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Friday, March 16, 2018

Russia is ready for missile exercises in Ukraine near the Crimea

In the Ukrainian exercises, which began on Thursday West of the Crimea involved a “renewed” Soviet air defense system was renovated in the location of Kherson brigade anti-aircraft missile troops, said the newspaper VIEW, former commander of brigade General Bizhev. What else can you use the Ukrainian military and the Russia closes Crimea from possible “random” attack?

Exercises with missile firing in the South of Ukraine has started and is in full swing, said Thursday morning the head of the press center of Air command “South” of the Armed forces of Ukraine Vladimir Kryzhanovsky. We are talking about the firing in the sovereign airspace of Russia in the flight information region of Simferopol. According to the representative of APU Kryzhanovsky, the nearest point of approach to the airspace of the Crimea on the firing is at least 30 km.

“In 2001, the Ukrainians were much better prepared than now, and yet was shot down during a training exercise, a passenger plane”

Black sea fleet ships went to sea and took the position of the Maritime areas off the West coast of the Crimea in order to ensure the defense of the Peninsula. Air defense forces of Russia in Crimea already had been translated into enhanced mode.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that Ukraine has not responded to the appeal of the Ministry of transport of Russia not to carry out aerial firing in the area of Crimea.

The airport of Simferopol on Thursday is operating normally, delays and cancellations of flights 1 and 2 December no reports TASS. Earlier in Rosaviation have informed that Ukraine in violation of all international agreements carries out shooting in the sovereign airspace of Russia in the Crimea, where the directions of the civil and state aircraft.

However, the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov assured: threats to the security of flights over the Peninsula in case Ukraine will hold missile firing, no.

According to Rosaviation, Ukraine has established a new danger zone for flights over neutral waters of the Black sea and partly over the black sea territorial waters of Russia to the South-West and South-East of Crimea. In the Department assured that in this situation there is no question about the closure of airspace over the Russian region.

“Only in the airspace of Ukraine”?

In Kiev also claim that the exercises “will be held exclusively in the airspace of Ukraine, in the open sea, they will be conducted in accordance with international law.” However, the head of the press service of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) Roman Urchila that voiced this message, under the “airspace of Ukraine” certainly has in mind the airspace of the Crimea, reunited with Russia. However, a representative of APU assured that you have taken the necessary security measures in preparation of the exercise. Urchila completely eliminated the threat to the inhabitants of the Peninsula, adding that the boundary of the danger zone is 20-30 km from the coast of the Peninsula.

Note also that the Ukrainian shooting announced about the same time on Thursday in the middle of the day when in Moscow, in the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin is expected to deliver a message to Parliament. It is not excluded that thus Kyiv tries to create a negative background for the Russian leader’s speech.

Kiev responded to the fake Ukrainian media

On the eve of Kiev said the type of missiles which it intends to use for the teachings on Thursday and Friday. “They will tested anti-aircraft controlled medium-range missiles, said Roman Urchila. – The events will involve crews of combat aircraft, transport aircraft units anti-aircraft missile troops, Radiotechnical troops and communications, and unmanned aircraft. One of the elements of the exercise will be air shooting – guided medium-range missiles”.

Also Wednesday, Deputy defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Dublyany said that the Agency admits rocket attack Russia through Ukraine to missile firings. “Judging from their actions over the years, they (Russia) we can expect a lot of bad and negative”, – announced the Deputy head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, saying “the threat of Russia to launch a missile attack on Ukrainian launchers”.

Explain – such threats in reality was not. Ukrainian media with reference to some unnamed sources disseminated by the assertion that the threats “to respond to missile attack” allegedly said in the letter, the Russian defense Ministry the military attaché of the Ukrainian Embassy. The existence of such letter, the official sources have not confirmed any statements of this kind in the Russian defense Ministry did not sound. The statement APU is on a par with hysterical speeches of the head of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov about the fact that Russia allegedly wants to transfer the “hybrid war” against Ukraine in the active phase.

“Old Soviet missiles, known as “enhanced”

Military expert Anton Lavrov suggests that on Thursday the Ukrainian firings using converted s-300, according to the district, which is “close” to the Ukrainian military.

“This transformation is the possibility of using the new fuel, as the shelf life of old, averaging 10 years, has long expired. The fuel dries, and crack, causing loss of characteristics”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Lieutenant-General Aitech Bizhev, who previously commanded the joint air defense system of the CIS, also believes that Ukraine uses Thursday modified s-300 missiles modification of the old.

“Have they (the missiles used in s-300) all improved long-range, and they have missiles such as it is,” said Bijev in comments the newspaper VIEW. The main anti-aircraft missile complex long-range army air defense Russia is the s-300V system.

In Kiev, we recall, claim that “they will tested anti-aircraft controlled medium-range missiles”. Ukrainian according to open sources, armed APU is the only type of anti-aircraft missile systems of medium – range “Buk-M1”.

However, as mentioned above, experts believe the shooting may be used and updated obsolete version of s-300 complexes of average range. “Most likely they have repaired the SAM in the Kherson brigade, which, by the way, I once commanded when it was called the 208th guards anti-aircraft missile brigade,” suggested Bijev. “It’s an old Soviet missiles, “modified and improved” don’t know how. The area of teaching – far from Crimea, where some 250 kilometers. These short-range missiles do not reach the coast.”

According to the interlocutor, it is possible that the shooting will be used SAM “Buk-M1”.

Rumors about the use of the APU when the shooting of the new Ukrainian rocket “Alder” is not yet confirmed, noted, in turn, the military expert Anton Lavrov.

Than you can “close” the Crimea?

Lavrov believes that technically, if the Russian military will place on the coast of a missile defense system capable of destroying missiles of this class, they will be able to “close” the Peninsula.

“Yesterday, through the Kerch Peninsula passed a column of s-300VM “Antey”, which will be enough to ensure the safety of the Peninsula,” – suggested the expert.

As wrote on the eve of a portal “Free press” with reference to voluntary organizations, residents of Kerch on Tuesday saw a convoy of military vehicles in the city, which, among other things, was – according to this version – seen s-300, capable, as you know, combat aircraft, tactical and ballistic missiles.

Churning show

Anton Lavrov suggests that by themselves these tests are no threat.

“The only ground where Ukraine may experience reactive multiple rocket launchers, long-range, tactical and anti-aircraft missiles, long-range, were between the Crimea and Romania. This is a fairly narrow corridor, so he “catches” the air space of the Peninsula,” he explained. “If the missile will go in the direction of part of the ground, they shot down, if you go to the sea, the “escort” – that is, for them, just run,” – said the military expert.

ITech Bijev also expects that the Ukrainians will hold exercises within the water area, without affecting the Russian. Bijev reminds that the Ukrainian military are insufficient resources and expertise to conduct shooting on a professional level.

But in case of emergency “s-300 can shoot down the s-300,” said Bijev.

None of the “bird” will not remain without attention

Air defense forces are in a state of high alert, recalled Bijev: “This means that the material part is included, the radar field works, and any “bird” that appears there, can’t be ignored. Any deviation will be traced”.

All exercises are “under control, all the information is present on the command posts”. “The exercise area, air space, taking off or landing any aircraft under the supervision of the Russian armed forces – said the source. – Therefore any deviation in our party allows you to destroy the target or unguided missile”.

If the rocket does not set the flight mode (off course or experiences a technical difficulty, untethered from the earth, etc.), then mounted sensor activated self-destruct. The rocket gains altitude up to the stratosphere and this safe altitude samolikvidirovalsja.

“In 2001, the Ukrainians were much more prepared”

“Such exercises should be conducted on a large scale, dynamically, with the use of fighter aircraft with simulated air combat. That is, the enemy attacks – they reflect. And what they can create a dynamic environment, if they have no means of measurement? To assess maneuvers, we need a whole range of field activities. As far as I know, they have nothing,” – said the expert.

Lieutenant-General recalled the tragedy which happened 15 years ago during Ukrainian exercises in the Crimea. “In 2001, the Ukrainians were much better prepared than now, and yet was shot down during a training exercise, a passenger plane flying from Israel to Russia. They had a landfill, more or less equipped, were measuring tools and so on. Now there’s nothing to them”, – he said. So Bijev believes that these teachings – it’s just PR.

Ancient war

It’s funny that the Ukrainian major-General Ivan Terbuka, which should command the 1-2 December shooting near Crimea, recently he bought an apartment on the Peninsula. This was the night before said a source in power structures of the Republic of Crimea.

“It was still in Ukraine when I started to build Antique Avenue, bought a property of high-ranking officials and businessmen. The apartment on the Avenue Antique good sea view, good infrastructure and lots of new houses”, – transfers words of the source RIA “Novosti”. Terbuka “risks” to get into his own apartment, was ironically the source. The source expressed confidence that the Russian means of air and missile defense will not allow any incident in the airspace of the Crimea or the more hit Ukrainian missiles on the Peninsula.


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