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Monday, January 22, 2018

To “restore order in the Donbass” Lukashenka has only one company

From the point of view of political capital the President of Belarus is very rich in the Donbass war. In gratitude for the peacekeeping, the West withdrew from the Minsk sanctions. But he wants more – he again offered its soldiers as peacekeepers. However, this proposal is a bluff. In Belarus, there is simply no sufficient number of trained military personnel.

Belarus is ready to guard the disputed section of the border of Russia and Ukraine, and to organize the elections in the Donbass, proposed on Thursday, the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko.

“Once again I’m making excuses: Yes I will not go to Kiev on the tank, and will arrive on a tractor”

“If you want us to be there held elections, though honestly, absolutely honestly – we are ready to organize it. If you want to give us these 400 kilometers of border between Ukraine and Russia – at this stage we need to close, clean up – we will do it”, – Lukashenka said, urging not to believe that the Belarusians “third party people who just have to watch the conflict.”

“I thank the President of Belarus genuine desire to help end armed conflict in the Donbass, – said RIA “Novosti” in response, the head LNR Igor Carpentry. – The best help that Mr Lukashenko can assist us in the conduct of elections of heads and deputies of cities and districts, is to send official observers from Belarus.” Carpenter promised to provide observers adequate working conditions.

“With regard to our borders with the Russian Federation – there has long been no “walk-field”. Border, as it should be, on the lock, and the order it supports our official border guard”, – said the head LNR. Carpenter said that many officers serving on the border from the LC, have a long experience in the state border service of Ukraine. “Overall, we welcome the interest of Belarus to the Donbass. At the business level, enterprises mutually beneficial relations are already restored. And we are happy to develop them in other ways: cultural, educational, tourist, sports,” – said Carpenter.

Recall that in October 2014 Lukashenko has expressed readiness to send its troops as peacekeepers to the South-East of Ukraine. However, this idea is not supported then his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko. At that moment he was still hoping to win a military victory in Donbass and rejects any calls for the introduction of peacekeepers. But the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said the newspaper VIEW that, in principle, not against, but with a caveat. “It all depends on where these troops will be: if they will be on the border above the Donetsk region, with pleasure, let him enter, – said Zakharchenko. – We believe that the main part of the territory illegally occupied”.

This time the emissary of the DND on Minsk talks Denis Putilin said that the Republic will be able to organize their own elections. “At the moment we conducted the primaries, where there were high turnout and the lack of complaints from international observers. We reaffirmed this to the international community to organize elections. In addition, we are ready not only to organize elections, but also to ensure the safety of all participants in the electoral process”, – he commented the newspaper VIEW Lukashenka’s statement.

Pushilin also noted that the presence of the Belarusian troops in the Donbass is not provided for in the Minsk agreements, and this issue in Minsk was not discussed at all. Recall that the holding of local elections in the Donbass – one of the key points of the Minsk agreements.

In contrast to Donetsk, in Kiev did not immediately reject the proposal of Lukashenka. The Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Georgy Tuka did not rule out that the emergence of a Belarusian peacekeepers in the Donbass is still consistent. “We need to weigh everything and this is the work of diplomats. Personally, I do about the government’s reaction to the idea of Lukashenka do not know anything,” said Tuck the newspaper VIEW.

In Kiev will not accept the help of Minsk

The head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics” Konstantin Bondarenko, in turn, in interview to the newspaper VIEW recalled that any peacekeeping mission should be agreed by all the countries “Norman Quartet” and, in addition, is approved in the Donetsk and Lugansk.

“Of course, Lukashenko continues to score political points, gradually turning to the West from Tirana to peacemaker. But I think, in Kiev will eventually refer to such sentences skeptical. In the last two years he has made a significant roll in the direction of normalization of relations with Europe, but in Ukraine, Lukashenka is regarded as a close ally of Putin,” – said the analyst.

Lukashenka has only one company of Marines

Belarusian political analyst Alyaksandr Klaskouski also believes that Lukashenka’s statement is purely declarative, as Ukraine does not agree. He notes that the status of a peacemaker has brought to Minsk serious dividends in terms of rapprochement with Europe. “Here arrived European leaders – Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, were sanctions lifted. Lukashenko’s commitment to the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict is clear, the Belarusian diplomacy wants to continue to skim the cream from their intermediary role. However, the function of Minsk as a negotiating platform faileth,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

According to Klaskouski, Minsk tries to maintain good relations with Kiev, Ukrainian politicians are well aware that Lukashenka remains a strategic and military partner of Russia. “It is not allowed to forget the existence of the Union state, a unified group of forces, economic dependence on Russia. The connection is too strong to assume that Lukashenko independent,” says the analyst.

In addition, Klaskouski believes that Belarus has enough forces for a full-fledged peacekeeping mission, in particular the monitoring of the border. “The strength of the Belarusian army along with civilian personnel is 65 thousand people. As for professional peacekeepers, to my knowledge, we have only one company in the 103rd Vitebsk airborne brigade, who were capable to perform these tasks. These men were trained in accordance with the international standards of the UN and NATO,” – said the expert. Therefore, the expert believes that in the best case Belarus will be able to enter only a joint peacekeeping force.

Recall that on the eve in Kiev described the behavior of the delegation of Minsk to the UN General Assembly as “a knife in the back”, when she supported a Ukrainian resolution on human rights in Crimea.

“Yes, I will not go to Kiev on the tank”

Meanwhile, Lukashenko continues to believe in the possibility of resolving the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. “There is nothing good there, and the winners will not. So we need to get out of this situation. How? If there is a desire concerned and involved, the way out of this situation can be found,” he said. According to him, “if the two sides agree and see this as the role of Belarus, we are ready to play any role just to ensure that there was peace.”

He rejected the assertion that “Lukashenko and Putin’s support in the North will poddavlivat, and Ukraine will not.” “Once again I’m making excuses: Yes I will not go to Kiev on the tank, and will arrive on a tractor,” – said Lukashenko. “We are ready to work to get this situation calmed down and calmed down”, – said the Belarusian President. He added that “the West we are still in the beginning of the conflict these proposals were made”. “Silence means that they do not want peace in Ukraine”, – said Lukashenko.

He noted that “nobody wants Russia’s influence in other parts of the world”. “It is therefore necessary to fasten it to some conflicts, especially in Ukraine, so she floundered in these conflicts. And no the leadership of the United States, the European Union will not depart. They do not need the strong, neither Russia nor Belarus nor Ukraine,” believes the Belarusian President.


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