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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The case speaker should be a role model of fight against corruption

The arrest of Alexei Ulyukayev continued a series of significant events in political life of Russia, raising the bar against corruption to a new level. The current Minister have not been arrested since 1953. It is important to understand that no political or professional claims to Ulyukayev, unlike Beria was not. Bribes do not take, that’s all.

Alexey Ulyukaev has held his seat for three years and did not belong among the most famous in the nation of Ministers. The majority of Russians only today learned of its existence. According to recent polls, only nine percent could correctly identify his position, another 11 called it with errors, and 80 percent did not know who it is (about Lavrov, for example, don’t know 26%).

“The importance of punishment speaker for the General campaign against corruption it is difficult to overestimate”

But now the name of the speaker learns the entire country. Still, the last time the acting Minister has been arrested we have a “cold summer” of 1953 (not counting the events of August 1991). And called the Minister Lavrenty Beria (except for the interior Minister he was also first Deputy Prime Minister). Ulyukayev, born in 1956, not Beria, not only in the sense that it will not be shot for espionage and treason. Most importantly, in his case, definitely not the slightest political motive in the sense of struggle with the “liberal dissent”, whatever is said now by some politicians. Sane Ulyukayev purely criminal charges “extortion” Minister threatens till 15 years of imprisonment. While there is a consequence, he will be under house arrest – and I hope that the investigation will be swift and objective.

Speed is particularly important. After the story of Serdyukov Vasilyeva, the government should not be allowed the opportunity to wrap their own anti-corruption work against itself. The former defense Minister was removed because of suspicions of corruption, which eventually found no serious evidence. Serdyukov was seen clearly guilty of using his official position (the road at public expense to the camp of a relative), but it was not even close to “billions of dollars stolen”.

But the expectations of society and its unequivocal belief in the guilt Serdyukov was so large and the investigation is so slow and information failure, non-judgment and Serdyukov suspended sentence Vasilyeva become a huge blow to the credibility of the government itself. Only later, after the Crimea and “polite people”, part of society still thought – and who did such an impressive and efficient army, if not Anatoly Serdyukov?

Of course, now the situation is somewhat different. Then the authorities had not accused the former Minister of taking bribes, and his employee Vasiliev was convicted only of abuse of power (most of the episodes in the end just collapsed). Now one of the key Ministers of the economic block of the government charged with real charges of corruption. He was in early development, and consequently claims to have conclusive evidence. So, the speaker almost can not go to jail. Unless, of course, serious accusations against him will have a real backup in an open and public competition and trial. If the investigation and the prosecution can prove their point of view before the judge.

With any conviction of the speaker case shows the power that fights corruption regardless of the person. Makes it hard, quickly, not giving the fans “to undermine the situation” even the slightest opportunity to make a campaign “out here again”. The importance of punishment speaker for the General campaign against corruption is difficult to overestimate. After that, the vast majority of companies will see that the untouchables do not.

More recently, in early 2015, was first arrested by the acting Governor Khoroshavin in Sakhalin. Prior to that, was a very influential mayor said Amirov, like (here, however, is not condemned for corruption, which the abyss, and terrorism), Deputy Federal Ministers, former heads of regions. And here in less than two years we see the following plank is the Federal Minister. And the people in power and ordinary people understand the authorities are not joking. Especially as in parallel there are high-profile arrest in the power structures. No, it’s not the 37th year, it is building up pressure on the corrupt mindset of the ruling elite. This is exactly what Putin promised and now there’s no need to be surprised.

Untouchable is over. We need to ensure that dare to steal the officials lived in fear and began to think only about how to quickly and painlessly go from the civil service. The officials were given several years to the legalization of their property – through the Declaration – and now the responsibility for violations will be more severe. This year we already saw on TV the head of customs with a warehouse of cash at home, he was able to explain their origin, but was dismissed.

Politicians are confused about the versions, trying to explain the emergence of another corrupt flimsy politically motivated – despite the fact that in reality there is no evidence of the influence of intra-elite struggle in the anti-corruption actions of the government. The liberals began to appear more often? But liberals like a young White (Kirov Governor, got on a bribe a few months ago) or associate of Gaidar speaker (worked in government for the past quarter of a century) just a lot of power. Who steals, who no – one knows SK. But to compare the arrest of the speaker with the murder of Nemtsov or to hint at the new 37-th year, as it does Yevgeny Yasin, is very good. Absurd and, most importantly, a perfect substitution of concepts. Attempts to protect its to the detriment of the real situation.

The government must fear only one thing – the loss of trust from society. Society expects and demands from Putin’s fight against corruption, which the President himself considers his most important task. “Elite” resists, because I’m used to various forms of embezzlement. Putin presses for this elite – gently but thoroughly.

To avert the wrath of retributive justice reasoning about “the attack on liberalism” will not work. The Kremlin fights corruption in all its manifestations, at all floors and levels, and in the interests of the very same system the liberals are not trying to pretend its caught red-handed comrades “victims of anti-liberal terror”. Unconvincing turns.


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