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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The fate of the Pro-Russian candidate Dodon at the election of the President of Moldova will decide to “swamp”

Presidential elections in Moldova continues. It is clear that without a second round will not do. The head of the socialists Igor Dodon leads from 48.23% of the vote, his opponent, representing “right-wing forces” of the country, Maia Sandu, lagging by almost 10%.

Dodon — policies, focused on Russia. Sandu — West. Who will win?

The gap between the candidate — is not critical. Therefore, the outcome of the presidential race in Moldova depends on whose electorate will be more concentrated. Or whether the ruling oligarchic elite of the country to push their “rules of the game”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Igor Dodon

Now everyone is starting to figure out what are the chances of two candidates-winners in the second round. Igor Dodon is a prominent politician, with an established reputation and the electorate. On the one hand, that’s a plus. It’s 48% of supporters are not going anywhere.

However, perhaps he has exhausted all of its electoral resource. Indeed, in 2011, the elections for mayor of Chisinau, he lost to the representative of the “Euro-integrators” Dorin Chirtoaca, gaining the same 49 percent.

However, since that time, the Alliance of European forces resounding discredited various corruption scandals. The most notorious of which is the loss of credit billion euros allocated by the EU. The investigation revealed that the money went through the accounts of the institutions subordinated to the government.

This caused a surge of anger in Moldovan society, and from January 2016 in Chisinau began mass rallies. One of the leaders of the protest was Igor Dodon. However, he still refers to “the ruling Moldovan cohort”. Because Voronin was the Minister of the economy, and after his faction was part of the ruling majority in the Moldovan Parliament. That is, citizens who would like a complete change boring elite, your representative do not see. Although now the question is — where will Moldova?

Dodon calling the Customs Union and rapprochement with Russia. Maia Sandu on the contrary – in the European Union. Although she’s an aspiring politician, on a post of the Minister of education has already indicated a tight control over the conduct of national examinations. As a result, in recent years, universities across the country, there is a significant shortfall.

In addition, under her supervision, developed a new education Code, requiring the mandatory English language training. At the same time, Russian was supposed to learn in schools optional. Changed and school management system. Directors were allowed to only serve two consecutive terms. It is clear that such radical measures was not all to taste.

Sandu — hard supporter of European integration. She is a graduate of the Harvard Institute of public management. John F. Kennedy. Two years was Advisor to Executive Director the world Bank in Washington. That is, it is just that the candidate, who put the so-called “Washington obkom”. The question is, how many citizens of Moldova willing to support it? If you add up all the votes are not qualified for the second round of the “Euro-integrators”, naskrebetsya on the strength of an additional 6% of the vote. That is, its “ceiling” – 44%.

However, there are two significant “but”. First, it is not known what would be the balance, if polling stations will reach those who are now decided to ignore the vote. After all, the turnout last weekend, have not reached even 50%. According to the CEC of Moldova, the elections came only 49,03% of voters. And for whom would vote it “the swamp” if you decide to participate is not known.

Factor number two — the influence of the oligarchs. Will whether they admit to power in the country passed to those whom they do not control? In Moldova firmly believe that the outcome of the elections depends on the “gray cardinal” of Moldovan politics, the oligarch Plahotniuc. She called it the candidate. They say she goes to his headquarters for consultation, as a home. Question — how omnipotent plahotniuc?

Between elections the situation in the country, “MK” clarified the head of public organization “Motherland – Eurasian Union” Igor Tulyantsev.

– The question costs so: whether Dodon voice dialing and loose if the missing rating Maia Sandu? I have repeatedly said that the fate of elections decides not the people of the country, and the main oligarch plahotniuc, who is also looking at Washington and then makes a decision. Now there are a kind of “trading”. Moldova, unfortunately, is part of this geopolitical exchange. If Plahotniuc will clamp something in the doorway, he will do everything you need, “the Washington obkom”. And then, importantly, will appoint, not elect someone who will be loyal to this regime.

And the people of Moldova will agree with this “appointment”? For now, voters ‘ preferences are easy to read. Most all of Dodona.

– The current government has done everything possible to the people of Moldova were disappointed in protest. You know, earlier this year, the country held mass protests against the anti-people oligarchic regime. And this regime was thrown a bone in the form of direct election of the President. But the people disappointed in the leaders of the protest, which brought the case to the end and overthrew the government. And began to play by its rules.

Recall that now the acting President of Moldova is Nicolae Timofti, who was elected by Parliament. In March this year the electoral system in Moldova was changed for the first time in 20 years, they have become straight.


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