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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vladimir Zeldin: don Quixote forever

He was immortal. Even during his lifetime. It happens with very few people. Zeldin was so private. He was born in the old style — January 28, 1915 (February 10, according to the new) in the city of Kozlov, Tambov province, Russian Empire. Two years later it was a completely different country. Zeldin survived the Soviet Union with a vengeance, with a margin. It’s called: countries come and go (i.e., their names), and Zeldin remains. Forever.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Vladimir Zeldin

I saw the reaction of people when they learned of the death of Zeldin. The horror was in their eyes and sacramental: “cannot be!” Sacramental, but very personal.

101 years old — a biblical age. Maybe someone thought he was a man of the old Testament. Actually it was a modern man. Although, Yes, he lived a life larger than his mother and father together. Maybe he lived for them? Maybe for all of us.

He loved to give interviews, never refused. But only on the phone. Preferably at night. Yes, he repeated in his Arsenal was homework. But harvesting these, it was completely random. “I and the ruble is not accumulated lines…” he repeated constantly following Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky. And absolutely not cunning! That this was still its uniqueness is non-covetousness.

He lived in a one bedroom apartment with a small kitchenette. And when you broke up with one of his wives (there were three), left her apartment, and found himself in a theatrical dressing room. Very symbolic — because the theater was his home. The Theater Of The Red, Soviet, Russian Army.

Know what Zeldin was 1941? Of course, this is the beginning of the great Patriotic war — for all of us. But it still is the most famous role of Musayyib pyreva in the film “pig and shepherd”. And — the death of a young son. Such a tragedy.

This role could be his curse. It happens when after the triumph of the young actor comes emptiness, nothingness, oblivion. But in Russia it is necessary to live a long, Zeldin is the personification of this wisdom. It’s not broken when silent phone, not humiliated, not asked. Came themselves and gave all, those who are stronger than him.

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The theater Army also had a unique “dance Teacher”, which he played over a thousand times. In the theatre it was, of course, mater. Only the years went by, and nothing new did not appear. In the cinema also occasionally — “Uncle Vanya”, “Ten little Indians”… But what were the role!

By the early ‘ 90s, when the Soviet Union began to crumble and high art. Someone from lack of demand left in taxi drivers, builders. Zeldin was worried this time stoically. Not jealous, not crossed over colleagues. He served. In the highest sense of the word.

And then there Gusman, Yuli Solomonovich. He saw out of the waters of the Black sea Zeldin at the Sochi festival. “Volodya, you’re Apollo!” exclaimed Guzman. And I realized actually, who now appeared before him. Don Quixote, of course, who would doubt. A real don Quixote, how it should be now. And put for Zeldin musical “man of La Mancha”. And then there was “the Dancing master”, “Invitation to the castle” “once upon a time” (as Kutuzov), and “uncle’s dream”. All this is played brilliantly the centenary, but a very young man.

And now it is not? “No way!” — as told to the founder of the Russian theatre. Our happiness is that we saw this human and the actor feat. It is not forgotten.

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