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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In Poland, the first round of presidential elections

The current head of Poland not only failed to win in the first round, but lost to his opponent from the party “law and justice” Andrzej Duda. However, even more surprised by the high rating of independent candidates, a rock musician Paul cookies Rafale Otoko, which, according to experts, indicates the high level of protests and weariness of citizens from the current authorities. Apparently, the poles just choose not from anyone.

The current President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski and his rival candidate Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s “law and justice” Andrzej Duda – scored half of the votes and reached the second round of elections of the head of state.

“The election results showed that in Poland many people are dissatisfied with the government

Moreover, according to exit polls, Komorowski had even conceded to the competitor: if the players have voted 34.8% of voters, for the Polish President only 32.2%. According to analysts, the results of exit-poll became a real political sensation and caused euphoria in the headquarters of the party “law and justice”, which was put forward by Andrzej Duda, the candidate of Poland. “…I am grateful to all candidates who held a debate with me. I am sure that their decision to participate in the elections was dictated by the love for the Motherland. I thank them,” said Duda.

Komorowski also said that to surrender is not in a hurry: “We are about hard work, tough competition. But I am sure that victory,” he said, and urged his rival to participate in the debate “on major Polish issues.” The second round of presidential elections in Poland will take place in two weeks, on may 24.

“Spit Warsaw political salon”

Another sensation was, according to the exit poll, the result of an independent candidate, a rock musician Paul cookies Rafale Otoko to 20.3%. “The most beautiful thing here, of course, 20% cookies Rafale Otoko and low turnout. This savory spit in the face of the Warsaw political salon,” – said on his page in Facebook browser Regnum Stanislav Stremidlovsky. For Cookies followed by Janusz Korwin-Mikke from 4.4% and the Magdalena Ogorek from 2.4%.

According to sociologist Radoslaw Markowski, the result of the vote is not so much the victory of Andrzej Duda, how many lose the election headquarters of the acting Polish leader Bronislaw Komorowski, said TASS. The result of the owner of the third place Paul cookies Rafale Otoko Markov called “excellent for a person totally unprepared for this function.” The fact that he was supported by 20% of voters, shows “a growing voice of protest”: “20% of voters cookies Rafale Otoko show the level of public discontent with the current system. He promises the fight against partocracy, and his results are evidence of the victory of a critical attitude to the current system,” said sociologist Yang Owl.

“The election results showed that in Poland many people are dissatisfied with government, – said the sociologist. We don’t know yet the final results of the election, but even if they are slightly better for Komorowski than the present, and so we must admit that he is a “yellow card” that he lost the first round.”

The sociologist Jacek woods believes the reason for the low rating Komorowski “disappointment with the government of the party “Civic platform” with which it is associated”.

“American accent Komorowski”

Such a low rating Komorowski has never been mentioned by analysts before the elections. Such a fall in popularity they are tied with accents of the campaign, which puts the headquarters of the incumbent President, in particular, the main topic of numerous applications Komorowski is the risk of Russian aggression, which, in the opinion of experts, and brought part of his electorate in the ranks of supporters of his nearest rival. In the initial stages of the campaign, initial polls gave him 15% of the votes. Initially, the tune was supported to a greater extent the rural population of the country. But the citizens have mostly supported Komorowski.

We will remind, on Tuesday in the city of Elblag, located near the Polish-Russian state border, Komorowski said: “Negative changes of the Russian side against its neighbors became the reason of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which now affects the security of the entire Europe, the entire Western world, including Poland’s security”.

Acting Polish President again said the threat of “appearance of little green men” and explained that that was why Warsaw should strengthen its defense capability, including through mechanisms that would “exploit the potential of border guards”. The political scientist, the President of Institute of national strategy Mikhail Remizov stated earlier, the newspaper VIEW that the statements Komorowski – “reflection of the General paranoia of a specific section of Polish society, not so little actually,” these people believe that the plane was shot down near Smolensk Russians that Russia all these years of nurturing revanchist plans against Poland, saying the Crimea is confirmed, the expert explained. Most likely, “Komorowski’s statements reflect his own views and the need to demonstrate the similarity of thinking,” said the analyst.

Even the social problems of the Polish left in the election campaign into the background, stepping in front of criticism of Russia. Analysts attribute anti-Russian statements by the electoral headquarters of the candidate, which was dominated by American consultants, although in the past campaign of Polish politicians helped conduct the experts including from Russia and Germany.

In favor of the partners Komorowski decided to neglect the historical memory of their own people. When Kiev adopted the law on the glorification of the OUN-UPA*, the Polish government expressed outrage, for example, the Deputy of the Sejm from democratic left Alliance Tomasz Kalita called it a “slap in the face to the Polish government and President Bronislaw Komorowski”. “We believe that what happened in the Volyn region – this is genocide, the UPA is a criminal organization. We will remind,” – said the MP. The deputies also drew attention that the law on the glorification of the OUN-UPA was adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament a few hours after the speeches of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski.

Traditionally European to remain silent could not, and the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman: “You know about the words of Bandera: “Kill every pole from 16 to 60 years”? In no case can not congratulate Ukraine with the fact that she had such national heroes”.

However, the reaction of the Komorowski was much cooler, the Polish leader was trying to speak so as not to offend neither the Ukrainian nor Polish side: “what happened was, on the one hand, the similarity of the Polish laws on de-Sovietization,” – said the Polish leader. He added that, on the other hand, closes the discussion about the role of OUN-UPA, which is wrong. “The misfortune of this law is that it makes it impossible for the Polish-Ukrainian historical dialogue, without which no reconciliation and resolve important issues. This case was closed if to speak about the relations of Poland and Ukraine, but it should look for the positive decision”, – he said. Call to find a positive solution in the relations of Poland with Ukraine on the background of the latest glorification of the UPA clearly shocked the poles.

Ukrainian portal Zik.ua he added that, in answer to the provocative question, “How do you feel about the fact that after your speech in the Ukrainian Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law, which glorify the UPA bandits, who destroyed the poles?”, Komorowski said, “You are over-dramatizing…”. Then host of the interview asked, “Isn’t it disgusting that the law was passed immediately after your speech in the Ukrainian Parliament?”.

The President clearly said no and tried to explain that the situation is not so clear, and the bilateral relations are built on dialogue: “it happens in politics. The task of the President to make difficult decisions and take responsibility for them in the Polish-Ukrainian dialogue. The only drawback to this law is that it complicates the historical dialogue,” – said Komorowski. Ukrainian portal forgot the legendary phrase of the President that the Ukrainian-Polish dialogue “should find a positive solution” against the glorification of the UPA.

But even without it, the portal concluded. Thus, “the Polish President stated that the glorification of the UPA will complicate the relations between Ukraine and Poland, but on the contrary, stressed that this decision of the Ukrainian Parliament should not be a problem for dialogue between the two countries at the present stage,” said the portal.

“Russia and Germany trying to divide Poland”

Rival Komorowski has long resided in the shadows and not attract attention of scientists and the world media, so we know there’s not much. The program Duda is based on a critique of what makes the current government, said Ukrainian portal Vesti.ua. Duda said that in the first year of his presidency he intends to prepare to initiate two laws: the first is the reduction of the retirement age, the second about raising the non-taxable minimum incomes. Otherwise, Duda spoke about readiness to resign.

Andrzej Duda also do not agree with the introduction to the Euro instead of zloty. He considers such a move premature. “Yes to EU, no Euro. While we will not earn so much, how many you earn in Western Europe, you can forget about it” – said the politician.

It’s worth noting that the anti-Russian rhetoric Duda may even outdo Komorowski. So, he has stated that Poland is vital to seek allies to counter Russia and Germany, which, according to him, are trying to use Warsaw in their own interests and “to divide Poland”. Personally against Putin, a politician has spoken. However, according to him, “modern Russia, which, in addition to all this, and even openly violates international law, has nothing to do with democracy.”

Previously, Duda has publicly supported the opinion of another Polish politician Zbigniew Bujak about the possibility of sending to Ukraine of Polish soldiers in case of need, reported RT. “We must remember that in case there is some assistance that could provide Poland (Ukraine), such a decision would have to be seriously considered. It would be necessary over it think” – he said.

“As for Duda, it is his sayings – the spirit of the current European rhetoric, reminiscent of the hurdy-gurdy music – melodic, but dull-monotonous – as in a circle,” – said the Kaliningrad portal Freekaliningrad.ru and leads a couple of statements of the candidate regarding current international issues: “it is Impossible to fully exclude the Russian invasion of Poland… it is Necessary to take appropriate measures which would consist primarily in the development of defense. Should ensure the best possible equipment of the Polish army”… “Today it is impossible to accept that Russia has torn Ukraine apart. It is our responsibility – the responsibility for the integrity of the European States and the integrity of the borders. If we stop the process, it will be Europe’s success. And if Europe would agree to a rotten compromise, it will be bad”.

“Cookies not divided”

The last municipal elections in Poland was accompanied by a series of scandals when, due to the lengthy counting of votes, many candidates and observers spoke about possible fraud. In the current campaign, to avoid distortion of results, voters are encouraged to come out to the polls with their own hands to protect themselves from the tricks secret disappearing ink that can be vaporized after filling out ballots.

And Komorowski, and Duda decided to fight for the electorate independent candidate cookies Rafale Otoko, who during his election campaign talked a lot about the need for referendums on changes in the electoral system at the level of single-member districts, on the termination of state funding of political parties and changes in the tax system in favor of the taxpayer, marks RIA “news”.

This subjects the candidate of the national conservative party, Andrzej Duda paid attention to already in yesterday’s speech to jubilant supporters at the campaign headquarters in Warsaw. He congratulated cookies Rafale Otoko with the victory and stated that he fully supports it in the question about the need for referendums on changes in the electoral system. “We talked about this,” said Duda. On Monday morning the players held an impromptu meeting with voters, which said that he was going to amend the Constitution. He also said that he plans to meet with the Cookies.

On Monday in Warsaw at the presidential Palace Belvedere President Komorowski made a statement that he was going to initiate a nationwide referendum on changes to the system of majoritarian elections, ending the state funding of parties and the change in the tax system. “As I said yesterday, you need to listen to the election results. The results of yesterday’s election is an important signal, especially when it comes to such excellent result as support for more than 20% Paul cookies Rafale Otoko. This is an important signal about the expectations of a considerable part of the public concerning changes primarily the relationship between the citizen and government, as well as mechanisms that would allow citizens to directly influence decision-making in Poland,” the President said, adding that the question arises about the role of referenda and constituencies. Paul himself Cookies said that he would vote for Komorowski. “I will not fail their electors, and I do not sell”, – the politician said on Sunday at a concert in Lublin in which participated his friends-musicians.

“We have neglected the regime media, but we are moving forward in Poland for children and grandchildren, so that our children can return from Ireland and England (where they had left in search of work),” said Cookies.

Experts do not undertake to say with certainty what will be the results of the second round of voting, which will take place on may 24. “It is difficult to say who has a better chance. The outcome will definitely affect the turnout. Cookies Rafale Otoko supporters mobilized and went to the polls to vote for him. In this context, the question is whether they will go to the second round,” – said the Polish sociologist woods.

Agree with him and Stanislav Stremidlovsky: “now the question is, who will depart in the second round vote of Paul. He’s an old friend of the Minister of foreign Affairs Grzegorz Schetyna, but his electorate is anti-systemic. And Komorowski. My experience in the mid 1990-ies in Russia says that in the second round the incumbent Governor lose more often than win. Let’s see what happens in Poland,” – he said in comments to the Regnum news Agency.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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