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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Nutritionists told me how to avoid the return of excess weight after a diet

Researchers representing the University of Pittsburgh have discovered why people drop extra pounds during a diet, subsequently often gaining weight again and sometimes become even better than it was originally. The answer was not so unexpected — the biggest mistake skinny people is that they completely stop to watch your diet.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts have used the data of another study conducted over with the participation of 137 volunteers (mostly women of European origin). As a result, they drew attention to the fact that all participants aiming to lose weight for some time, in varying degrees, have achieved this goal, but later only every fourth of them managed to save the result.

To monitor their diet, people were asked with the help of special apps for smartphones, but over time many volunteers have started to use this app less and less, and after about four months completely stopped to watch what they eat. So far, scientists do not fully understand why the fourth month of a diet often been a “tipping” point, but I urge people who want to lose weight, pay attention to this fact and four months later to “remind” ourselves of the need to control their diet.

Experts also noted that people who refused to watch your diet, once again began to gain weight immediately, but after about two months “dropped” the weight came back.

So far, the research of experts was not published in any peer-reviewed scientific publication.

The problem of excess weight regularly devoted to various scholarly works and research of this kind is traditionally popular with a wide audience. In particular, recently, experts from the University of Minnesota urged people not to eat in front of the TV (including to retain shape), and shortly before, a British researcher Tim Spector of king’s College London, said that to lose weight man helps dark chocolate.


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