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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scientists told how to learn about the feelings of the man in the eyes

The pupils of a person to understand whether he is in love with his “soul mate”. Anyway, this is with reference to experts from the University of Manchester according to a number of Russian media.

photo: pixabay.com

According to messages of mass media, scientists conducted a study involving four couples in a romantic relationship. As it turned out, the vast majority of cases at least one of the two lovers the pupils during eye contact was extended. Previously it was discovered that in this way the body can react to positive emotions. The researchers also found new evidence that dilated pupils make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Scientists assume that all these facts may be related.

Earlier, another group of experts representing the Institute of applied biology of Washington, made the assumption that to begin to experience each other deep feelings people can not before the fourth date. The possibility of true love at first sight scientists deny. They reject the possibility that these feelings can arise if people don’t communicate face to face, but only texting and I saw pictures of each other.

Prior to that, a group of Czech researchers from Charles University found that lonely people find most attractive different people of the opposite sex, while people in relationships consisting, on the contrary, more superficially like those who are similar to them. By assumption specialists, those people who are looking for a couple, you feel the need is to complement themselves “second half”, but not in his own DoppelgangeR. At the same time, those whose personal life is set up, not so much looking for romance, just how many “soul mates”, and, according to scientists is due to unconscious change of priorities.

Recently, media reports, citing scientists in Sweden and England reported that people are most happy in the marriage if the age difference between spouses is not more than six years, and both are satisfied with the level of intellectual development of the wife, as well as the level of well-being.


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