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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“Vladimir Zeldin lived in the apartment of 28 square meters”

Yuli Gusman, film Director and founder of the film award “Nika”, worked with Vladimir Zeldina in theater and film. It was in the Theatre of the Russian army was supplied with the master two hits, which became, in fact, its Swan song: “Man of La Mancha” on the 90th anniversary of the artist and “the Dancing master”.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Vladimir Zeldin

— Yuly, and when Vladimir the last time you played your play?

— A month ago, despite the fact that by that time suffered a hip fracture. Here it was not till the dance. Many in this situation generally can’t move, let alone dance, but Vladimir played the performance. However, with the wand, but came on the scene. We had planned to the 102-th anniversary of the February 10, something special all of this again. All the years that went play, we came up with some interesting things. But unfortunately, Vladimir recently began to hurt, felt bad. He also courageously died as he lived all these years — clear and pure life.

— You at all the performances went? Followed them to the “form”? And, you know, some Directors have released, bowed to the premiere, and hi…

Sure, you did. I had to be with him, to support. We started working together, when Vladimir Mikhailovich was already 87 years old when he, in fact, cheated. In the big plays he hasn’t played. And then revived, showed everyone that he’s a great actor, and received all conceivable awards. Zeldin was an absolute ascetic, and this is not a story on the death of the hero. All who knew him will attest that he lived a life doing only good deeds. Don’t know the people he’d hurt, but how many he helped with the apartment, the salary, the honorary title! Almost every week Vladimir dressed in ceremonial costume, which he had, notice, one, put the order and were in high offices to defend, to fight and to ask.

photo: Michael Guterman
In the play “man of La Mancha”.

— And he-lived God knows in what conditions. Not one to afford such “luxury” is not allowed and not allow to be humble in life.

— His apartment before today — 28 square meters.

— So new he had not been given? And I remember we went to the Kremlin, where he only took the presidential post Vladimir Putin handed Zeldin award. And journalists, violating the Protocol, he said, in what conditions there lives a folk artist.

— Now-he would have probably given as a war veteran. But Vladimir Mikhailovich would have been hard to move. He and his wife lived most of my life there. However, recently they helped, did all that he lived in a small dacha in Serebryany Bor. And Zeldina in recent years there settled to be able to walk, to breathe. There were several rooms. You are right, hard, so that there is — it is impossible to imagine people’s artist of USSR, laureate of numerous prizes and awards, he lived in a 28-foot apartment!

Watch the video on:
“In memory of Vladimir Zeldin: the famous “Song about Moscow” by Marina Ladynina”


— He was a grateful person? The new role you gave him a breath of new life.

— After each performance Vladimir raised his hand and said I gave him back his youth. I felt terribly uncomfortable. We played 200 performances. Nobody believed that will be the first performance of “man of La Mancha”, in addition to our family and himself. In the theater I thought: well, let grandpa amuse. Actors from the show have tried to slip away, because it is difficult to work with 88-year-old man. And he had to dance, sing, fight… All these 200 performances was sold-out, crowd the chandeliers hanging. There was no free space or the “Man of La Mancha” or the “Dancing master”. And such a great pageant in honor of its century did it!

— I wonder what Vladimir has always come to the ceremony of “Nicky” and so clearly spoken! After all, to lasso it pulled no.

— It was impossible to pull on the lasso. He never did what did not lie in his soul. He was a Holy man, you know, angel. And this is no exaggeration.

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