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Friday, March 16, 2018

Victory trump and Syrian forces destroy Western policy in Syria

Two associated with Syria’s anti-Russian front destroyed almost simultaneously: the military in Aleppo and political in the West. A number of signs suggests that the West is gradually beginning to reconsider its attitude to the events in Syria and Russia’s presence in the middle East.

Serious successes of the Syrian army in Aleppo has once again stepped up the attempts of political pressure from the West to Russia, of course, not Syria and Assad. The reason is obvious. According to the Western States, it was the support Russia has provided a turning point in the war in Syria, including in operations in Aleppo.

“The current anti-Russian mediavolna is much less intense and violent than those observed in the previous couple of months,”

However, unlike past attempts, this time the efforts and proposed plans are much more lightweight in nature.

To impose new sanctions against Russia urged the deputies of the German Bundestag, and this document is not a decision of Parliament, and the initiative of two deputies. In turn, the foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Aleppo, Syria.

All this is happening against the background of another information attack against the actions of Russia and Syria to Aleppo. However, it is impossible not to note that the current mediavolna is much less violent than those observed in the previous couple of months.

It is significant that the British authorities distanciruemsa gently from the topic of Aleppo. Members of Parliament asked the foreign Ministry of their country with a call to start the city’s humanitarian operation, but a representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs has cooled their ardor, saying that while British planes with humanitarian aid can be brought down.

These events are reflected in kolkom comments of the representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, who described the position of the West as “amazing blindness”. The General explicitly stated that “liberation held hostage by militants more than 80 thousand inhabitants, Aleppo is not included in the plans of the British and French foreign Ministry, the us state Department and the German Bundestag”.

In turn, the reason for this “confusion and vacillation” of the European countries is seen not only in the magnitude of the success of the Syrian army in Aleppo, but in the events that are happening on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

From the very beginning the USA was the main driving force behind the West in the Syrian crisis. And until recently, their position is different stiffness, and sometimes the inability. However, the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election all radically changed.

Now it’s not just that the current administration leaves the White house and other state structures – and, hence, no one of particular interest to agree on anything with its representatives.

In case of victory of Hillary Clinton this wouldn’t be so pronounced, and, perhaps, would have observed the opposite trend. Because Clinton is known for his extremely hawkish and uncompromising hard-line position on most of the points of contact with Russia, the Kremlin might be interest to negotiate with even the current American administration to achieve maximum progress in the bilateral agreements.

However, the victory trump messed things up. His position on the Syrian issue is much more balanced and focused, in his own words, to cooperate and compromise with Russia. Moreover, according to media reports, the first informal and not advertised contacts on this issue are already taking place.

In this situation Russia has no special interest to negotiate with the outgoing administration. There are serious hopes that the new President will manage to agree about a lot more. As a result of desperate attempts of John Kerry to pursue a new agreement infertile, which is almost directly stated by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry, calling speculation on the subject “last year’s snow”.

In a situation when the European establishment was known in the Syrian issue States and focuses on the victory of Clinton, the incident caused him disorientation and confusion. The result was, first, the weakening of the anti-heat media and second- marginalization in most cases the initiators of certain anti-Russian projects.

That’s why suddenly to the fore the MPs, and often almost in single quantities, and the leaders are now trying to do a much more careful movements. Exception can be called France, where for the convening of the UN security Council called on the Minister of foreign Affairs. However, in light of the upcoming elections, where they will compete among themselves two key candidates, both focused on the establishment of relations with Russia, known for his tough anti-Russian stance Ayrault is already priced in by the map. High-profile initiatives against Russia in Syria, are already, in fact, a personal project, which should help him in pursuing a career after leaving the Ministerial post.

Thus, Russia at the moment were in a very advantageous position, because at the same time there was the collapse of two fronts against it: the military in Aleppo and political in the West. Apparently, Moscow hopes to take advantage of the a fortunate combination.


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