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Monday, February 19, 2018

Middle Eastern refugees are unlikely to be happy about the prospect of life in Ukraine

“After I burn a couple of shelters or camps, the last wish to move to Ukraine, they immediately disappear.” These words of Ukrainian politicians comment sounded in Kiev offer to achieve visa-free regime with the EU by means of placing of refugees from the Middle East. There are many reasons why refugees are unlikely to want to move to Ukraine.

Ukrainian media on Monday with full seriousness circulated a statement made in his “Facebook” the Deputy Minister of justice for European integration Sergei Petukhov. As recalled official, in the actual failure of Europe to provide Ukraine a visa-free regime is largely influenced by the Syrian migration crisis.

“To think that a paycheck can’t pay nine million unemployed require subsidies, but then it was going to take some refugees?!”

“It is fearing a negative reaction of voters to migrants, European leaders are in no hurry to give bezviz Ukraine”, – complains Deputy Minister. He therefore proposed “to undertake voluntarily a quota for the resettlement of migrants”. “Our country could fully take the quota, such as the Netherlands. This would be an important expression of solidarity with Europe in solving the General problem” – quoted by UNIAN Petukhov. Recall that the Netherlands had in total nine thousand asylum seekers.

Ukraine itself will not “just pull”

The Director of the Kyiv Center of political marketing Vasily Stoyakin the call to take the Syrians at the Dutch quota seems to be purely declarative. “Even at the last Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine agreed with the EU on migration issues. The filtration camps and the hot heads claimed that they built for the population of the South-East. But in fact, they had just to accept migrants from the Middle East. But to this day the flow of refugees through the territory of Ukraine is insignificant,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.As many refugees moved to Europe

Now, says Stoyakin, the very idea of trade quotas in exchange for visa-free regime at all, is questionable. Any admission of refugees is possible only in the case that it will pay the European Union: Ukraine alone it just will not pull.

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko predicts that the influx of Arab refugees will worsen the crime situation. “What idiots run our country! Now they want us to have refugees, as in Germany, and to commit acts of terrorism and daily raping of our women,” protested Lyashko. He added that migrants in Ukraine should not be allowed under any circumstances. “We will come out sideways, already after 10-20 years. Ukrainians see only on reservations like the Indians, or in museums next to the dinosaurs” – quoted policy “Tape.ru”.

Travelers and mayhem

Economist, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin believes that the Deputy Minister of justice Yury Petukhov should be immediately dismissed. “This claim, being of sound mind and memory, it is impossible”, – the economist said the newspaper VIEW.

“In Ukraine, the General negative attitude towards people of a different skin color, religion. Whatever it was, 80% of our citizens are Christians of different directions. Even the appearance of a small company of Africans on the streets of Ukrainian cities is a xenophobic attack, massacre, and here we offer to take crowds of refugees from the Middle East – people are absolutely different, alien to our culture”, – the expert is perplexed, making, thus, the mystery from common in Ukraine xenophobia.

The emergence in Ukraine of large groups of refugees from Syria or Africa will lead to riots, says the analyst. “Refugees Ukraine will not be able to take a purely economically, even with some cash infusions from the European Union, which are unlikely to be large. To think that a paycheck can’t pay nine million unemployed require subsidies, but then it was going to take some refugees?!” – says the analyst.

Recall that Ukraine can not feed more than 600 thousand refugees from the Donbass. Monthly benefits amount to: for disabled persons – 884 hryvnia per person (approximately $ 34), for able-bodied persons – 442 hryvnia (about $ 17). However, these payments problems. As reported by the newspaper VIEW, in April, Kiev has suspended or canceled benefits more than 600 thousand internally displaced persons (IDPs) and froze the pensions of more than 370 thousand inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This was discussed in the report of the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs.

Yes, the Arabs themselves will not go

Soskin am sure that the refugees are eager to go to Ukraine. “They understand that they fall in a very difficult environment, extremely radicalized. After you burn a couple of shelters or camps, the last wish to move to Ukraine, they immediately disappear,” – said the expert.

It seems that only the Kiev government officials believe that the refugees from the East dream of living in Ukraine. Most of the refugees seeking to live in the rich Northern and Western EU countries. They sickened by the level of life that in the Ukraine, but even in a much more is rich in the Baltic States.

So, on Monday, the Baltic portal DELFI talks about the first mass escape of 35 refugees from Lithuania to Germany. Lithuania has pledged to take two years 1105 people from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea. Refugees moved from Italy and Greece. While Lithuania moved a little more than 100 refugees, of whom a third are now left on a bus in Germany, becoming, so to speak, in a double-refugees – from one European country to another.

In Lithuania, a family of refugees, regardless of the number of members gets to 510 euros a month (slightly less than the average wage in the country). However. the European Commission allocates to the host country six thousand euros, the guests know about it that immediately gives them a grudge against the government.

At the beginning of this year, a one-time grant for each was reduced from 456 to 204 euros (two times below the minimum of the Lithuanian pension). In addition, from December term integration in a temporary refugee center is reduced from six to three months and after resettlement in the normal municipal district, the term “integration” ends after 12 months, after which the refugee must find a job, otherwise he would simply have nothing to eat. Not surprisingly, arrived in December of last year, refugees have now fled from Lithuania to Germany.

It remains to add that the Ukraine is a country where only in the last two years have escaped and sought asylum in other countries – hundreds of thousands of people.


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