes, it is supported, Yes, she doesn’t have strong opponents within the party, coalition system allows her to build every possible combination, Yes, it is gradually toughening its stance on migrants, but there is a feeling that Merkel era ends.

She can stay Chancellor until September (if formed another coalition or if the Chancellor’s representative will be the SPD) or even a couple of years (until the next intra – party coup- so in Germany like to change chancellors) – but she has no energy, no confidence. Not because she is left alone surrounded by the new leaders of other Western countries – and because that really starts another new time. Which will require new leaders – including in Germany.

So Merkel may not be a “defender of liberal values” – she’s outgoing nature. Not to mention the fact that her survival in the German government is only possible if it is to demonstrate to voters their movement away from cosmopolitanism to nationalism. More precisely – to the national feeling, because in Germany even the word “nationalism” is at risk.

And just this fact attests to the fact that Germany cannot be anyone’s leader – that is, the current Germany, which represents Merkel. Yes, the German Chancellor may not be a “leader of the free world” not so much because of their personal qualities, but because of what represents Germany itself. Even to qualify for leadership in Europe, not to mention all the West, you need to be a sovereign state like the USA or the UK. But Germany after 1945 do not possess full sovereignty – indeed, the entire postwar West built won the war by the Anglo-Saxons for control of Europe, and primarily Germany.

Germany in political, ideological and administrative sense – a product of the creativity of the US and the UK. When all attempts at peaceful resistance of the German elites, if they preserved the financial-economic power, when an unexpected and unwanted for the Anglo-Saxons the unification of Germany a quarter century ago – Germany is not an independent subject of geopolitics.

Hence the problem with the EU, Germany played a locomotive only, subject to the rules of construction of the Atlantic the European Union. The Atlantic is not independent, that is, Germanic, and certainly not the Eurasian. The current crisis in the EU caused by the uncertainty as to the future of the project, and with the future of Germany.

European integration in its current form cannot fail to increase as Germany itself and its role in Europe and for European integration has continued and deepened, it is necessary that other States increasingly shared its sovereignty. In whose favor? Formally, in favour of Brussels, that is supranational, pan-European bureaucracy. It was conceived within the Atlantic project of European integration when the EU is a political analogue of the NATO, that is part of the great West, in which he is Junior partner of the US.

But recent years have shown that the more integrated the EU, the more it is perceived as a “German project”: and the rest of Europe, and in Germany itself. That is, European integration has come to a point where Germany has a real opportunity to seize the entire “EU project” and make it from the Atlantic to the European, i.e. German (while respecting the interests of the French and Italians as the largest EU countries).

It’s clear that the German elites are afraid to even say aloud that they have the opportunity – they are taught only to publicly repent for the “German crimes” and to swear allegiance to the one true doctrine of Atlanticism. But the emancipation of the German elites from the Anglo-Saxon influence is inevitable – the only question is the speed of the process. And those “who have” Atlanticist everyone understands – it is no accident such Anglo-Saxon analysts like Friedman of Stratfor, have repeatedly stressed that the main threat to USA is the possibility of formation of the Russian-German Alliance. Therefore, at the slightest threat of withdrawal of Germany from under Atlantic control is collapsed, the European Union – to weaken the German capacity.

But it is possible future scenarios. And Germany today has full sovereignty and are not committed to it – maybe it can be made the “leader of the West”, maybe it’s not dangerous for the supra-national elites of the West? No, dangerous – today, the German elite will feel the taste of leadership in upholding the values of the “liberal West” and tomorrow, you see, she wants to defend “national values” in Europe. And the skill of self-leadership she already is. So none of the globalists in their right mind and voluntarily give Germany control levers obscheatlanticheskogo mechanism.

It turns out that the leader of the “free world” vacant – and it may well be that forever. After all, German Newspapers after winning trump’s already proclaimed the “death of the West”.


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