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Friday, March 23, 2018

Zurab Kekelidze: children Have a poorly developed sense of danger and death

“Teaching psychology in schools would be professionals”, – said the newspaper look Director of the Institute. Serbian, chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health, doctor of medical Sciences Zurab Kekelidze. The new discipline of Russian students from 3rd to 11th grades plan to teach classes of basics of life safety (life safety).

Overdue action

As the events of October 2016, the introduction of psychology in schools is really overdue. Earlier this month, the Russian society has stirred up some resonant incidents involving minors.

“It is important to explain, as perceived by a particular step of a man as he valued in the community”

9 October as a result of “showdown” after school in Krasnoyarsk their peers killed 13-year-old. Two days after his death in the same 12-year-old girl stabbed her friend because of jealousy to the guy.

Local authorities then ordered the social teachers, educational psychologists and class teachers to monitor the state of interpersonal communication between students in social networks. The Ministry of education of the Krasnoyarsk territory also has demanded from municipalities to take special account of the organization of leisure of minors. The Agency also ordered to organize training seminars for teachers on the prevention of conflict.

Less than two weeks, as the social network has stirred up blogersha investigate the brutal killing of animals in Khabarovsk two girls, one of whom is 17 years old. Their atrocities they posted on personal pages in social networks.

The reaction was not long in coming. On 31 October, RIA “Novosti”, referring to Zurab Kekelidze has published information about possible innovations. Elaborate on the specific steps yet, but according to the specialist, it is now clear that approximately will give the students in the course.

Details the specialist told the newspaper VIEW.

OPINION: what is the reason for the introduction of psychology in schools?

Zurab Kekelidze: the fact that the school taught such subjects as Zoology, botany. We know about animals, when they have hair falls out, or when the buds on the trees. We know a subject anatomy and human physiology, and human psychology does not know.

In this case we are not talking about the basics of psychology in universities. Children need to know what, say, grass. What is called grass? It’s not just grass, which is green. They need to know what harm is Smoking, what is alcohol, what is the first love, etc.

They need to explain what risk and what dangers threaten the man. Unfortunately, children have a sense of danger and of death is not very developed. And what is suicide, they should know. And that death is not always a heroic act. And here it is necessary to clarify that such coercion and the methods of bringing to death. Of course, the subject here will be affected and the aspects of children’s behavior in social networks.

LOOK: You do not link the emergence of a new discipline with the become frequent cases of violence by children?

Z. K.: of Course, this, too, but it’s much wider. We pay attention to human behavior in General and its standards in terms of what is right and what is wrong. It is important to explain, as perceived by a particular step of a man as he is taken by the society and what will be the result.

OPINION: what experience do you rely on? Whether in the Soviet Union something similar?

Z. K.: of Such a subject in schools was not. In the 1960-ies, when he was studying, it is not exactly taught. We took into account foreign experience. But it is not enough. The knowledge is constantly updated. And the fact that it was possible to write 10 years ago is no longer relevant.

OPINION: Who will be teaching psychology in a new form?

Z. K.: Professional psychologists. As for the professionals who work in schools, they perform their functions, but they are a few others. Teaching psychology and working as a psychologist – it’s still two different things.

OPINION: When you start to introduce a new discipline?

Z. K.: While we have written drafts of textbooks for third–and fourth-grade. All nine books are planned to be developed until the end of 2017. But this does not mean that they will be immediately released. We will first write, then send it to the discussion.

More chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health of Russia about the innovations did not say, citing his busy schedule. Failed the newspaper VIEW to get prompt review, and the Ministry of education and science. So it is still unclear, will require any new discipline, increase the hours, life safety, and will suffer from this other items.

The Ministry of education already exists an agreement on additional programs in psychology for future teachers, regardless of teaching their subject.


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