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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The expert commented on “Putin’s plan to attack Aleppo” during the American elections

President Vladimir Putin will begin a full-scale military offensive on Aleppo this week, taking advantage of the presidential race in the United States. That was the message Western society has taken aback the edition of The Times. Supposedly because of the elections the us authorities is not up to Syria, then Russia and arrange in this country, “last decisive battle”. “MK” asked to comment on this version of the President, “Middle East Institute” Yevgeny SATANOVSKY.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

American and British media — the strangest in the world – told the “MK” Yevgeny Satanovsky. – If you read them, the impression that the sun revolves around the U.S., and any war in the world is connected with the race for a place in the White House in Washington. And at the same time, if you believe the same media, the demonic Putin leads and their trump, and the FBI, and even Hillary Clinton. The activity of Russia in Syria is not determined by elections in the USA, and not even Putin, and operational plans of the Russian General staff and Ministry of defense. And trust is like virginity, you can lose only once. And the Western press, for the most part, it has already lost.

– Probably the thousandth time I ask You a question, answer to which can’t understand an ordinary Russian. Why would Russia conduct operations in distant Syria?

– In the hero-city of Washington think that they can change any President in any country of the world if you want. The hero-city of Moscow shows that this is not so. And Moscow does not want to completely close our borders regimes changed as gloves, with a wave of Washington, and doesn’t want near us were crowds of terrorists and does not want to then these terrorists crossed into our territory. Therefore, our videoconferencing help Assad to crush these terrorists. And now, perhaps, assistance will be strengthened, but in the United States is irrelevant.

In the United States always want to profit from the war. But the Russian army has learned to do it better than the us. The money we would have spent at the site, was used to test the possibility of application of punches on the real goals. And the result was the prevention of war between Russia and NATO, which our operation of Syria was convinced that Russia owns modern military equipment the level, in which war with us pointless. And Russia received a significant package of military orders that justifies the costs of conducting the Russian HQs in Syria.


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