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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The end is nigh: climate change reached the point of no return

To make sure that the climate is something wrong, it is enough to look out the window. The city authorities, for example, appealed to the citizens with a request unnecessarily not to go out. Like weather forecasters say that winter has come ahead, but the rain gushing over the mysterious Balkan cyclones. Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania said that humanity has lost the ability to stop global warming, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, by 2100 we will cross the “frontier of the Apocalypse”, when the average temperature on the planet will rise by 7.36 degrees Celsius.

photo: pixabay.com

The Pennsylvania state University climatologist Michael Mann said, according to his new calculations, climate change towards global warming has already crossed the threshold to which humanity could save himself and, acting together, reduce industrial emissions, stop global warming. According to his calculations, the process has become irreversible. In 2100 the average temperature will overcome the temperature turn 7.36 degrees Celsius after which we expect the melting of glaciers and the flooding of substantial areas of marsh gas release due to melting permafrost, displacement of climatic zones and adjustment of atmospheric circulations.

“We have evidence that warming of even one degree Celsius can be felt in natural systems, – writes in his ecologist Brett we see a well, Genes are changed, changing the physiology of the species and even such physical characteristics as body size. We see clear signs of stress entire ecosystems on land and in the ocean as a result of climate change.”

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However, Russian scientists with Western colleagues do not agree. The Apocalypse will be, they say, but soon, not so sharply and not from warming. While U.S. scientists urge everyone to strive to the North, the Patriotic call us to the South.

In my opinion, this statement is nonsense. Horror stories appear very often, just in order to attract attention. says the climatologist, doctor of geographical Sciences, full member of Russian geographical society Nina Zaitseva.- All these numerical models, which are often used by scientists, is very imperfect and therefore give a very strong variation. Even the most rollicking models accurate prediction is not given. The average temperature is calculated according to worldwide stations. But very few of them in the ocean. That is all that we measure, reflects the contribution of the land, and the land and water have different conductivity, different abilities of heat capacity. That’s all, and causing differences in the numerical models.

If to speak about methods influences on the climate, believe me, we have not yet learned really to influence it. We don’t even know how to fight really strong hail processes are not able to fight with the fog, increase precipitation. So, if there is a global warming or cooling, it from person does not.

The scale of geologic time we do enter a period of cooling. This will tell you any geologist and any paleogeography. But it is a very slow process, very gradual, and during this time humanity will find a way somewhere to move or to do geo-engineering on a large scale. We are talking about a period of 2-3 thousand years. So we, our grandchildren and even our great-grandchildren it is cold does not threaten.

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