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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sergey Lazarev reported to the gay delay

A year ago, when Sergey Lazarev suddenly appointed a delegate to Eurovision, almost the first thing he did was go to Central Moscow gay club with a large europremium concert — mobilize, so to speak, of the relevant electorate. A year later he returned to — tell the voters a belated “thank you”…

The electorate, I must say, was a loyal Deputy, as Juliet for Romeo. To the last breath. And the proud inscription on the poster of the event “Eurovision in 2016. The winner of the audience voting” has largely happened because of that puppy-dog devotion. Gay-friendly (“gay-friendly” — as vaguely wrote about him in the newspaper in Stockholm) artist unraveled all the European press as I could, because it was shaped by the game — people came from “militant and homophobic rush”! Voted, therefore, then the world. And just because snobbish stubborn malicious jury it all went wrong, as was drawn in the rainbow dream of the producer of this desperate europakade Philip Kirkorov, betrayed in the end eternal anathema the whole “cowboy office under the name “Eurovision”.

But! Merit-gay left. About it Sergey Lazarev feeling told in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a crowded club, where a chandelier is not hung hungry “Commissar of the body” and songs people. “Accepted, — speaks, — consider that as make in here so it goes”. Chandelier at those words I almost fell on the heads of the audience, loudly vzvyla either sirens, or Joshua’s trumpet. And then turned to the new “Ideal world” in order, therefore, to provide the smash-hit hit happy destiny. The more that the video premiere took place exactly on the day these nocturnal revelations. In this verse actor in the role preparandose Dr. Frankenstein torturing a girl robot so that from her nostrils as much as the smoke goes. And the gay public that approach, of course, could not fail to find sympathy and pained understanding.

An enthusiastic congregation that it takes Lazarev as anyone else (then he just walked his eternal target Bilan a mile), languishing in the phenomenon of pop icons on the altar of her scenes, like cats from Valerian, and forgave him, of course, all sins. And they were pretty, I would have to say.

Well, first, things about “THESE people” when he told European Newspapers about their tolerance, which no doubt deserves respect, after all winced then, not a sissy. Second, the “relevant electorate,” do not forget how pitifully beg last December Serzh their support. Never tired of repeating from the stage: “Vote for me”. Many drove themselves in wasteful spending in crisis times, dutifully potrugal as dunki — in Europe, buying local text messages, as with the Russian numbers in Russian vote was impossible. And voted like mad…

So when evrotriumf almost over, many expected a large celebratory concert in a gay club. But do not wait. Announced the summer of celebration has been postponed to “a later date” due to the fact that Mr. Lazarus then tore apart the whole country, and in favor of sharply risen in price parties but reserves the pop triumph made gay handle, going to cut cabbage. Resentment was almost the Moskva river has not flooded… But this is swallowed. Wait. Took bread and salt. And, it would seem, peace and love.

But then corrosive sissy suddenly noticed that the aforesaid gig not listed in the official tour schedule of the artist on his website. Everything stated up to each restaurant table, and there is no club! In social networks has raised SUCH a howl: Ah, he loves us not! Oh, he’s shy! And the fee, then do not hesitate! Compassionate consoled exalted: “the Artist is a very shy”… In General, somehow calmed down.

And at the concert of Serj, and of course, we are inside out. Sang loud, clear, danced and sang with such anguish and such a nerve that, if not for the modest entourage of the club scene, then perhaps it could be called one of his best concerts. And the audience was “the best” that a happy artist never tired of repeating almost through the song, increasing the degree of private drive from room to room. In the end, happened to the absolute harmony and unity! In a club format, Mr. Lazarev, perhaps, organic and most of all, surpassing even painted show on the big stage, where all his commendable drive and musical-choreographic “European standard” as would be lost. No fault of the talented pop hero. Just to each his own — Caesar what’s Caesar’s and God what is God. There is a majestic pop deities who live in giant arenas, and so in my own way, face-to-face with the “electorate” may not be able. And Vice versa…

Wydawca suffering and happiness clubbers in turn, without remembering the old, admired from the heart: “Lazarus looked just like the new year “Blue light”…

Eurovision 2016 . Chronicle of events

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