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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The earth will be plunged into darkness: blew the Internet the news was a duck

Recently, several Russian media reported that the interaction of Venus, Jupiter and the Sun will lead to the sinking of the Land into darkness for two weeks. At this time, the Sun allegedly is a bluish hue because it will get hydrogen from Jupiter. Thus as source of information the authors of these messages was named the head of NASA Charles Bolden.

photo: pixabay.com

Pretty quickly it became clear that the message is duck, which was launched last year one of the English sites and the newly “picked” a year later. The head of the American space Agency has never made such information, which, moreover, does not hold water from the point of view of science. Realizing this, some media have already removed your posts.

Spread the media message in General is a copy of what is already replicated a year ago, but in various other interpretations of the dip of the whole Earth into darkness for days or even weeks predicted earlier, however, these messages have always been fake.

Perhaps the main difference between this news from most of these she is the fact that the authors of the misinformation did not hesitate to refer to the head of NASA, attributing to him words which he uttered. The rest of the fake is more reminiscent of much older, but essentially similar duck: in 2003, the Internet was a rumor that on August 27 Mars is closer to Earth, in the night sky the size equal to the Moon. Since then, every year this news under the guise of “fresh” appears in social networks and on some sites. In fact, Mars is always in tens or even hundreds of millions of kilometers from Earth, and even at the moment of maximum convergence looks like a bright reddish star, but no more. It should be noted that the initial message that gave rise to “the Mars hoax”, was correct: it was argued that Mars is comparable to the Moon in size, if you look at it with a 75-fold increase, and it is to the naked eye.

Not all pseudo news become “annual”, but every year brings new messages of this kind. In a sense, as example, not so long ago appeared on the Internet information that NASA reported “change places” the signs of the zodiac. In fact, the message in question, was only presented in form of a popular science text for children with a call not to believe that the stars affect the destiny of man. However, many mass media gave the information in such a way, as if the American space Agency really believe in horoscopes seriously and offer only “correct” them in accordance with the new position of the stars.

In addition, the Internet with an enviable regularity “blow up” messages ufologists about the alien bases on the moon, mysterious animals on Mars, UFO in earth orbit and so on. News of this kind often may serve to illustrate not so much the possibility of the existence of aliens as psychological phenomenon called pareidolia — visual illusions, forcing to look for some “friendly” images in a strange and mysterious shapes. By the way, not all serious scientists agree that the Universe has no alien civilizations beyond earth, but the vast majority of experts are absolutely convinced that “personally” aliens on Earth never came.

Another very recent example of pseudo-scientific duck was introduced at last week’s news that next year Nibiru will provoke the slowing of Earth’s rotation, shift of poles and the flooding of the greater part of the land. In fact, such planets does not exist, but this does not prevent many still believe that in the near future, it will trigger the end of the world (the most popular version, it was supposed to happen back in 2012).

A genuine review of NASA concerning the rumors about the sinking of the Land into the darkness of the planet Nibiru and other such phenomena, were published December 22, 2012, the day after the “expected” end of the world. The essence of the review is to ensure that the impact of the provisions of other planets — even available — to the Earth so small that to speak about it seriously it should.


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