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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin in his speech confused Luddite with diggers

November 10, Vladimir Putin arrived for a conference dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the savings Bank, “Forward to the future: the role and place of Russia”. The organizers of the event, according to them, sought to use it as an excuse “to talk about the future, to understand new trends shaping our tomorrow, to see new horizons and opportunities and to discuss the role and place of Russia in a changing world”. And the President took advantage of this opportunity.

photo: kremlin.ru

For starters, Putin is not so much congratulated, how many have trained the staff and management of the Bank in the.

— The world has accumulated enormous technological potential. Leading leaders view technological progress as one of the leading factors in international competition. And Russia needs to catch these major trends! Countries not caught the main wave, can become outsiders of the world of competition, he warned.

However, the transition to a modern economy based on “the number”, also not easy, declared the President. To become possible, adequate training and retraining. Otherwise, get as in the UK era of the technical revolution, where not mentally prepared for it Luddites (GDP mistakenly called them diggers) responded to technical progress the mass breakdowns of the machines. Hence the priorities facing our country, as they see GDP.

It looked like the Luddites.

photo: Alexander Klibanov
And so is the digger.

The first comprehensive and systematic promotion of domestic industry of information technologies. However, some success and she already made herself, he stated: for example, in 2015, its exports reached 6.7 billion dollars, while exports of arms — 14.5 billion But to continue to increase these figures, you need to concentrate on getting the final product (which we add, the overall is still not very common for domestic scientific development).

The second main problem is the training of qualified high-tech personnel. And this, the President said, we must bear in mind our education system, directly busy training them. To focus on the needs of the economy and not their own interests — that is its main task, he indicated: “we Already have a list of the most popular professions, and now want to complete the adoption and implementation of secondary special and higher educational institutions of new professional standards”.

All this Russia quite on forces, Putin said before leaving Assembly:

— Together we will be able to consolidate Russia as one of the global technological leaders, he said bankers.

Those did not object and, after seeing the President, began to discuss various global problems, starting with the transition to quantum technologies and ending with application of achievements of futurology.

Not only talked about the “little things” today. For example, why should the same Sberbank takes a Commission from the population when it pays rent from their computers, scrolling through not only our money, but sbera with us for this tribute.


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